Aquamarine Rings

Aquamarine is one of the most revered and spectacular semi-precious gemstones in existence with eye-pleasing blue hues. It is also widely acknowledged for symbolizing the mighty ocean and exuding swanky vibes in heaps. Aquamarine rings are in massive demand in varied international markets and people of all age groups are bonkers to grope their coveted aquamarine stone rings regardless of price. Aquamarine is also hailed for its exhilarating metaphysical and healing properties and is quite an exemplary choice if you want to sprinkle your grace everywhere. Let’s explore in-depth elegant aquamarine rings, their benefits, price, designs, cleaning and caring tips.

Aquamarine Trivia

Aquamarine is one of the most distinguished varieties of Beryl mineral with sumptuous blue color hues ranging from pale blue to light green. With a chemical composition of Be3Al2Si6O18, stunning bluish-green hues, minimal inclusions, and above-average hardness on the Mohs scale, the aquamarine gemstone is one of the most preferred choices for fashionable rings and other forms of jewelry.

If we talk about the value of aquamarine gemstones, they are less expensive than emeralds but more in value than blue topaz and aquamarines. Aquamarine has always been a vehement symbol of beauty, youth, frisk, and wealth. Moreover, aquamarine is also considered the modern birthstone for the month of March. If we take into account the occurrence of aquamarine gemstones, they are available in abundance in numerous countries. Some of the major producers of aquamarine stones are Russia, China, the United States, Kenya, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Australia, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, and Namibia.

Aquamarine Ring Designs

Aquamarine rings are renowned for their irresistible charm and spell-binding ability. Apart from ramping up your overall appearance and reflecting a classic fashion statement, aquamarine gemstones are widely hailed for inducing serenity, happiness, good luck, and harmony in your life. When we talk about rings of aquamarine stone, aquamarine ring designs are of paramount importance because the design of a ring is what makes or breaks its appearance.

At Navratan, we have a gargantuan selection of jazzy and trendy aquamarine engagement ring designs, aquamarine wedding ring designs, aquamarine rings designs for men, and aquamarine women's rings designs that you would love to drool over again and again and desire to own all. Our compilation of aquamarine ring designs is quite refreshing and resonates well with people of all groups. Be it a rose gold aquamarine ring, oval aquamarine ring, or aquamarine promise ring, we have rounded up every design, style, and shape of the aquamarine stone ring.

Feel free to explore our utterly extraordinary collection of swoon-worthy aquamarine rings, pick your coveted design, metal, and stone, and get in touch with us to get your favorite aquamarine stone ring delivered at a blazing fast speed.

Aquamarine Ring Benefits

Aquamarine rings are not only incredibly beautiful but also known for their exhilarating healing properties. It belongs to the group cyclosilicates and is one of the hardest semi-precious gemstones in existence as it ranks above average on the Mohs scale. Moreover, this bewitching gemstone is found in numerous locations including Kenya, Brazil, USA, Tanzania, Columbia, and Madagascar. It’s time to get conversant with all the astrological benefits of aquamarine stone rings.

  1. If you are lagging greatly in financial aspects or the burden of immense debt is breaking you down, embracing real aquamarine rings can help you get over all dire financial issues and incur great wealth.

  2. Wearing vintage aquamarine rings cut down unnecessary mental stress, anxiety, and vicious mental disorders. It establishes serenity and equanimity in your life. Aquamarine is widely believed to make the wearer more selfless, loving, and humble.

  3. Communication is one of the integral aspects of any alluring and seamless relationship. If you find difficulty in communicating eloquently with your better half or loved ones, embracing this stunning semi-precious gemstone can help you communicate with anyone eloquently and take your self-confidence a notch higher.

  4. If you are deeply indulged in materialistic things and physical cravings, Aquamarine is an exemplary option to go for as it dwindles all insecurities and suppresses unnecessary cravings completely.

  5. The agony-inducing memories of the past can make anyone’s life surely hell. If the dire past memories are constantly lingering in your life, embrace unique Aquamarine rings to kick away negative energies from your life and experience the bliss of living in a moment.

  6. Aquamarine stone is vehemently related to the planet Neptune. Wearing this gorgeous gemstone can nurture love, trust, and mutual respect in your relationship by leaps and bounds.

Caring & Cleaning Tips

Aquamarine rings are alluring enough to entice anyone with just a glance. However, the most prized possessions also demand meticulous attention and care to keep them in a pristine state for a prolonged period of time. With the help of proven and time-tested cleaning and caring tips, you can effortlessly maintain the beauty and brilliance of aquamarine cocktail rings as long as you want. Check out the cleaning and caring tips below:-

  1. Though aquamarine stones are known for their noteworthy durability, it is advised to keep them in a cool and enclosed space in order to prevent them from scratches and getting dusty.

  2. Always use lukewarm water with a pinch of salt for cleaning aquamarine stone rings.

  3. Never use a material with a rough surface to scrub the jewelry. Make sure to rub and clean aquamarine gold rings with a soft piece of cloth and dry them well.

  4. Considering how often you wear aquamarine rings, cleaning can be done once to multiple times a year. If you are embracing it extensively, it’s better to clean them multiple times a year. It is recommended to harness the services of professional gem cleaners to avoid any kind of damage to aquamarine jewelry.

  5. Never ever use any lotion, cream, or chemicals when wearing aquamarine stone rings as the regular appliance of chemicals can diminish the luster and beauty of your coveted aquamarine engagement rings.

  6. If you are doing any chore that requires putting your hands in dirt, grease, or sand, always put off the aquamarine ring first to protect it from getting dirty or loose.

Aquamarine Ring Price

Without any doubt, aquamarine stone beauty is unrivaled, and it's one of the most exorbitant semi-precious gemstones with a huge demand in the international markets. When it comes to the aquamarine ring's price, numerous factors come into play. Aquamarine rings with immense clarity gemstone tend to be higher in price than aquamarine gemstones with higher inclusions and less clarity. The carat weight of an aquamarine gemstone is one of the predominant factors in determining the price of a white gold aquamarine ring. The higher the weight of the gemstone, the more it is going to cost you to own a spectacular aquamarine ring.

The intricacy of a ring’s design along with the origin of the aquamarine are two of the foremost factors that influence the price of aquamarine rings to a great extent. With the increase in sophistication of aquamarine ring designs, the price increases significantly. Aquamarine gemstones of Brazilian origin are quite expensive compared to aquamarine from Kenya and Tanzania. Hence, the origin also plays a vital role in determining price.

For more information about aquamarine rings price, get in touch with our relentless and diligent team to get the right quotation for your coveted aquamarine stone rings.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Are aquamarine rings expensive?

Ans.Aquamarine stones with intense and dazzling blue color, as well as hefty carat weight, can make a serious dent in your pocket. In a nutshell, aquamarine wedding rings with rare color, clarity, and carat weight are quite expensive.

Q. What does aquamarine symbolize on a ring?

Ans.Unquestionably, aquamarine is one of the most resplendent semi-precious gemstones in existence with mammoth demand in the market and extensive implications in the domain of jewelry. The aquamarine ring exemplifies a lot of qualities like harmony, depth, peace, trust, and fidelity.

Q. How To Wear Aquamarine Stone Rings?

Ans.According to your style and preference, sterling silver aquamarine rings can be worn on different fingers and at any time. However, to reap the maxim benefits out of aquamarine stone, you should wear it on your middle finger after energizing it with the right mantra and ingredients.

Q. On Which Finger to Wear Aquamarine Rings?

Ans.The middle finger of your working hand is considered exemplary to wear aquamarine band rings.

Q. Are aquamarines good for rings?

Ans.It would be preposterous to say that aquamarine stones are only good for rings. In reality, aquamarine is one of the hardest and prettiest gemstones with a massive entanglement in the jewelry domain. Thus, aquamarine stones are exemplary to blend with rings and satiate the ever-increasing quench of jewelry lovers.


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