Opal Stone

Opal is a gemstone showcasing a range of colors. The term 'Opal' originates from the Latin word 'Opalus.' This Latin word has roots in the Greek term 'Opallios,' emphasizing the gem's color-changing nature. This gem is an astrological alternative to diamonds. Opal stone is also referred to as Opal Pathar in Hindi. In Hindi culture, 'Opal Ratna' represents astrological energies. It is a semi-precious, colorless - White and Kaleidoscope of colors belonging to the silicate mineral family stone. It is a well-known gem for balancing emotional things.

Opal stone is ruled by Venus which representing love and beauty. Its mystical charm denoted by the names 'आपल' in Hindi and 'Opala' in Sanskrit, derives its celestial powers from Venus.

It holds significance as opal birthstone for October-born individuals, countering weakened Venus effects in birth charts. Above its aesthetic charm of wearing is believed to attract financial prosperity, physical well-being and social elevation.

In Indian astrology, Opal ratna is associated with Tula (Libra) and Vrishabha (Taurus) Rashi, while Western astrology identifies it as Libra's birthstone. Interestingly, this gemstone is recommended for Capricorn, Aquarius, Gemini, and Virgo ascendants.

Benefits of Opal Stone

Wearing opal stone at the right time, on the right finger, and with astrological guidance is believed to offer various benefits

  • It brings balance amid life's challenges, fostering harmony.
  • As the "Inspiration Instigator," Opal Nag sparks creativity.
  • Original Opal Stone aids mental clarity and emotional healing.
  • During "Shani ki Saade Sati," a challenging seven-and-a-half-year period influenced by Saturn in astrology, is thought to be helpful.
  • Acts as a "Connection Catalyst," nurturing love and understanding.
  • It guides spiritual growth and meditation practices.
  • It relieves stress, boosting confidence for bold decisions.
  • Contribute to emotional balance, calming turbulent feelings.
  • It can support fertility and offers healing properties.

Who Should Wear Opal Gemstone

As per the Indian Vedic astrology, Opal pathar is sincerely linked to planet Venus (Shukra). If you were born in October, Opal isn't just a gemstone; it's your birthstone. For those interested in wearing of this stone, astrology suggests it may:

  • Improve emotional well-being
  • Spark creativity and inspiration
  • Bring harmony in relationships
  • Strengthen intuition and wisdom
  • Support personal growth and positivity
  • Protect from negativity
  • Help in healing and rejuvenation
  • Increase confidence and peace of mind

Sometimes referred to as White Opal Stone, Opal Nag extends its significance beyond its beauty. Choosing this stone can nurture creativity, balance, and wellbeing in various aspects of life.

Quality of Opal Gemstone

Opal stone benefits are like pieces of art—they define its quality. Let's explore what makes it special!

a) Color: This gem is an artful display of vivid, natural hues like the beat of its heartbeat. The more vivid and undisturbed its colors appear to be, the higher its quality is. Artificial coloring treatments only dull down their brilliance compared to original white opals' true brilliance.

b) Clarity: Make clarity one of your top considerations in purchasing an Opal Nag. A crystal with minimal flaws or inclusions allows light to pass freely through, increasing both brilliance and value.

c) Cut Precision: Imagine cutting your gem as an artistic endeavor that magnifies its inherent beauty into an exquisite gem to be treasured for many years to come.

d) Carat Weight: While larger this stone might capture your eye due to their size, quality often wins out over quantity; thus leading to smaller yet high-grade stones often outperforming their larger yet lesser quality counterparts.

e) Origin: This stone comes from legendary mines around the world and represents unparalleled quality, boasting unique merits unique to each region of origin. Each region holds its own distinctive advantages:

  • Australia: Australian Opals are famous for their variety of colors and tantalizing patterns; Australian mines produce exquisite gems known for their dynamic palette and eye-catching colors.
  • Ethiopia: Ethiopian Opals have earned worldwide reverence due to their bold play of color and magnificent beauty; adding yet another gem legacy from Africa's abundant gem legacy.
  • Mexico: Mexican Opals boast vibrant colors and stunning play-of-color patterns that stand out against their background; celebrated for their fiery tones.

Opal Stone Price

Opal stone price starts from INR 500 to INR 30,000 per carat based on size. Price may sometimes be above as per the origin. However, when buying a natural opal stone, the factors considered are clarity, color, carat weight and even treatments.

Color: Look for Opal with even natural colors, without hints of green or orange, which usually fetch higher prices.
Clarity: Choose its with a clean appearance, free from visible internal features, for better value.
Carat Weight: Larger stones are rare and valuable, but smaller vivid ones can also be highly valued for their color.
Treatments: Natural Opal without any enhancements often holds higher value.

How to Wear Opal Stone

Color: Choose from Milky whites to Vibrant Shades.
Metal: Opt for gold settings to enhance the charm of White Opal
Weight: Consider a Natural Opal around 1/12th of your body weight.
Day & Time: Wear on Friday mornings, ideally between 6-7 AM, aligning with Venus's energies
Zodiac Sign: Birthstone - Libras and Taurus signs
Mantra Recite "Om Shukraya Namah" while adorning Opal for positivity

Procedure of Wearing Opal Stone

After learning How To Wear Opal Ratna, remember it's more than just a gem. Its dynamic colors and magical qualities blend with personal energies and astrology. Choosing the right color, metal, and timing boosts its positive influence, making it a symbol of harmony and positivity.

Care and Cleaning of Opal Stone

Caring for your stone is important to keep its beauty. Follow these steps to keep it sparkling:

  • Place your Opal jewelry in lukewarm or soapy water away from sinks.
  • Lightly scrub with a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a soft cloth.


  • Avoid harsh chemicals; use mild hand soap.
  • Jewelry with delicate work shouldn't be soaked.

This routine preserves your stone's charm. Seek professional help if any stone appears loose. Enjoy the lasting charm of your Opal Stone!

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Is there any difference between Australian and Ethiopian opal..?

Ans. Yes, there is a major difference between the two in terms of quality. Australian Opals come in a rich bright hue with colorful fire flashes that remain forever. In contrast, the firebase in Ethiopian opals is slightly unstable and comparatively less intense.

As Ethiopian Opals are hydrophane in nature, they absorb moisture and lose their fire quickly during humid periods. Therefore, it is always suggested to buy the best quality Australian opals to maintain the charm and ensure the maximum astrological benefits.

Q. What is the difference between an Opal with Fire and an Opal with double side fire..?

Ans. In general, Opals are being categorized on the basis of the intensity and extent of fire they hold. A double-sided opal has a strong fire extending throughout its surface and is visible from both the side and all angles. An opal with fire exhibits more prominent play-of-colors on the upper surface and less on the inner surface.

However, both these variants of opal are considered worthy in the astrological drive, but as the lower side of any gem directly touches the wearer’s skin; an opal with double side fire is considered better.

Q. Does the color of fire have any planetary influence?

Ans. Yes, Opal is the gemstone for the planet Venus and according to the astrologers, the color & intensity of the fire affect the metaphysical attributes of an opal gemstone. The color of fire shows dominance in the flashes and is more likely to deliver benefits of the associated planet.

For instance, a prominent red color represents more fire, and the aligned opal harnesses the energies of the sun whereas a dominant blue flash provides the positive energies of the planet Saturn. Although, opals that hold a complete spectrum of colors in the fire are considered the best from the astrological perspective.

Q. What are the benefits of opal stone?

Ans. It will literally take eons to state all the principal benefits that come with embracing an exalted quality opal stone. However, we still will state the key benefits that most people experience after wearing this alluring gemstone.

  • Build rock-solid immunity to fight against all major infections and diseases.
  • Improves blood circulation and purification to a great extent.
  • Embracing this stone gives a major boost to your memory power.
  • Women who suffer terribly from menopause and PMS-related issues can get profound relief by wearing the right weight opal stone.
  • Embracing opal stone also protects your eyes from infection and improves the quality of your skin and hair by leaps and bounds.
  • If your endocrine system is experiencing some serious depreciation in its functioning, Opal is an exemplary stone to rectify this grave problem.

Q. Is opal a good luck stone?

Ans. Not only Vedic Astrology, even Romans and Greek were quite conversant and flabbergasted by Opal stone’s competency to bring luck to your corner without much of a hitch. Opal is widely regarded as a gemstone with the most positive properties and exemplifies hope as well. In a nutshell, wearing an opal stone under the guidance of an experienced astrologer can bring luck to your side.

Q. How much is an opal worth?

Ans. The worth of an opal stone strongly depends on prime factors like carat weight, cut, color, clarity, and origin of the stone. If we consider India only, on average, opal stone price in Indian beings $30-40 per carat and goes as high as $2000-3000 per carat. With the increase in color and carat weight, the price of the original opal stone increases significantly.

Q.Is opal a real crystal?

Ans. One of the most seamless ways to find whether your opal gemstone is real or fake is to check its material. An opal stone is not real if it is made up of resin, plastic, or glass. An unrivaled quality opal stone has a color uniformly distributed over the entire stone and it's one of the indicators of authenticity.

Q. What are the opal stone benefits for libra?

Ans. As we all know that Planet Venus is associated with the Zodiac Libra, people with the Zodiac sign Libran can benefit greatly physically and in the domain of love. After wearing the opal stone, people with the Libra Zodiac sign can witness an upsurge in their confidence to express love and compassion freely!

Q. What are the opal stone benefits for Aries?

Ans. People with Aries Zodiac signs can wear an opal stone if they seek to bolster their financial condition and amplify wealth by leaps and bounds. Moreover, it also boosts up your fertility rate.

Q. What are the opal stone benefits for cancer?

Ans. In order to derive the maximum benefit out of opal stone, one should wear it regularly and energize the stone before embracing it. People with Cancer Zodiac can benefit greatly from Opal stone as it helps in treating depression, despair, and agony. In addition to that, this revered and alluring gemstone is also known to boost creativity and rectify sleep-related disorders.

Q. What are the opal stone benefits for Capricorn?

Ans. People of the Capricorn Zodiac sign can also wear opal gemstones and elicit most of the benefits this stone has to offer. However, this stone is only worn when Venus is sitting at an auspicious place in the horoscope. It can improve your social status and bring due recognition. People of the Capricorn Zodiac sign who are in the fields of import and export, and travel must wear the opal stone to witness unprecedented growth.

Q.Astrological Benefits of Opal Stone

  • One of the most colossal and Astrological benefits of wearing an opal stone is it provides perfect mental balance to the wearer.
  • You can make big decisions in life only when your mind is firm and unbiased. Embracing opal stone enhances your decision-making abilities by rendering clarity to your mindset.
  • Not many individuals or even Astrologers know that Opal stone is believed to solidify your intuitive power and activate your sixth sense.
  • If you are one of the individuals who is missing the much-needed spark and charm in your relationship, embracing opal stone can incite a strong spark in your relationship and bring the good old days of romance back.
  • If the haunting memories and pain of the past are still bugging you, opal stone can give you some serious relief by suppressing or exterminating the past memories from your mind.
  • People with weak eyesight and hair fall problems can also embrace opal stone to recuperate eye sigh and dwindle hair fall problems.
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