Madagascar Green Sapphire

Madagascar green sapphire is a kind of corundum. Corundum is the same mineral that makes rubies and blue sapphires. The color comes from tiny amounts of chromium and iron. This kind of sapphire is found only in Madagascar, so it is called a green sapphire from Madagascar. This green sapphire color is also called "champagne green" or "verdelite".

The green sapphire from Madagascar can be light or dark green based on the amount of chromium and iron it has. Some rocks might be yellow or brown, while others are green-blue. The best Madagascar green sapphires are those that have a deep, clean green color.

This is linked to the planet Venus, which supposedly controls beauty, love, and wealth. So, the Madagascar green sapphire can help make these qualities stronger for the person wearing it.

The name "Champagne green sapphire" is sometimes used to talk about Madagascar green sapphires that have a slightly yellow or brown color. Sometimes, it's also called Verdelite sapphire. This is used to talk about Madagascar green sapphires that are greenish-blue in color.

Advantages of Madagascar green sapphire

  • Promotes peace, harmony, and balance.
  • Enhances creativity, imagination, and self-expression.
  • Attracts positive energy and abundance.
  • Facilitates communication and understanding.
  • Strengthens the heart and promotes emotional well-being.
  • Madagascar green sapphire prices can range from INR 25 k to 5 Lakh per carat. The pricing depends on factors such as the gem's size, clarity, color intensity, and any treatments applied. Usually, bigger stones with superior clarity and intense color are priced higher in the market.

    The green sapphires from Madagascar are famous for their very pretty green color. They can be light or deep. These special stones are only found in Madagascar, that's why they are called 'Madagascar' stones.


  • Color: Using a good amount of the green color and keeping it clear is very important for a gem to be high quality. People like and want the color green a lot.
  • Clarity: The gem needs to be very clear, without any imperfections that would make it not good-looking.
  • Cut:A balanced and even-looked cut, with symmetry, reflects light the most. This makes it bright and nice to see.
  • Carat Weight: Big green sapphires usually cost more. They have more glitter and presence.
  • Treatment:Sapphires that are not treated yet are thought to be more expensive because their natural look is kept.

  • Origin:

    The only place that our green jewel comes from is this blue stripe on the east side of Madagascar. This rich place, full of sapphire mixtures, has been getting outstanding quality green sapphires from Madagascar for more than ten years.

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