Coral Stone (Moonga)

Coral (Moonga stone) is an organic gemstone, which is formed by living organisms, unlike most mineral-origin gemstones. Being an ancient gemstone, it has been in use for more than thousands of years. Coral holds a chemical formula of CaCO₃. Owning a hardness of 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale, it has opaque and translucent transparency.

Note:-In general, Original Moonga stone price starts from INR 2,000 ($24.50) to INR 10,000 ($122.510) per carat or above, subject to several factors like clarity, color, carat weight, and even treatments.

Coral (Moonga stone) originally originated in a naturally dull consistency and extreme work with concentrated polish is done to bring out that super-smooth vitreous spark and waxy glass luster. Due to the polyp formation, Coral is sometimes found in solid form while sometimes in porous. Though it arises in some extremely pretty colors, it is quite a soft and brittle gemstone, which does not allow it to be very durable. Coral is highly prone to both chipping & scratches and hence it needs to be handled with an extreme amount of care. and Moonga stones are known for their hardness and durability. At 10 on the scale of hardness, they are the hardest minerals known to man. Diamond dust is even used to polish metal and marble. One of the best gemstones for everyday jewelry, a natural diamond can remain undamaged even with years of wear. This is why these gems are often found undamaged in heirloom pieces of jewelry.

Most corals are white in color, but nature has given them a range of stunning swirls and color zones. With red and white shades being the most popular and prevalent, corals have other hues to offer, for instance red, white, pink, grey, orange, and black. However it has several other colors, the Red Coral, also known as Precious Coral, is in worldwide demand. In fact, coral is named after its typical pinkish-orange and intense red color. Besides the gorgeous color, coral holds rich inherent astrological properties with it. Therefore, Coral gemstone is highly desired for both ornamental as well as astrological purposes.

In Indian Vedic astrology, Red Coral (Moonga) holds great significance. Owned by the powerful planet Mars (Mangal), red coral is vastly beneficial in inspiring the wearer for creative work and delivering peace. A coral ring made in gold or copper metal is recommended to be worn on Tuesday in the ring finger for fetching good luck, power, position, and prosperity. Coral gemstone not only brings authority and social respect in the life of the wearer, but it is also known for drawing better health.

Coral stone is been associated with the month of January, February, and March and considered as an auspicious birthstone for the Zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio. However, not everyone is advised to wear Red Coral. Natives of Gemini ascendant should never wear a piece of coral gemstone, especially without consulting a qualified astrologer. On the account of global environmental protection rules, the production of Coral gemstones is nowadays getting regulated on several stages that result in the decline of its trade.

Moonga Stone Price

The moonga stone price can vary depending on various aspects. Some important aspects to consider when it comes to knowing about the moong stone price are quality, carat weight, origin, certification, and overall demand for individual things.

Quality: Higher-quality stones with intense red color, good transparency, and minimal inclusions tend to be more valuable.

Carat Weight: More extensive stones generally command higher prices compared to smaller ones, assuming all other aspects remain constant.

Origin: The origin of the Moonga stone can influence its price. Burmese (Myanmar) Moonga stones are highly popular.

Certification: Reputable gemological certifications, such as those from GIA or AGS, can assure the stone's authenticity, and quality, and can potentially affect its price.

Demand Individuality: The current market demand for Moonga stones can impact their price. Aspects such as trends, popularity, and availability can influence the pricing dynamics.

To get an accurate price, it is advisable to consult with reputable jewelers or gemstone dealers who can assess the specific characteristics of the stone and provide an informed valuation.

Coral also known as Moonga, Italian red coral, Japanese red coral, Red coral, White coral, Praval, Rakth Praval, Marjan stone, Vidrum, Sinduja

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Offering Courage and freedom from fear, Coral is linked to the planet Mars.

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