Royal blue sapphires are one of the highest demanded ones in the market today because of their deep shade of blue and intense tone. Very valuable for their uniqueness and high-prize attributes, these gems symbolize the choice of royalty. The term “Royal blue” came into account when this specific shade of blue was used to create a dress for a queen.

They are found in various locations around the world, including Sri Lanka, Myanmar ( Burma), Madagascar, and Kashmir in India. Their significance and beauty, both are responsible for the high rates since royal blue sapphire price starts within the range of INR 1,45,000 to 9,66,000 per carat.

Natural Royal Blue sapphire is an expensive variety of sapphire blue which belongs to the corundum mineral family. A precious gemstone, it has a hardness of 9 which makes it durable and easy to wear every day. History and astrology represent these as stones of fortune, truth, wisdom and aspiration, along with royalty.

One of Navratans, royal Neelam's ruling planet is Saturn astrologically. Western astrology mentions sapphires as a birthstone of September. The gem is known to bring success and career growth. It is most beneficial for businessmen, entrepreneurs and politicians who want fame and have high ambitions.

There is another popular range of these alluring gems known as the Royal Blue Star Sapphire (non-faceted and polished) which comes in a cabochon cut with microscopic needle-like inclusions known as ‘Silk’, which when settled in a definite direction of reflective light, creates a star-like effect called ‘Asterism’ within the stone.

Benefits of Royal Blue Sapphires

With the blessings of Saturn, the sapphire royal blue stones will bring fame, fortune, discipline, strength and success.

  • The gem will resolve any financial situation problem and help you with your wealth conditions.
  • It will bring you luck, especially to those in business or politics, bringing instant fame, popularity and fortune.
  • The stone will help you with your career growth as it will bring you opportunities and give you the strength to take them with confidence.
  • Royal Neelam stones will also aid with the karma balance, helping you overcome any past negative karma and building new and positive ambitions.
  • It will aid you with discipline, and patience, increasing your focus and concentration, and encouraging you towards your goals.
  • It will heal you physically and emotionally as well. Emotionally, it will reduce depression and anxiety as well as help you sleep better. Physically, it will provide relief from joint pains and arthritis, and maintain the overall well-being of the main active organs.
  • Anyone who wants to wear the royal blue sapphire stone jewellery for their elegance can wear it directly. Although, if you are wearing the gem for its astrological purposes, you must consult with an astrologer first.

    As per astrologers, people who are facing the negative effects of Saturn should wear it to remove them. If your Saturn is in a weak position, the sapphire royal blue will strengthen it. Also, if you are going through the phase of Sade Sati as per your astrological cycle, this gem is highly recommended.

    The September birthstone, royal blue neelam stone is also beneficial for the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius, that is, Makar and Kumbh Rashi respectively.

    The royal blue sapphire is a very expensive and precious gemstone which needs proper care and cleaning if you want to maintain its beauty and shine. Here are all the tips that you need to follow:-

    • To keep your jewellery scratch-free, please store it in a different storage box than your other pieces of accessories.
    • Wrap it in a soft cloth like velvet or cotton, and store where there is no weight on it.
    • Do not keep it under extreme heat or cold. Avoid getting it in contact with sudden temperature changes.
    • Never clean your royal blue sapphire jewellery with any harsh chemicals, cleaning agents, alcohol, acetone, oils, or thinner. Avoid any substances like vinegar, or baking soda, as well. Do not use any acids or oxidizers.
    • If you wear them on a regular basis, make sure you remove them while doing any activity which can damage them like gardening, cooking, swimming, playing, etc.
    • Avoid getting them in direct contact with sunlight.

    To clean your blue royal sapphires, take a bowl or container, fill it with mildly soapy lukewarm water and dip your jewellery in it. Scrub it gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush (you can use a baby toothbrush or a makeup brush). Afterwards, rinse it with clean water and pat dry.

    We recommend you get your stones inspected every once in a while in a recognized laboratory or get them cleaned through verified processes.

    The Price of royal blue sapphire ranges between Rupees 1,45,000 to 9,66,000 per carat, depending on its quality. The quality of a gemstone depends on various elements like cut, colour, transparency, weight, clarity, origin and treatment process, all of which will affect the cost as well.

    Cut - A balanced and precise cut gives it a virtuous polish and optimizes the natural beauty of a gemstone. It needs accuracy and skill, which is why the more precise a cut, the more it will cost.

    Some of the most commonly preferred cutting styles are cushion cut, oval cut, round cut, emerald cut, and octagonal cut.

    Colour & Transparency - The best variant of Royal blue Neelam gemstone exhibits a rich blue colour texture. At times, it also encloses a slight purple tint within, which is quite conventional. However, when the stone reduces its transparency and the colour consistency becomes excessively dark or overly greyish-blue, then it parks into the category of Midnight blue Sapphire.

    Weight - Gemstones of larger sizes are very rarely found, and even if they are, it is very seldom that they have fewer inclusions. The ones of more weight and fewer flaws cost much more than the ones found in regular sizes.

    Clarity - The presence or absence of flaws describes the clarity. Abrasives and inclusion like bubble particles, and needle-like structures are very commonly seen in the stones, hence the ones with almost invisible defects are considered of good quality and are sold at higher prices,

    Treatment Processes - To enhance the beauty of the gems, they often are treated and polished however natural gems are more in demand and are usually sold at higher amounts.

    Origin - Some sources are known to produce the best quality gems, like Kashmir is known for the infamous Kashmiri blue royal sapphires.

    Down to its extreme rarity, Kashmir Royal blue sapphire price is the highest. Starting from $ 25k approx. it goes up to $ 80k and even above. The availability of upper-quality Royal Blue Burma Sapphires is also less, therefore, their price exceeds all other varieties including the ones from Sri Lanka.

    Royal Blue Sapphires are found in various regions around the world. They are not named after their origin like other varieties of blue sapphires but are titled so because of their tremendous colour which is royal blue.

    Sri Lanka, Burma, Kashmir, Madagascar, Australis, Africa, Afghanistan, and Cambodia, are some of the sources of the Blue Royal Sapphire stones. Africa has emerged in recent years as a leading supplier of these gems.

    Kashmir sapphires royal blue are one of the most desirable ones considering their superiority. The Kashmir region in India has always been known for producing the best quality gemstones. This top-quality Sapphire accomplishes an ample set of colour criteria comprising moderate deep blue pigment to sturdy dark blue saturation, with excellent transparency, vivid saturation, and no treatment.

    Next comes the Royal Blue Burma (Myanmar) Sapphires, which are often inclusion-free and rarely found.

    Quick Gemstone Guide

    Q. Where are royal blue sapphires typically found ?

    Ans. They are typically found in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Madagascar, India, Africa, etc.

    Q. What is a royal blue sapphire ?

    Ans. It is a type of sapphire gemstone that is known for its vibrant blue colour and intense tones. It is regarded as one of the most popular colours of sapphire.

    Q. What makes a sapphire appear royal blue ?

    Ans. The intense and vibrant blue hue that makes a sapphire appear "royal blue" is primarily due to the presence of trace elements of iron and titanium within the gemstone. These elements interact with the crystal structure of the sapphire, resulting in the desired deep blue shade. The saturation and tone of the blue colour, as well as the presence of secondary hues like violet, can further enhance the royal blue appearance of sapphire.

    Q. Where can I Buy Royal Blue Sapphire Stone Online at Best Price ?

    Ans. You should buy an original royal blue sapphire gemstone from a reputable and trusted source like Navratan, where you will get gems at the best prices with lab certification.

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