Swat Emerald (Pakistan Emerald)

Swat emeralds, also known as Pakistan Panna, always rank at the top of the list of best quality emerald stones present on the Earth. Besides being one of the rarest varieties of natural emerald gemstones, these emeralds are exceptionally precious. Swat emeralds are best recognized for their lively deep green hue, distinctive smoothness, and flawless transparency that deliver them the impeccable enchantress ever. Locally they are recognized as Zamurd.

Where Pakistani emerald, or Zamurd, is highly praised throughout the world for its exceptional excellence; Natural Panna itself holds the title of ‘the stone of successful love’ and symbolizes unconditional affection and loyalty. So if your loved ones are also born in the month of May, you can certainly opt to gift them this exquisite May birthstone.

Swat Emerald Mines

First discovered in the year 1958, Swat emerald or ‘Swat Panna’ or ‘Pakistani emerald stone’, is an immensely beautiful and captivating green gemstone that belongs to the mineral family Beryl and is found in the Swat Valley of Pakistan. The primary emerald mines of Pakistan were found in the Mingora, Shamozai, and Gujjar Killi regions. At a time, all these mines of emerald in Swat had been operating but presently only the Mingora mine is actively functional.

Fizzat or Fizzaghat or Fizagat emerald mine is a rich emerald arch which is located near Mingora, 200 kilometers towards the northeast of Peshawar. Other mines in Swat, Shamozai, and Shangla districts are currently closed for the past many years, creating an acute scarcity of Pakistani emeralds in the international gemstone market. However, according to industry experts, the Fizagat mine of Swat is alone estimated to be holding about 60 to 90 million of emerald resources in its womb.

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Although the mines of emerald in Swat are the second-largest known deposits of emerald in South Asia, the supply is not as much as from the other significant locations of Zambia and Colombia. However, when it comes to the quality, no other origin can beat Swat, Pakistan. With the mesmerizing green hue and remarkable clarity, the emerald gemstones of Swat Vally have gained huge popularity in the global gemstone exchange. As per virtuosos gemologists, the premium range of Swat Valley emeralds overrides even the finest quality Muzo emeralds of Colombia on the account of their excellent quality and outstanding transparency.

Owing to the local tax policies and lack of the latest gem cutting and rough polishing equipments, Pakistan is unable to market this premium product properly on global grounds. Due to the limited resources, it further sends the majority of these emerald stones to India for value addition, where the enhancement is done at a cheaper rate. The ultimate polished loose Swat emerald stones are then supplied to the international markets of the UK, USA, and UAE.

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The price assessment of a Swat emerald is done on the basis of its quality and alike any other precious gem the quality is further determined on the basis of the cut, color, clarity, luster, and carat weight of the stone. However, besides these quality traits, Swat emerald price largely depends upon its rarity, which actually makes it this precious.

In general, the per-carat price of Swat or Pakistan emerald gemstones begins from $ 300 approx. and may go beyond $ 1000, depending upon the color, clarity, carat size, and origin of the stone. Though their prices in other regions of the world such as the UK, USA, and UAE may differ to a great extent on the account of the difference in availability and supply.

Color – Emeralds from Swat valley are majorly known for their exceptional green color. Gemstone experts state that the brighter and greener is the color of these emeralds, the higher will be their market value. This color is derived from the traces of iron and chromium present in them. The superior quality of Pakistani emeralds is usually of intense and consistent deep green color while the lower quality stones are often expected to have a splotchy (stained) green hue with sharp color zoning.

The excessive presence of iron often makes the color bluer and tends to reduce the quality of the gem, marginally. The price of such stones usually drops with an increase in bluish overtone. The price for the Pakistan Swat emeralds remains the highest for vividly, saturated deep green stones which are accompanied by a vitreous luster. Fine quality emerald stones of Swat carry a significant amount of chromium content that grants them an intense fiery glow. Such stones are aesthetically lustrous and charming and astrologically considered more impactful.

Clarity – Although inclusions are always a challenge in real Panna stones, Pakistan (Swat) emeralds are renowned for their higher degree of transparency. However, listed in the category of type III gem, these emeralds also have some eye-visible natural imperfections in them. The inclusions in Swat emeralds are one of their kinds. They are expected to contain filament inclusions, waxy liquid feathers, mica crystals, and natural ‘Jardin’ inclusions, which are quite peculiar and give a clear indication about the source of the stone.

As the general rule of gemstones goes, the lesser the inclusions, the better is the quality of the stone and the more will be the price of Swat Panna stone. Due to heavy scarcity, emeralds with superior transparency and without eye-visible inclusions draw drastically high price ranges. On the other hand, the lower grade of emerald gems usually has a cloudy appearance, poor transparency, and more inclusions. Being translucent or opaque, these emeralds are considered of inferior quality and can be purchased at a discounted price segment.

Cut – The cutting style holds a noteworthy influence on the market value of a gemstone. Be it swat or Ethiopian Emerald, Panna stones are either cut into faceted (round, square, oval, or drop shapes) or into cabochons (non-faceted and polished gems) shapes. In the main, a fine-quality Swat emerald rough is faceted to enhance its hue and overall brilliance. On the contrary, a highly included one is usually cut down in a round or oval cabochon.

Where Cabochons Swat emerald always serves as an affordable alternative; gems in customized cuts are comparatively more expensive because they demand more wastage of this precious rough mineral. An octagonal shape is a highly desired cut among the customers because it not only hides the inclusions in the side facets but also gives maximum protection to this fragile stone from getting damaged. A skillfully faceted gem is the one that displays a perfect balance between beauty and weight retention. Such stones are considered ideal for purchase.

Carat Weight – Being an immensely rare and expensive gemstone, you should expect a proportional rise in the per-carat price of Pakistani Swat emerald stone with a rise in every carat. This exponential rule goes if the color and clarity of the stone go hand in hand. However, if the quality varies, a large-sized swat emerald in a very dull color will be relatively cheaper than a small size stone of the same origin showcasing the superior color and exceptional clarity.

The best quality Swat emeralds tend to have a vivid and saturated green hue with good transparency and brilliant luster. However, such a fine range of emeralds is exceedingly rare to locate and thus regarded as a premium variety and excessively valuable in the trade of precious gemstones.

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Emeralds themselves are precious and Pakistani Swat Emeralds are its superlative variety. Although they are not very easily accessible and available in the market and hence entitle among the rarest gemstones of the world. There are various deceit sellers in the market today who are selling artificial, synthetic, or heat-treated stones, in lieu of the real ones. Therefore you should be quite prudent while investing your hard-earned money in such valuable stuff. Always ask for a certificate of authenticity from the seller or make the purchase via a trusted gemstone website.

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