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The pink variety of Opal gemstone is a popular gem variety of Silicates Quartz mineral group. This beautiful gemstone is a precious gem variety of Common Opal which is formed of Opal, Palygorskite, and Chalcedony. Pink opal is generally found in translucent to opaque form and it is highly valued due to its distinctive pink shade. This pink gemstone holds a pleasing luster and high durability rather than the other color variety of opal gemstone. It is a popular healing gem that can be used to cure stress, anxiety, insomnia, and many other heart-related disorders. It is primarily used for several jewelry purposes.

The meaning of this pink-colored gemstone is near associated with its physical beauty. The rosy pink body hue of the stone differentiates this gem from the other popular varieties of opal gemstone. According to Vedic astrology, Pink opal gemstone is supposed to symbolize beauty, serenity, love, empathy, creativity, prosperity, and peace. When it comes to alternative healing therapies then this stunning colored gemstone is believed to own a calming impact on the gemstone owner that allows the wearer to overwhelm stress and fatigue.

As per Western astrology, A natural pink opal gemstone is recommended as the birthstone for the people who are born in October month.

A real piece of Pink opal stone is often advised for the people who are dealing with past griefs, low confidence, and despair. It has amazing calming abilities that can heal emotions and is thereby deemed a well-suited gem for individuals who are more sensitive.

As we know that pink opal is a composition of common opal and some other elements. The Pink opal stone is slightly more durable than other opal varieties due to its mixture composition. As the stone offers great resistance to scraping which makes it a perfect gemstone for jewelry. Pink opals are highly valued because they are more durable, more affordable, and also can be used as eco-friendly alternatives for the pink coral and pink pearl gem. It perfectly goes with every skin shade when used as a ring, pendant, bracelet, or earring.

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people of ancient Roman and Egyptian culture believed that the pink variety of opal had multiple healing effects. In modern times, this colored crystal is mainly utilized for ornamental pursuits. However, some individuals still keep faith in the restorative features of pink opal. Thus, this Vedic gemstone can be modeled as part of spiritual practices to achieve great physical, mental and emotional health.

According to Vedic science, the Opal gemstone is connected with the most brilliant planet, Venus. Hence opal is also used as the astrological substitute for Diamond. This powerful planet is believed to symbolize beauty and love. Thus, it is thought that wearing this beautiful pink opal enables to restore the passion, loyalty, and patience in the existing relationships.

Wearing a Natural Pink Opal gemstone is beneficial for those who focus their attention on creative pursuits. Musicians, writers, painters, and photographers can wear a high-quality pink opal gemstone in order to improve their concentration and creativity power.

According to Vedic astrologers, pink opal gemstone is authorized for delivering a peaceful state of mind and unleashing the past memory. If you are dealing with stress, depression, fear, or any type of anxiety in your day-to-day life then wearing a real pink opal gem is considered highly effective. Individuals who are suffering from insomnia and any other sleep disorder are advised to wear this natural gemstone.

Many different civilizations have stated that Pink opal gemstone benefits individuals dealing with any skin infection, lung disorder, or heart-related issue. The healing properties of Pink opal gemstone can amplify the secretion of beauty hormones, strengthen the immune system and offset the body's metabolism.

One of the well-known advantages of wearing pink opal gemstones is Spiritual awareness. The metaphysical properties of a Natural Pink opal gemstone can activate the Heart Chakra and aid the native to establish a spiritual relationship. In addition, the healing effects of Pink opal unwind the tightened nerves, delivers positivity, and keep the meditation activities.

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A natural Pink Opal gem comes with great affordability. In the gemstone market, this gem arrives in different grades of quality. Therefore, it is vital to review the important quality factors (origin, color, clarity, and shape) carefully to get the best quality Pink Opal gemstone in order to make a good purchase.

Origin – The Pink Opal gemstone is relatively a rare gem mainly located in the opal mines of Australia and South America (Peru). According to the gemologist, the finest quality of opal stones come from the Peruvian mines of opal gemstone located in the Andes Mountain therefore it is also called Pink Andean Opal gemstone. Usually, this gem variety has richer hue consistency and lower surface spots and flaws. Pink opal gemstone from Australia generally owns wavy patterns. Pink opal from Mexico is best recognized due to its excellent creamy pink hue. But the availability of pink opal gemstones from the mines of Mexico is quite restricted in the market.

The pink opal gemstone of Peruvian has a clean pink hue as compared to the Australian pink opal raw stone that usually owns wavy patterns. it is one of the finest variety gemstones. The prices of Peru's Pink opal gemstone remain the most elevated in the gemstone market. Pink Opal gemstones from Australia can be the next most valuable variety of opal gemstones.

Color – The shade of a real Pink opal gemstone can range from light pink to deep reddish pink. The high-quality pink opal gemstone leads to owning a clean, uniformly spread, deep pink color. Retail grade pink opal gemstone may contain a slight whitish, brownish, or greyish shade with a nearly washed-out pink hue.

The deep reddish-pink shade of opal is the most sought-after hue controlling a higher premium than other shades of opal gemstone. On the other hand, a light pink opal gemstone is moderately a cheaper choice. As per the market rule, if the stone has a cleaner and deeper pink hue then the price of pink opal will be higher.

Clarity – The finest grade of Pink opal gemstone owns a smooth, blemish-free texture with no eye-visible spot. Such gemstone pieces are rare and more valuable compared to ones with visible spots. The existence of slight milkiness is expected in the moderate-quality gemstones due to the existence of high silica content. Lower-quality gemstones tend to own dark hue patches and spots.

The overall value of a Natural pink opal gemstone is also caused by the surface markings, luster, and overall consistency. Cleaner pieces with the lowest flaws are more alluring in both cases astrologically and aesthetically, attracting more funds than ones with spots. The existence of influential milkiness and wavy patterns also make a tiny reduction in the price of pink opal gemstone.

Cut – The cut in gemstones really plays a huge role when it comes to the quality of the gemstone. Due to its nearly opaque transparency, the pink opal gemstone is mostly cut and polished mainly in the round and oval cabochons (non-faceted, polished gems) and is sometimes faceted. A skillfully cut pink opal gemstone seems richly stained, attractive, and lustrous. It gets set easily in any type of jewelry design and is deemed best for shopping.

Pink opal gemstone holds a semi-translucent to opaque appearance and due to this appearance, the raw Pink opal gemstone is often cut and polished in a cabochon cut. An uneven cut can lower the value of a Pink opal gemstone. The polish quality also influences the price of pink opal gemstone. The cost of pink opal gemstone is comparatively high for gemstones with great to excellent polish.

Carat weight – Typically, the price of pink opal gemstone per carat increases linearly with the increase in the size of the gemstone. Since the larger and cleaner elements are so rare to find, the price of pink opal can rise in more increased proportion with respect to its weight and quality.

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