Markat stone

The verdant hue is the most fascinating factor of markat stone. One of the most desirable gemstones along with rubies and sapphires, markat stone is worn for attaining success in career, education and more. Defined by its mesmerizing green color, emerald stone is also known as Azmagarbh, Buddha ratna, Buddha Mani, Parnaya, Sauparnaya, Vajavala, Markat, Maha Markat, Margadam, Nilu Paanu,and Zumurrud.

A member of the Beryl family, markat stone has a good hardness. The amazing green color of the gemstone is due to the presence of trace amounts of chromium and vanadium.

How to wear a Markat stone

Follow easy steps to wear a Markat stone:

  • The ideal finger for wearing emerald is the little finger of the right hand and the ring should be crafted in gold or silver.
  • It is important that the ring should touch the skin of the finger so that maximum energy of the gemstone resonates in the body.
  • The Markat gemstone should be worn on Wednesday.
  • Before wearing the stone, it should be dipped into gangajal or cow’s milk for 10 minutes.
  • After wiping the stone gently with a soft cloth, the gemstone is ready to be worn.
  • The two things that should be remembered before wearing the stone is that it should be purchased from a certified gem dealer. Secondly, one should consult an astrologer before wearing the gemstone.
  • An astrologer is the right person to decide who should wear the markat stone. In general, people with Mithun rashi (Vedic rashi) should wear markat stone.

Benefits of Markat stone

The benefits of markat stone includes:

  • The natural Markat stone stores the energy of Mercury and thus offers mental and physical wellness.
  • This stone from the Beryl family is the birthstone of May and is considered lucky for them.
  • The Markat stone is known to make communication better and is the stone considered good for speech. Other than this, this stone also gives relief from respiratory problems.
  • This stone enhances the wisdom and intellect of individuals.
  • The markat stone is associated with the Goddess of Love, Venus. With this, the stone is associated with heart chakra strengthening emotions and love.
  • The original markat stone increases focus, creativity and innovative ideas.
  • Students facing issues in concentration and focus in studies, markat stone is helpful in retaining the same.
  • The emeralds are stones of friendship and loyalty and thus are trending stones for Engagement Rings.
  • Individuals with skin diseases like allergies and Eczema, markat stones are considered to be the healing stones.

Origin of Markat stone

The markat stone is primarily obtained from Colombia and Zambia. Earlier to this, the major source for these green colored gemstones was in Egypt. Apart from this, emeralds are commercially produced by Brazil and Zimbabwe. Colombian and Zambian emeralds are the most prized stones in the world. The darker hue with few inclusions and flawless appearance makes Colombian emeralds the popular ones.

History of Markat stone

Popular since ancient times, the markat stone was known to display wealth and power. Amongst the Egyptian empress, Cleopatra adorned her palace with emeralds representing the stone as an epitome of her power. This beautiful stone has been utilized by the Egyptians to represent eternal youth and change and was thus accompanied by mummies in tombs. Jewels crafted from markat stone were used for religious ceremonies. Emerald was believed to be the stone with medicinal uses. The stone was used as a cure for malaria and cholera.

Price of Markat stone

The natural Markat stone price varies from INR 2,000 ($24.15) up to INR 20,000 ($241.45) per carat. Factors such as origin, colour, carat weight, and clarity impact the prices of the stone.

  • Colour: Bright and lustrous colours are preferred and the prices vary subsequently.
  • Clarity: The bright and smooth surface of emeralds determines its clarity. Markat stone prices are higher when it comes to being spotless, lustrous and flawless.
  • Origin: Depending on the origin, markat stone prices differ. For instance, those from Zambia and Colombia differ as they are amongst the finest quality.

Cleaning and care of Markat stone

Emeralds, the birthstone of May born, should be kept separately from other stones or jewellery avoiding any kind of scratches with other objects. Clean the stone with detergent soapy water using a soft brush.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. What are the other names for markat stone ?

Ans. The markat stone is called Panna in Hindi, Paannaa in Bengali, Emerald in English, Pachu stone in Sanskrit, Zammarud in Urdu, Paachichalai in Kannada and Peeloo in Gujarati.

Q. Which planet governs emeralds ?

Ans. The markat stone is worn to give powers to Mercury. The original green markat stone is considered to be effective.

Q. Which finger is preferred for wearing markat stone ?

Ans. As per astrology, an emerald is worn on the little finger, or the Kanishtika, as it is known in Sanskrit, of the right hand.

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