Pagadam Stone

Its exciting origin and mesmerizing color make Pagadam Stone one of the most desirable stones. These gemstones are found below the Sea. These timeless stones occur in various colors and are sometimes referred to as ‘angel’s skin.’ The history of this gemstone has been dated long back when the jewelry was made of this gemstone to get an impressive look. There are many stories associated with this incredible gemstone. The beads of this gemstone were worn to ward off evil spirits. Apart from astrological benefits, Pagadam Stone is believed to offer health benefits.

History of Pagadam Stone

The history of this mesmerizing stone starts below the Sea. The spineless organisms or the tiny polyps feature external skeletons made of calcium carbonate. These polyps attach themselves to rocks forming reefs. With time, these reefs grow slowly and gradually, forming the base of Pagadam Stone. In the history of gems, this stone finds an impressive place. It was believed that Perseus slew Medusa and cut down the head of the monster woman with venomous snakes as hair. The blood on the sand turned the seaweed into this stone. This beautiful gemstone calmed the ocean, and their beads, when worn, provided good luck. In many cultures, thus, it was believed that wearing this gemstone brings happiness, wisdom, success, and good health.

How to wear of Pagadam Stone

Consider these steps to wear Pagadam stone

  • Prefer stones with deep color, shine, and smooth look.
  • Energize the gemstone by dipping it in holy ganga water or honey.
  • Wash the gemstone and wipe it gently with a soft cloth.
  • Offer flowers and recite mantras as suggested by the astrologer.
  • The metal that embraces the stone should be crafted from gold or copper.
  • The advisable day for wearing this stone is Tuesday, and the ring finger of the working hand is considered the correct finger to wear the Pagadam stone.
  • The gemstone must be bought from an authenticated gem seller or dealer.

Benefits of Pagadam Stone

Here are some of the benefits of Pagadam Stone

  • This gemstone is associated with the planet Mars, and this stone is worn to nullify the harmful effects of this planet.
  • The red color of the stone symbolizes blood and is thus known to preserve life.
  • Wearing Pagadam stone jewelry helps eliminate aggression, lack of stability, and health-related issues.
  • It instills courage allowing the wearer to face challenges in life.
  • These stones help in overcoming financial debts.
  • For those suffering from physical issues like those related to blood and bones, Pagadam Stone is believed to give relief.

Pagadam Stone Price

The price of this stone varies from INR 500 ($7) to 15,000 ($214). The stone prices are influenced by origin, color, cut, carat weight, and clarity.

  • Color: Bright and lustrous colored red coral 10 Ratti stones are preferred, and the prices vary.
  • Cut: These stones are available in many shapes, such as oval, round, and more. Out of these, triangle-shaped gemstones are more costlier. The cut must be appropriate to ensure maximum brightness.
  • Clarity: The Pagadam Stone Prices are higher when it comes to being spotless, lustrous, and flawless.
  • Origin: Pagadam stone is found in various parts of the world, and according to the origin, the prices of the gemstone vary. The prices of Italian Pagadam and those from Japan are higher.

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Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. What are the benefits of wearing Pagadam Stone ?

Ans. The stone benefits in healing health-related issues like those of eye, digestive, and skin disorders.

Q. What should be done before wearing a Pagadam Stone ?

Ans. Tuesday is the perfect day for wearing this stone. The Shukla Paksha is the best time one should prefer wearing this stone.

Q. How long does a Pagadam Stone last ?

Ans. It is believed that a stone should be replaced within three years. If you are looking for an original stone that lasts its shine for a long, you can buy the stone from Navratan Online Bazar.

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