Green Sapphire

Green Sapphire Gemstone is a highly precious gemstone that is captivated due to its vibrant green colors with excellent hue saturation. It is one of the rare sapphire gemstones that peeks exquisite in any type of jewelry and is a persuasive gem for varied healing therapies.

Green Sapphire Gemstone is a highly precious gemstone that is captivated due to its vibrant green colors with excellent hue saturation. It is one of the rare sapphire gemstones that peeks exquisite in any type of jewelry and is a persuasive gem for varied healing therapies.

Imagine a gemstone that radiates the lush green hues of a flourishing forest or the vibrant shades of a summer meadow. Enter the world of green sapphire, a mesmerizing gem that fascinates with its enchanting color and compelling appeal. As a variety of the renowned corundum mineral, green sapphire stone offers a unique alternative to its famous blue counterpart, bringing a touch of nature's beauty to the domain of gemstones.

Green Sapphire gemstone is a rare green-colored gem that hails out of the Corundum mineral family. This green variety of sapphire is also known as Green Pukhraj stone or Green Safir stone in Hindi. This beautiful gem is appreciated for its magnificence and splendor. Its magnificent green colors with slightly dark and light overtones of green are seen in Green Sapphire gemstones from different sources. This gemstone’s remarkable physical effects and rarity make this Green Sapphire gemstone a highly expensive gem.

Green Sapphire Properties:

Green Sapphire Chemical Formula: Al2O3
Green Sapphire Hardness: 9 (Mohs Scale)
Green Sapphire Refractive Index: P1.768 – 1.772.
Green Sapphire Density: 3.98
Diaphaneity Transparent: Opaque.

According to Indian Vedic astrology, Green Sapphire also known as Green Pukhraj Ratna is believed to represent the planet, Mercury. It is supposed to activate and balances the Heart Chakra of the human body. Many Astrologers recommend this colored gemstone for individuals who owns a strong impact on planet Mercury in their birth chart. Green sapphire is also used for several healing purposes and is typically thought good for anyone who uses it as per Vedic astrology. Indian astrology prescribes this green-colored sapphire gemstone mainly for Mithun (Gemini) and Kanya (Virgo) Rashi wearers. According to Western astrology, Green sapphire is regarded as the birthstone for the Cancer sun sign. This gemstone can be worn by ascendants of Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius.

Weight: The ideal weight of the stone should be a minimum of 1/12th of the bodyweight of the wearer. For example, if a person is weighing 40 kgs can wear a 3-carat Green Sapphire gemstone.

Color: A bright-colored Green Sapphire gemstone with no eye-visible inclusion will be the best for astrological results.

Metal: For maximum astrological results, Gold is highly recommended. Alternatively, one can use silver, panchdhatu, platinum, and white gold.

Finger: Little finger or ring finger of the working hand is best considered for astrological purposes.

Day & Time: The best time to wear the gemstone is on Wednesday morning between 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. during Shukla Paksha.

Mantra & Chanting Times: Recite the following Mantra ‘Om Budhaya Namah’ ॐ बुधाय नमः for 108 times.

As per Vedic astrology, the Green Sapphire gemstone symbolizes the mighty planet, Mercury. Green Sapphire gemstone arrives with amazing metaphysical and healing features. Green sapphire gemstone is often addressed as Green Safir and Green Pukhraj in Hindi. This vitreous green gem has the ability to activate and balances the Heart Chakra of the human body. Its powerful energies support a great deal in the emotional recovery of the gemstone owner. When it comes to wearing a gemstone then Vedic astrologers usually advise for a Green Sapphire gemstone with lush green color and excellent clarity. However, there are numerous benefits associated with this beautiful Green Sapphire gemstone. Some of them are mentioned below:

Enhances Intellect: Green Sapphire aka Hara Pukhraj is ruled by the planet of intuition and intellect - Mercury. Green Sapphire is a highly effective gemstone to enhance the native concentration and capability of learning and gaining wisdom. Many Astrologers strongly advise this gem for individuals concerned in research, writing, academics, or creative pursuits to gain more pleasing recognition and rewards.

Boosts Communication Skills: As per Indian Vedic Astrology, the Green Sapphire gemstone also helps people who are suffering from speech-related diseases, oration, and inadequate self-expression. Due to the power of Vaani-karaka – Mercury or Budh, natural Green Sapphire gemstone is deeply trusted by gemologists for the development of the communication and social skills of the gemstone owner. The wearer improves its capability to represent itself in a more elaborative way.

Psychological & Health Benefits: Green Pukhraj is also used in several types of alternative healing therapies. It helps the wearer to stabilize the body and soul. This green gem is primarily used to improve one’s power to discard negative beliefs and fears and encourage calmness and positivity as well. Wearing this gem can also allow the wearer to recover from tension, anxiety, and fear. Apart from all this, Green sapphire gemstone provides comfort from eye and skin-related diseases.

As we all know that sapphire gemstones are costly, therefore, a correct understanding of quality is quite important to provide a fair purchase. As per gem experts, the quality of a Green Sapphire gemstone is levied by its origin, purity of hue, luster, brilliance, transparency, and cut. Generally, a natural Green Sapphire gemstone in bright green shade and superior clarity is regarded to be the best quality Green Sapphire gem. The best quality of Green Sapphire gemstone endures an extremely good hue with excellent saturation and suitable transparency. However, specific elements can determine the quality of a Green Sapphire gemstone. 4c's i.e Origin, Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight are some of the most significant ones:

Origin: Green Sapphire gemstone mines are mainly found in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Tanzania, Burma, Australia, Madagascar, and the USA (Montana). Green Sapphire found in Ceylon is considered as the most sought-after variety of sapphires due to its pure green color and excellent transparency. Natural Green Sapphire gemstones from Tanzania and Burma are the other two famous types on an origin basis. The vividly green color with a slight bluish overtone creates Australian Green Sapphire gemstone (also known as Montana Green Sapphire), an excellent choice for jewelry pursuits.

Clarity: Just like other gemstones of the Corundum mineral family, Green Sapphire or Green Pukhraj is also a Type II gemstone in terms of clarity. It signifies that the Green Sapphire gem usually includes inclusions such as internal fractures, gas, and liquid bubbles, feathers, fingerprint inclusions, etc. Therefore, the overall clarity of the gemstone depends on the density of flaws and their impact on the overall appearance of the gemstone. In some rare cases such as the Green Sapphire Star variety, the existence of microscopic silk inclusions raises the cost of Green Sapphire gemstone as it makes a luminous star-like effect under a light origin. Eye clean pieces mean stones without any inclusions are incredibly rare and costs are exorbitantly high in the international market. The clarity of the gemstone can justify your jewelry designs as well.

Color: When it comes to the color of the gemstone then the finest quality Green Sapphire gemstone is rich in hue saturation and tone. Generally, Green Sapphire can be sourced in a variety of green colors that ranges from light yellow-green to dark blue-green. The most sought-after variety of Green Sapphire shows a rich and intense green hue with excellent luster. A bright Green Sapphire with even hue distribution is highly advised for astrological purposes. A dark Green Sapphire value usually drops as it seems more blue or black rather than pure green color. However, when it comes to buying Green Sapphire gemstone or Green Pukhraj stone as a jewelry stone, the choice of green colors largely varies as each hue comes with its own magnificence.

Cut: The Cutting style of gemstones makes a powerful influence on the beauty of the gemstone. A skillfully faceted Green Sapphire gemstone seems brighter and shinier, hence thought to be of great quality. It is generally open in a plethora of bodies and cutting styles. There are some common and most-loved shapes available such as oval, round, and cushion cut. Green Sapphire gemstones in such shapes are common as it delivers intellect and retains weight as well. There are some fancy shapes of green sapphire available such as emerald cut and heart-shaped. These are comparatively less common compared to common shapes and cost higher.

Carat Weight: Green sapphire gemstone costs a fine amount even for small size gemstones. It’s a highly valuable gemstone, hence the price per carat encounters a drastic incline for gemstones above a few carats. Top-quality Green Sapphire gemstones with no inclusions and large size can make a huge deviation in their value in the market.

Green Sapphire gemstone or Natural Green Pukhraj can be found in all sizes and shapes. When it comes to the costing part then this rare gem can cost a fine amount for even small-sized gem pieces. However, the price per carat ranges depending on the origin, rarity, geopolitical situations, cut, transparency, shape, size, luster, inclusions, and certificate it has. Green Sapphire gemstone price per carat can begin from INR 6,000 ($ 80) and goes up to INR 80,000 ($ 1075) and even more. A buyer requires to understand that the weight of a gem in India is usually described in Ratti and not in Carat. A buyer must apprehend the distinction between Ratti and Carat. (1 Ratti = 0.91 carat)

An individual can shop for natural and authentic Green Sapphire gemstones from trusted sources like Navratan which is one of the most authentic gemstone stores. Navratan offers 100% natural, authentic, unheated, and untreated Green Sapphire gemstone for both astrological and jewelry purposes.

Green sapphire, the beautiful gemstone with its alluring green hues, can be traced back to various origins around the world. Each origin contributes its unique characteristics, adding to the beauty and desirability of this remarkable gem.

Madagascar, known for its diverse range of gemstones, is a significant source of green sapphires. The gemstone deposits in Madagascar yield an array of gorgeous green shades, ranging from delicate pastel greens to deep, intense tones.

Another notable origin of green sapphire is Australia. The vast Australian landscape hosts sapphire deposits in regions such as Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. The Thai green sapphires also stand out for their intense and vivid hues, displaying a brilliant and tempting color saturation. Known for their exceptional clarity and brilliance, these green sapphires from Thailand are highly regarded in the gemstone market.

Sri Lanka, also known as Ceylon, holds a prominent place in the world of sapphire mining. The island nation has a rich history of producing various sapphire colors, including green sapphires. In addition to these primary sources, green sapphires can also be found in other countries, such as Myanmar (Burma), Tanzania, and the United States.

Caring for your green sapphire jewelry is essential to maintaining its beauty and ensuring its longevity. Some care and cleaning tips to help you keep your green sapphire gemstone looking its best are here:

Keep your precious green sapphire jewelry away from harsh concoctions, such as potent chemical cleaners, bleaching agents, and abrasive substances.

Revitalize your green sapphire adornments by gently immersing them in a delicate elixir of warm water and a mild soap or dishwashing liquid. Allow the jewelry to luxuriate in the solution for a few moments, coaxing away any accumulated dirt or debris. Then, employing a tender brush akin to a tooth, lovingly cleanse around the stunning gemstone and the intricate recesses between the delicate prongs or settings.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Are green sapphires valuable?

Ans.Yes, green sapphires can be valuable gemstones, depending on their quality, color, clarity, and origin. The value of a green sapphire is determined by many elements, including the intensity and saturation of its green color. Vibrant and vivid green sapphires with excellent clarity and a desirable hue are generally more valuable.

Q. How much does a green sapphire stone cost?

Ans.The cost of a green sapphire stone can vary widely depending on its quality, carat weight, color, clarity, cut, and origin. On average, green sapphires can range from around $100 per carat for lower-quality stones to several thousand dollars per carat for high-quality, vivid green sapphires with exceptional clarity and size.

Q. What are the green sapphire stones benefits?

Ans.Green sapphire stones offer various benefits. The stone promotes healing and restoring balance, both physically and emotionally. Additionally, green sapphires have a calming and soothing effect, alleviating stress and promoting inner peace. Green sapphires are concerned with protection, enhancing intuition, and providing guidance.


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