Madagascar Green Sapphire

Madagascar green sapphire stones are found in light or dark tones of green. This variety of sapphire is found in Madagascar hence the name. The gems are most known to increase the communication skills in their wearer since it is in association with Mercury, the planet of Speech & expression.

Belonging to the corundum mineral family, it is a valuable stone because of its green shade, durability and hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale. The Madagascar green sapphire stone price ranges between INR 25,000 to 5 Lakh per carat, depending on its cut, colour, clarity and carat.

Green Sapphire from Madagascar is found in different tones of Green, based on the amount of chromium and iron present in them. Some have an overtone of yellow and brown in them. The ones with an intense green colour are of more value. Sometimes because of the hues, these gemstones are also called Verdelite sapphire or champagne green sapphire.

Another name for green sapphire is Hara Pukhraj or Hara Neelam. Madagascar Hara Pukhraj is linked with the planet Mercury or Budh Grah as per Vedic astrology and is recommended to people born under the Gemini and Virgo zodiac signs.

The gem will bring the blessings of this planet and a strong Mercury will make the wearer a great communicator, or public speaker, by enhancing his or her learning skills, speech and mental abilities. It will also elevate your adaptability, align your energies and help you find balance.

Madagascar Green Sapphire Benefits

Facilitates communication - The association of the gem is with Mercury - the planet of communication famously known as Vaani Karak. Hence, it is believed to enhance the communication and self-expression skills of the wearer.

Brings Prosperity - The gem will attract abundance and positive energies into your life which will bring you success and a good life.

Promotes Decision-making skills - It will increase your awareness and insightfulness, clear your mind from fogginess or indecisiveness and help you make better judgements.

Increases Imagination - It will expand your mind and increase your imaginative powers, making you more creative and artistic.

Attracts Peace - It will attract peace, harmony, balance and calmness into your life, removing worries and tensions.

Removes Negativity - The soothing vibes of the Madagscar Green Pukhraj will protect you against any negative energies. It will protect your mind, body and soul, reduce your fears and help you be more positive.

Focus & Growth - Increasing your focus and concentration powers, the gem will help you grow and gain wisdom. It will help you be more disciplined, so you should use the stone during spiritual practices or healing therapies.

Activates Heart Chakra - It aligns the energies of your body and activates the heart chakra energy centre. This chakra will open your heart to the feelings of forgiveness, love, compassion and empathy.

Healing Properties - Green sapphire health benefits include curing any ailments related to the eye and skin. It is also known to control excessive bleeding and help treat blood disorders. It will also provide relief from headache or migraine.

Madagascar green sapphire price ranges between INR 25,000 to 5 Lakh per carat, depending on its quality. And the quality of a gemstone depends on several factors such as Cut, Color, Clarity, and Weight. The treatment process done on the gem can also affect its value.

Cut - A well-faceted cut enhances the beauty and fines the clarity, it needs skill as well, hence a skilful and balanced cut with symmetry will increase the cost.

Colour - The gems of a green shade with intense hue and vivid saturation will cost more than the ones will dull green hues or yellowish overtone.

Clarity - Stones which are clear, have fewer inclusions, are of better clarity, and are of higher value.

Weight - Sapphires of larger weights or sizes are very rarely found, hence they are of more cost.

Treatment Processes - Natural gems that are not treated or polished are sold at higher prices because of their originality and they are often in demand as well rather than treated ones.

To keep your sapphire green jewellery looking beautiful and last for a long time, you must take better care of it. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips you should closely follow:

  • The most important precaution to take is that you keep your Madagascar green sapphire jewellery away from harsh chemicals and acids. Chemical cleansers, detergents, bleaching agents, fragrances, washing soaps, or any other kind of abrasive material can badly affect the gem’s lustre and sheen.
  • While storing them, use velvet or cotton material to wrap them in.
  • Do not expose the gems to extreme temperatures. Avoid direct sunlight as well.
  • Remove the stones before taking a bath and wear them only after you are ready to avoid getting them in contact with perfumes, cosmetics or moisturizers.
  • While engaging in activities like playing, doing the laundry, gardening, swimming, or cooking.

To Clean - To keep your sapphire green jewellery looking beautiful and last for a long time, you must take better care of it. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips you should closely follow:

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Who can wear Madagascar green sapphire ?

Ans. Astrologically, people who have mercury in a weak position in their birth chart should wear a green sapphire gemstone. It will strengthen the BUDH GRAH, bringing its blessing to the wearer and enhancing prosperity, growth, renewal, and intellect. Gemini (Mithun Rashi), Virgo (Kanya Rashi), cancer (Kark Rashi), Taurus (Vrisabh), Libra (Tula Rashi), Capricorn (Makar Rashi) and Aquarius (Kumbh) can also wear the gem, but consulting with an expert astrologer is essential.

Q. How to wear green sapphire ?

Ans. To wear and energize the green sapphire gemstone, you should activate it through the proper Vedic pooja process. On an early morning of a Wednesday during Shukla Paksha, purify the gem or jewellery by soaking it in Panchamrit for a few minutes and then rinse it with Gangajal. Now, sit in your temple, and chant the mantra Om Budhaya Namah 108 times while praying to god. While reciting the mantra for the last time, wear it.


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