No-Oil Emerald

Emeralds is a moderately hard gemstone that belongs to the Beryl mineral family. During the hard mining and long development process, it usually gets inclusions and internal fissures that result in internal imperfections of the physical property. Henceforth, most of the emeralds are treated with certain colorless or colored oils in order to enhance the clarity and make the flaws less visible. As per trade professionals, around 99 percent of the total emeralds in the industry have gone through minor (acceptable) to moderate (not very much acceptable) oil treatments.

In such a scenario, a completely oil-free emerald is too hard to find and the few which are purely untouched with any treatments or oils, are termed as No Oil Emeralds. It is an extremely rare and valuable variety of emerald stones. A no-oil emerald in perfect shape and deep green color tone with vitreous luster draws a giant sum of money for its beauty, quality, and uniqueness. Immense rarity has made this gemstone highly sought-after amongst serious gem collectors and auction houses all around the world.

No Oil Emeralds are not just counted among the highly desirable gems, but owing to the naturally clean luster and untreated properties, they hold extreme importance in the astrology zone too. With no fracture at the surface, they leave no chances for a ‘foreign’ material (oil or resin) to get inside them. Besides making an excellent jewelry collection, this assortment of emerald gemstones is known for improving blood circulation, reducing mental stress, and drawing good health, wealth, and happiness to the wearer. No Oil Emeralds are considered extremely beneficial in guarding pregnant women against enduring prolonged labor aching.

Generally, Emerald gemstones of Colombia, Zambia, and Pakistan origin are quite sought-after in the global gem market but even if the Emerald with no oil comes from any other regions like Brazil or Ethiopia, they will be equally desired. Such an Emerald (Panna) stone's price will always remain higher in comparison with a slightly oiled emerald of any origin.

It is pretty difficult for a regular person to spot between a no oiled Emerald and an oil-treated one. Differentiating a no-oil emerald from the cluster needs cutting-edge equipment, deep knowledge, and years of geological experience. Even the studied and experienced people of the industry sometimes get confused in identifying whether an emerald contains oil or not.

As it does not owe the clarity enhanced by any additional oils, these top-quality, unheated, untreated natural pieces of emeralds are highly coveted in the international gemstone market. True gem experts consider it a once in a lifetime opportunity if they came across an absolutely oil-free emerald.

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