Cornflower Blue Sapphire

Cornflower Blue sapphire stone is the most sought-after and valuable precious gem in the world. The resemblance of the vivid blue hue of these stones with the cornflower flora has given it its name. They are extremely rare and their consistent color distribution makes them exquisite.

It has become the number one choice of jewel enthusiasts and gem connoisseurs alike. Even when astrologically recommended to wear a blue sapphire or Neelam, people often choose this variety. It brings serenity and mental clarity and increases intuitions.

These gems are of top-tier quality and are considered the best among all blue sapphire types. The price of cornflower blue sapphire stone ranges between INR 1,00,000 to INR 4,00,000 per carat.

Cornflower Blue Sapphire are precious valuable gemstones known for their deep blue hue, belonging to the corundum mineral family. Also known as Neelam Ratna, it is one of the Navratans.

In association with Saturn (Lord Shani), these September birthstones bring luck, fortune, wisdom, and success. The Metaphysical and healing properties make it the finest choice and nowadays, they are often worn as engagement rings.

Astrologers recommend Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac signs to wear the Neelam. It protects the wearer from negativity, calms the mind, and activates the third eye energy centre.

With a hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale, it is a pretty durable stone that can be worn daily. The gem has a relative velvet-like shade, strong saturation and exceptional clarity.

Blue Cornflower Sapphire gemstone will benefit you in many ways:-

Appearance & Investment - Its brilliant hue looks elegant and adds to the beauty of its wearer, but it is highly appreciated for its colour and can be a great investment.

Instant Fame - Neelam is one of the fastest-acting gemstones known to bring fame and popularity to the wearer quickly.

Brings Fortune - The gem is most recommended to businessmen and entrepreneurs as its energies attract fortune, luck and prosperity.

Gain Success - Overall, it helps to achieve stability in life. It enhances communication skills, determination and discipline in one’s life, helping them achieve their desired goals.

Enhances Knowledge - The soothing energies of the stone aid with self-nurturing and promoting wisdom, intellect and truth.

Inspires Love & Forgiveness - It will also encourage feelings of kindness, affection, empathy, and mercy.

Healing Properties - Emotionally, the gem helps the person reach mental clarity, and remain calm in difficult situations. Physically, it provides relief from headaches, strengthens the immune and digestive systems, and restores balance.

Sapphires have a rich history which dates back to thousands of years. Since the beginning of times, the stones have been considered to be sacred and very powerful. Kashmir region is famous for producing most of these stones. As per ancient beliefs, the gem can protect its wearer from evil energies hence it was worn as an amulet.

Symbolizing wisdom, divinity, and destiny, the cornflower shade of blue sapphire has always been popular among Kings and Queens. They used to adorn their crowns or thrones with this beautiful jewel.

These are often believed to be great gifts for the 75th anniversary. History has seen the most beautiful cornflower blue sapphire stone of 17.16 carats sold in the form of a ring with diamonds around it for almost $4.06 million.

Blue Cornflower sapphire gemstones are found around various parts of the world like India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma) and Madagascar. All the variants of Cornflower shade are popularly named after their locations such as Cornflower Ceylon Sapphire, Kashmir Cornflower Blue Sapphire, etc.

Of all the places, Kashmir in India is known the most for the premium quality of cornflower sapphire blue because of its fine colour, velvety sheen, and exceptional significance.

Cornflower blue sapphire stones are expensive because of their exceptional quality and unique hue. Generally, the price per Ratti ranges between INR 1,00,000 to INR 4,00,000. Many factors affect the quality and price of a gemstone such as origin, cut, clarity, carat, colour, treatment process, etc.

Cut - They are often cut into facets to enhance their colour and clarity, which needs precision and skill. The more accurate cut will demand a higher price.

Colour - The intensity of colour often is a major factor in deciding the price. You will always notice a higher price for even-toned gems with deeper intensity and a uniform distribution of colour.

Clarity - Often, there are inclusions in gemstones which reduce their beautiful look, especially in transparent stones like sapphires. Hence, the ones with less or almost negligible flaws fall under premium and collectable quality and sell for large sums.

Treatment Process - Treated gemstones are oiled and polished for increasing their overall appearance, although, most people prefer untreated ones for their natural glow and shine. These natural stones are believed to be astrologically more powerful as well than the treated ones, so command higher amounts.

Carat - Per-carat price increases exponentially with the carat weight and the gem is rarely found in a giant size, so they cost more.

Origin - Some sources are known historically for the finest of gems, this popularity and belief developed over time makes them valuable just by the region they are found in. Like certified Kashmir Cornflower blue sapphire costs are exorbitantly high almost double, because of its universal reputation.

Based on rarity, the blue cornflower sapphire price is around $2000 to $8000 per carat.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Are cornflower blue sapphires valuable ?

Ans. Yes, the sapphire's cornflower blue are highly valuable and exceptionally known for their intense hues even when untreated. They are rare and so are sold in millions.

Q. What is Cornflower Blue Sapphire ?

Ans. Cornflower Neelam or Blue Sapphire is a variety of blue sapphire stone which is given its name because of the uncanny resemblance of hue with the petals of cornflower. It is a specific shade which naturally looks very captivating.

Q. How to Choose the Right Cornflower Blue Sapphire ?

Ans. When choosing the right cornflower blue gemstone, consider the following:
Look for a vibrant and intense cornflower blue color. Ensure the stone has good saturation, avoiding pale or grayish undertones. Consider the clarity and ensure it is free from visible flaws. Evaluate the cut and shape of the gemstone for optimal brilliance. View the size and carat weight that suit your preferences and budget. Purchase from a reputable and trusted source to ensure quality and authenticity.

Q. What makes Ceylon Cornflower Blue Sapphire so Special ?

Ans. The intense shade of the stone and the specific origin which is Ceylon makes them special. Ceylon as in Sri Lanka is known to produce premium quality of these gems, making them stand out for their vibrancy.

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