Royal Blue Sapphire

Royal Blue Sapphire is one of the highest demanded varieties of blue sapphires worldwide. The exclusive quality of Royal Blue Sapphire lies within its unique color.

Another popular range of Royal Blue Sapphire is Royal Blue Star Sapphire (non-faceted and polished) which comes in a cabochon cut with microscopic needle-like inclusions known as ‘Silk’, which when settled in a definite direction of reflective light, creates a star-like effect called ‘Asterism’.

The natural Royal Blue Sapphire is regarded as an ideal choice for astrological as well as jewelry practices. The best variant of Royal blue sapphire gemstone exhibits a rich blue color texture. At times, it also encloses a slight purple tint within, which is quite conventional. However, when the stone reduces its transparency and the color consistency becomes excessively dark or overly greyish-blue, then it gets parks into the category of Midnight blue Sapphire.

Together with the perfect color, a balanced cut and virtuous polish are required to optimize the natural beauty of a Royal Blue Sapphire gemstone. Some of the most commonly preferred cutting styles in Royal Blue Sapphire are cushion cut, oval cut, round cut, emerald cut, and octagonal cut.

Royal Blue Sapphire is not named after its origin, instead, it is known for its tremendous color tone i.e., Royal blue hue. As sapphires from the Kashmir region always hold a special status among gem lovers; Royal blue Kashmir Sapphires are considered superior. This top-quality Sapphire accomplishes an ample set of color criteria comprising moderate deep blue pigment to sturdy dark blue saturation, with an excellent transparency, vivid saturation, and no treatment.

The Royal Blue Burma (Myanmar) Sapphires are inclusion free and are rarely found, hence, considered the next-best choice after Kashmir blue sapphire. Next comes the limited amount of Sri Lankan (Ceylon) Royal Blue Sapphires, which is followed by Madagascar and Australian Sapphires. In recent times, Africa has also emerged out as a leading supplier of Royal blue sapphires.

Down to its extreme rarity, Kashmir Royal blue sapphires price the highest. Starting from $ 25k approx. it goes up to $ 80k and even above. The availability of upper-quality Royal Blue Burma Sapphires is also less, therefore, their price exceeds all other varieties of royal blue sapphire including Sri Lanka’s Royal blue sapphires.

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