Cat's Eye (Lehsunia) Stone

Cat’s eye stone also known as Lehsuniya or Vaidurya / Vaidoorya/ Vaiduryam, belongs to the chrysoberyl mineral family. This masterpiece shows a brilliant effect known as Chatoyancy due to which a vertical slit can be seen at the surface making it look like the eye of a cat, hence the name.

In the Astrological world, the gem holds immense value because it is related to the planet Ketu, which is a shadow planet. It eliminates the malefic effects of Ketu, so people who are suffering from distress due to Ketu’s negative position should wear an original cat’s eye stone. It will bring happiness, peace and balance as well as will ward off evil and protect the wearer from negative energies.

The price of cat’s eye or Lehsunia stone price starts from INR 500 to INR 3,00,000. The cost depends upon the 4C's, namely carat, colour, cut, and clarity.

Cat’s Eye gemstone is a semi-precious chrysoberyl gem that comes in shades of brown, honey, grey, black and yellowish green. The gem is known for its amazing similarity with the eye of a cat. This natural occurrence in the gem makes it famous. The gem is worn all over the world because of its beauty as well as for its benefits. The metaphysical properties that bring luck and prosperity to a person make it a demanding stone.

The ruling planet of a cat’s eye stone is Ketu, which is one of the Navgrahs. The planet is known to be a planet of Karma, spirituality, relief, life lessons, insights and intelligence. When Ketu is in a negative position in an individual’s Birth chart, it causes difficult situations in their life and fills it with stress and tension. Vaiduryam gemstone will remove Ketu’s negativity and bring its blessings to its wearer.

Pisces zodiac can benefit from the gem as per Vedic astrology while as per Western astrology, the gem is friendly for the Leo sign.

Physical Properties

Chemical Composition The mineral is an Alluminate of Beryllium with the formula BeAl2O4
Colour Yellow, Green, Yellowish-green, Honey-yellowish-grey, etc.
Hardness 8.5 on Moh’s scale
Refractive Index Between 1.745 - 1.754
Specific Gravity 3.5–3.84
Types Cat’s Eye are found in many varieties, let’s discuss these types in brief:

What Are The Types Of Lehsunia Stone?

The kinds of chrysoberyl include:

  • Cat's eye Moonstone: Some Moonstones are found with a cat’s eye feature in colour range of greyish white green to yellowish brown. The astrological benefit of this gem offers the wearer peace, wealth, and prosperity.
  • Cat's eye Opal: The parallel flow of mineral needles or hollow tubes around the stone gives an eye-catching look within the alluring hues of orange, yellow, red, blue, and violet.
  • Cat's Eye Quartz: The gem displays the chatoyancy phenomenon and is believed to have good decision power and deeper understanding.
  • Cat's Eye Apatite: The gem is known for learning and creativity. It activates the solar plexus energy centre and is found in hues of pink, yellow, green, violet, and blue.

Who should wear a cat's eye stone?

Individuals with the following zodiac sign should wear the Lehsunia stone:


If the planet Ketu is located in the 5th, 6th, 9th, or 12th house in the birth chart of Aries born, they can wear a Cat's eye gemstone.


If Ketu is placed in the 9th or 11th house of people born with the Taurus zodiac sign, individuals can wear lehsuniya gemstone.


Individuals born under Gemini's zodiac sign should wear this gemstone if the planet is in the 9th house. If the planet is present in the 10th and 11th house of the birth chart, then the gemstone should be tested and worn.


Individuals with planet position in the horoscope 2nd, 10th, and 11th can wear a Cat's eye stone.


Individuals with planets in the birth chart's 4th, 9th, or 3rd house can wear this chrysoberyl stone.

Who should not wear a Lehsuniya (Cat's eye stone)?

Individuals having Kaal Sarph Dosh should avoid wearing this gemstone. Other than this, if the Ketu and Rahu are placed in 3,6,8, or 12 positions on your birth chart, you must not wear a Vaiduryam stone.

As per Vedic astrology, one can wear a Lehsunia stone ring or Cats eye stone pendant to get the benefits of the stone.

  • Preferred Day and Time: The gemstone studded jewelry should be worn on Tuesday during Shukla Paksha.
  • Preferred metal: The suitable metal in which the stone can be studded is panchdhatu, gold, or silver. Pairing with other stones: Before wearing this gemstone with any different stone (diamond, emerald, blue sapphire), it is important to take astrological advice. Which gemstone should not be worn with a cat's eye stone? As per Vedic astrology, hessonite should not be worn with this gemstone.
  • Ideal Weight: The preferred weight of the gemstone should be between 3 to 7 rattis.
  • Right Finger: It is advisable to wear the Cat's eye stone ring on the middle finger of the right hand.
  • Gemstone Quality: For maximum astrological benefits, it is important to evaluate the quality of the gemstone first. Buy a high-quality certified Cat's eye stone from a reputed dealer or seller. The original cat's eye stone price starts from INR 1000 and can vary up to INR 40,000 or higher.
  • Correct Mantra: The mantra chanted during the process of wearing this stone is: "Om Pram Preem Sah Ketave Namah"
  • Preferred Color of the stone: Yellowish green, brownish yellows to semi-transparent golden yellows.
Color: Yellowish green, brownish yellows to semi-transparent golden yellows.
Finger: Worn on the middle finger of the right hand, with the gemstone touching the body.
Neck: Worn as a pendant with the gemstone touching the body.
Metal: Yellow gold with its warm tones makes a great combination with the resilient cymophane.
Zodiac Sign: Pieces (Vedic) Leo (Western).

The cat’s eye chrysoberyl (Lehsuniya) is believed to reduce the negative effects on an individual and boost one’s Ketu (the mythological planet of spirituality), offering liberation from materialistic things.

Cat eye's (lehsunia) stone benefits

This beautiful chrysoberyl gemstone exhibits various benefits:

Spiritual Enlightenment

Lehsunia stone is associated with the planet Ketu. This mystical planet is known to bring pain, misery, and stress, but wearing a cat's eye stone offers peace and harmony. If you are a spiritual seeker, this gemstone helps balance your energies and gain overall peace.

Maintains Physical Health

It is believed that Lehsunia gemstone is beneficial in aiding relief from diseases such as anorexia, hormonal issues, intestinal troubles, arthritis, and more.

Protecting from Negative energy

Legends have long revered the importance of this gemstone as a talisman. It is thought that this stone removes negative thoughts, evil spirits, and black magic.

Improving Creativity

Wearing a cat's eye stone helps enhance an individual's creativity. Who should wear Lehsunia stone? Individuals with zodiac signs of Taurus, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, and Virgo should wear this gemstone to gain maximum benefits.

Brings luck and financial stability

Is cat's eye stone for good luck? Yes, this magical chrysoberyl gemstone opens the doors for good luck and opportunities. Individuals seeking issues in business concerning wealth should be suggested to wear this gemstone.

Gemstone aids in removing stress

Wearing a Cat's eye stone ring or Cat's eye pendant helps eliminate stress, depression, or other mental health-related issues.

Enhances Memory

Wearing a vaidya gemstone helps in strengthening memory. Astrologers suggest students wear this stone to improve their memory power.

Assessing the quality of the gemstone is important for both astrological and jewelry purposes.

Color: Original lehsunia stone is recommended by astrologers as it offers the desired benefits to the wearer. The presence of chatoyancy effect evaluates the quality of this chrysoberyl gemstone. The more visible this chatoyancy band is, the better the stone's quality.

The attractive color of the stone ranges from yellowish green, golden yellow, and brown yellow.

Cut: The chrysoberyl cat's eye stone needs to be cut in a manner that displays the perfect chatoyancy effect. Skilled lapidaries should cut the stone so that the needles in the stone must be perpendicular to the stone.

The Lehsuniya stone is often only cut as a cabochon to maximize the beauty of its cat’s eye effect. Gem cutters must orient the needles across the cabochon to display the best optical appearance.

Clarity: These gemstones feature a milky appearance, which indeed is acceptable. The clarity is a natural factor for some of the gemstones. A transparent cat’s eye stone is not the correct stone.

Carat Weight: One can choose a gemstone per the carat weight requirement. The Vaiduryam stone price per carat increases with an increase in the size of the stone. For instance, the cost of cats eye stone 5 Ratti is higher than that of smaller rattis.

Why do people wear Lehsunia stone jewelry? The most common use of this jewelry is the benefit delivered by the stone. Natural Cat’s eye gemstone is used to ward off evil spirits and negativity. This gemstone brings wealth and prosperity and is thus a preferred choice for jewelry.

Besides being an astrological stone, it is also used for jewelry purposes. With a hardness of 8.5, the natural cat's eye chrysoberyl stone is a lovely choice for jewelry. Cat’s Eye, a center stone surrounded by a precious or semi-precious stone, gives an amazing look.

Srilanka is home to an exceptional quality of natural Cats Eye Chrysoberyl. An attractive milk and honey once cut from gems from this island country adds to the value and superiority of the gems. Orissa in India is a local source known for their commercial pieces however can also produce select spectacular gems.

Where is the chrysoberyl cat's eye stone found?

This gemstone is found in various parts of the world. The places where these gemstones are found are as follows:

  • Sri Lanka: Ceylon is known for producing high-quality cat's eye stones. The Ratnapura district is the famous hub for this gemstone mining.
  • India: Where is a cat's eye stone found in India? Orissa is the place in India where most of the lehsunia stones are found. One of the most popular navratan gems, it is used as an astrological gem in India.
  • Madagascar: Globally, the major supply of the world's global production comes from this place.
  • Brazil: The high-yield gems are sourced from Brazil. The Minas Gerais region is the famous mining area that produces this gemstone.

The cats eye stone price starts from INR 500 to INR 3,00,000 per carat in India. However, to buy an original cats eye stone, the factors considered are clarity, color, carat weight, and treatment.

A sharp cat’s eye that is both well oriented and running through the center of the gemstone, with good transparency with a visible milk and honey effect are key factors to look for when investing in a natural cat's eye chrysoberyl. Inclusions called needles are key to creating the shimmering cats eye effect while other imperfections often drop the gems value. Gems that form an instant connection are always good investments

Several factors, including clarity, cut, color, and carat weight, influence the price of a cat's eye stone. The stone's quality is determined by the presence of the distinctive chatoyant band on its surface.

Additionally, the overall color of the stone, preferably in shades of grey, green, or yellow, contributes to its appeal. The Kanak-Keh Lehsunia stone, renowned for its honey-yellow hue, is considered the finest among cat's eye stone varieties.

The Lehsunia stone price per carat increases with the size of the stone. The cat's eye stone 4-carat price is higher than the 3-carat weight owing to the stone's remarkable color, clarity, and precise cut.

Caring for gemstone jewelry is essential to maintain its quality and appearance. Buy natural Lehsunia stone from a reputable gem seller to ensure authenticity. Look for a high-quality stone with distinct chatoyancy characterized by a sharp and visible chatoyant band.

Select a stone with a bright, fine chatoyancy band, considered the finest variety. For Chrysoberyl, yellow is the ideal color. Ensure the stone is scratch and dent-free with a smooth surface for use in jewelry.

Pay attention to the metal choice for Cat's Eye Stone Jewelry, as the purity, shine, and durability of the metal contribute to the longevity of the jewelry.

When cleaning the stone, use soapy water and a soft cloth, avoiding brushes. Avoid the use of chemicals that can make the gemstone appear dull. Following these guidelines, you can keep your Cat's Eye Stone Jewelry in excellent condition.

A safe way to clean your cat’s eye chrysoberyl jewelry is:

  • Place gemstone studded jewelry in a bowl of warm soapy water, away from a basin.
  • In the bowl scrub the piece lightly with an old, soft-bristled toothbrush
  • In the bowl, rinse with clean water
  • Wipe dry

Different Types of Cat’s Eye Stones

Cat’s eye stone, without any denial, is one of the most intriguing and dazzling gemstones in existence. What makes this revered gemstone rare and extraordinary is the ‘Chatoyancy’ effect. It’s a phenomenon in which light is reflected in a manner just beneath the surface that creates the appearance of a cat’s eye.

This mind-boggling phenomenon makes this gemstone worth adding to your collection and beautifies its appearance beyond any measure. Cat’s eye stones are of different types and every type of cat’s eye gemstone as it’s unique and beautiful in its own way. Let’s satiate your curiosity to know about different types of cat’s eye gemstones.

Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye

Out of all the exquisite cat’s eye stones in existence, Chrysoberyl cat’s eye gemstone is perhaps the most marvelous and the rarest one. The ‘Chatoyancy’ phenomenon is highest in this cat’s eye type and its hardness on the Mohs scale is also noteworthy. Chrysoberyl cat’s eye implications in the domain of jewelry are quite extensive. It is majorly found in China, India, Zimbabwe, and Sri Lanka.

Tiger’s Eye

It’s a well-established fact that Tiger’s eye stone belongs to the Quartz family but is not even a smidgen less in popularity than other cat’s eye stones. This ethereal gemstone primarily comes in golden-yellow hues and golden brown is the most sought-after one. This gemstone also comprises a fibrous blue mineral called crocodilte.

Apatite Cat’s Eye

By leaps and bounds, apatite cat’s eye stone is the most popular and in-demand gemstone among all types of cat’s eye stones. It exhibits captivating greenish-yellow to bluish-green hues that can make any gemstone lover go gaga for it. Out of all cat’s eye stone types, the Apatite cat’s eye is known to display the ‘Chatoyancy’ effect lucidly more than anyone else. It is majorly found in the following countries: Algeria, India, Austria, Russia, Spain, Germany, Kenya, Mexico, Portugal, Tunisia, and the USA. Apatite cat’s eye is also heavily used in adornments and expensive jewelry.

Tourmaline Cat’s Eye

Like other cat’s eye stones, tourmaline cat’s eye also displays a strong ‘Chatoyancy’ effect and comes in more hefty sizes compare to its counterparts. Cat’s eye tourmaline principally comes in pink and green colors and quite durable in nature.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Where can I find a true and authentic Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl ?

Ans. Looking for an authentic source for a gemstone can sometimes prove to be challenging, which is why at Navratan, we have done all the hard work for you. Our certified and vedic approved gemstones have been hand selected and checked before we offer them on our website. Sourced from miners and traders, some of the Cats Eye Chrysoberyl we have in our inventory are unmatched in quality, color and have a beautiful cats eye phenomena.

Q. Does the transparency of the cat's eye chrysoberyl affect the power of the gemstone ?

Ans. A clear and precise chatoyant band is most desirable paired with a clear appearance. Gems with internal spots or even external blemishes that are visible to the eye lower the value of the gemstone. Narrow down on a gemstone that speaks to you and with a little assistance from our team and astrologer, you will find yourself the most perfect gemstone.

Q. What is a cat's eye stone good for ?

Ans. Though we have already stated the pool of benefits of embracing a cat’s eye stone, let’s make our readers and customers familiar with the major benefits of a cat’s eye gemstone one more time.

  • One of the most extensive uses of the cat’s eye stone is regaining the lost lost wealth and prosperity, and bringing good luck to your corner.
  • If you constantly struggle with numerous eye-related problems, embracing a supreme quality cat’s eye stone can rectify all major eye problems in no time.
  • If you eagerly want to dive deep into the world of spiritualism and keep yourself protected from promiscuous activities, you shouldn’t waste a split second in wearing the right-weight cat’s eye stone.
  • People who are into the domain of betting, number games, or gambling can embrace the cat’s eye to turn luck in their favor.

Q. Who Should Wear Cat’s eye Gemstones ?

Ans. Cat’s eye stone is directly and vehemently associated with Zodiac Virgo. If the planet Ketu is creating grave problems in your life by sitting at an inauspicious position, you must wear a cat’s eye stone under the supervision of an illustrious and experienced astrologer to reap the maximum benefits.

Q. Is a cat's eye a real stone ?

Ans. The major difference between moonstone and opal is that the former shows adularescence phenomenon whereas the latter features opalesence . Adularescence showcases moon like sheen while opalesence displays play of color.

Q. When should I wear cat eye stones ?

Ans. It’s imperative to be familiar with all the key rituals before you embrace a cat’s eye stone. The stone needs to be energized first with the ingredients like Gangajal, Tulis leaves, milk, curd, and Ghee while chanting the relevant 108 times simultaneously.

  • The energized cat’s eye stone ring should be worn on the middle finger on Tuesday morning. One should wait for at least 2-4 months to witness the real magic this enticing gemstone has to offer.

Q. In What Colors Cat’s Eye Stones Come ?

Ans. A shimmering celestial gem, moonstone is a powerful gem. It is believed to be a good gem for inner harmony, intuition, wisdom, boosting creativity and strengthening digestive system.

Q. What are the moonstone metaphysical properties ?

Ans. Cat’s eye stone comes in a myriad of colors. We have stated the major colors of the cat’s eye gemstone below.

  • White cat's eye stone
  • Purple cat's eye stone
  • Pink cat's eye stone
  • Green cat's eye stone
  • Blue cats eye stone

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The hard-wearing, shimmering Cat's Eye is noted to be the gemstone offering Moksha and bringing good Karma.

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