Purple Sapphire (Khooni Neelam)

Blush with rich color, the bluish-purple sapphire with flashes of red called Khooni Sapphire is considered a powerful gemstone. Popularly known as Raktambar Neelam or Khooni Neelam in Hindi, from Rakt meaning blood and Ambar meaning sky, the gem's plush velvety finish is unmatched in many ways. Different from blue sapphire, these Khooni gems boast a touch of red that adds to their beauty.

Color: Blue and Purple with flashes of red within the gemstone
Finger: Worn as a ring on the middle finger of the dominant hand with the gemstone touching the body
Neck: Worn as a pendant, with the gemstone touching the body
Metal: Platinum and silver are good choices for the khooni blue sapphire
Zodiac Sign: Virgo (Vedic)

This peachy pink sapphire known to represent the zodiac of the Libra is often used as an alternative to the classic Blue Sapphire from the month of September. With colors that will undoubtedly reflect regal jewels, the Padparadscha is a treat to the visual senses.

Associated with both Saturn and Mars, these khooni gems offer the benefits of both Shani and mangal grahas which contributes to the power and strength of the khooni blue.

  • Offers immense wealth
  • Known to bring instant wealth that must be treated judiciously
  • Improves health considerably
  • Boosts the success and accomplishment of its wearer

Color and visual appeal trump all with when it comes to the Purple Sapphire. A gem who’s color has enduring splendor, it also determines its desirability. When choosing a Purple sapphire the gem must always be judged table up, to get the best idea of the overall color of glorious color. Even colored purplish-blue gems with a hint of a reddish glow add to the gem’s appeal. When paired with good eye clean appearances, that come free from bold internal features with a touch of red that permeates the gem, khooni sapphires can reach record prices. Khooni sapphires are often cut as ovals and cushions as these cuts tend to show off the flashes of red most efficiently. A well-fashioned natural khooni sapphire free from treatments with a superior finish can fetch anywhere between Rs 5,000 To Rs 50,000 A carat.

A gemstone that possesses superior durability, the Purple Sapphire is a great gemstone to be worn in rings. At 9 on the scale of hardness, these blue/ purple gems can withstand a lot of wear and tear and are often unaffected by light detergents like soap making them a great everyday gemstoneAsianisRsmarvelous

Mined popularly in Srilanka, Thailand, and Madagascar, some of the most beautiful gems come from Srilanka, a popular source for unique colored sapphires.

Caring for your natural Purple Sapphire is imperative. Gemstones over time tend to attract dirt and grime and need an occasional bath.

A safe way to clean your Purple Sapphire jewelry is:

  • Place gemstone studded jewelry in a bowl of warm soapy water, away from a basin
  • In the bowl scrub the piece lightly with an old, soft-bristled toothbrush
  • In the bowl, rinse with clean water
  • Wipe dry

Bowl is to catch gemstones that might come out of their setting but can be returned to the jeweler to be reset.

Do not use any harsh chemicals, light hand soap will work

Jewelry pieces set with enamel and Kundan work should never be washed or put into an ultrasonic machine.

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