Colombian Emerald

For centuries, Emerald has been among the most valuable & desirable of all the jewels across the world and when it comes to Colombian emeralds, they are undoubtedly the best of all. Colombian emerald, also known as Colombian Panna, is widely popular for its superior clarity and rich bright green hue. The color of this super rare and extremely precious gemstone ranges from intense lush green to warmer bluish-green shade.

History of Colombian emeralds

Resourced from the mines of Colombia, Colombian emeralds are the finest and most exclusive variety of emerald gemstones on the earth. Emeralds of Colombia are widely recognized for their inherent astrological powers. Holding extraordinary metaphysical values within, these emeralds are considered highly effective for ensuring good health and financial success as per Indian Vedic astrology. According to western astrology, the Colombian emerald is the birthstone of May-born people.

Share of Colombia in the world's emerald market

For more than 4,000 years, Colombia, a country located on the continent of South America, has yielded some of the most expensive and premium quality emeralds in the global emerald market. Colombia is the world's largest producer of emeralds.

It is renowned for its intense and veiled emerald mines that account for approx. 60 to 95 percent of the total world's emerald production. In the last decade, from 2000 to 2010, the production of emeralds in Colombia has drastically increased by around 75%.

What makes Colombian emeralds so expensive?

Emeralds are one of the most precious gemstones present on Earth. In comparison to other varieties of emeralds, such as Brazilian and Zambian, Colombian emerald is usually more expensive. Colombian emeralds are not only of the highest quality but also rarest, which makes them much more valuable. They are the utmost prized in vivid bluish-green color.

Emeralds from Colombian mines have less iron than that of any other countries like Brazil and Zambia. These emeralds possess fewer impurities and fractions in them which is the key reason for their expensiveness. The quality of the stone eventually versus the price.  Colombian emerald price per carat can be as low as $60 and as much as $10,000, or maybe more! The best quality of them can fetch up to US$150k per carat.

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