Apatite Cat's Eye

The enthralling world of gemstones is full of enigma, gobsmacking wonders, and yet-to-be-explored territories. In the alluring world of gemstones, Apatite Cat’s eye is one such stone that doesn’t get much limelight but is best known for its jolting metaphysical and astrological benefits.

Apatite Cat’s eye belongs to the Apatite mineral group, displays greenish-yellow to bluish-green hues, and is acknowledged for exhibiting a rare and thumping optical phenomenon called ‘Chatoyancy’. In this phenomenon, the reflection of the light through stone when viewed from different angles resembles with slit-eyes of a cat.

Apatite Cat's Eye Origin

Though Apatite Cat’s eye is quite rare in Occurrence, there are numerous countries that produce this gemstone in noteworthy quantity. Some of the major producers of Apatite Cat’s eye gemstones are Austria, Germany, Algeria, India, Kenya, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, and the USA.

Apatite Cat’s eye resembles closely with Chrysoberyl so it called Chrysoberyl cat's eye  that also displays Chatoyancy phenomenon, however, Chrysoberyl dominates the market in terms of demand and popularity. Apatite Cat’s also falls under the category of collector’s stone. Not many people know that Cat’s eye Apatite is also a principal source of phosphorus which is a significant subtance in numerous natural chemical phenomenon like Photosynthesis.

Apatite Cat's Eye Price

When it comes to Apatite cat’s eye price, the above mentioned factors plays a vital role that we already have discussed in detail. The price vary greatly with the increase in carat weight, clarity, and color.

On average, the price of Apatite cat’s eye in India begins at 1000 INR per carat (8$USD) and goes as high as 40000 INR per carat (492$ USD).

Apatite Cat's Eye Benefits

Undeniably, Apatite Cat’s eye is a fascinating and its lush yellow color can spellbind anyone instantly. Most people show curiosity about the key benefits of Apatite stone before buying it. We would be more than happy to make you familiar with the top benefits of Apatite Cat’s eye stone.

Most distinguished astrologers believe that wearing a supreme quality Apatite cat’s eye gemstone that resonate with your body weight can heal the most severe nervous system related problems.

If you constantly feel pain in eyes or intermittent flow of water drops from your eyes, Apatite Cat’s eye is the ideal gemstone to rectify your all eyes related issues.

This sumptuous gemstone is supposed to bring heaps of good luck and frisky vibes in your life. Many astrologers strongly believe that those who are associated with the domains of gambling, horse racing, and betting must wear Apatite Cat’s eye stone to bring lack in their favor.

If your inclination is more towards unethical and promiscuous activities, embracing this fascinating gemstone will evoke spiritualism and ethics in you and protect from doing anything immora.

Apatite Cat's Eye Quality

The quality as well as value of Apatite cat’s eyes depends on a myriad of prominent factors that are quite influential in themselves. Let’s discuss each factor in detai one at a time.

Color: It is one of the most pivotal factors in determining the quality of an apatite stone. Usually, Apatite cat’s eye gemstone with deep honey color and green-yellowish color are considered to be of ultimate quality.

Clarity: It’s next to impossible to find an Apatite cat’s eye stone which doesnt’ have inclusions. However, inclusions in a stone are acceptable only to a certain extent. Inclusions beyond a certain limit in any gemstone including Apatite Cat’s eye dwindles value expeditiously.

Apatite cat’s eye gemstones with minimal inclusions are rare to find and exorbitant in price.

Cut: Apatite cat’s eye stone are mildly brittle and highly opaque. It has hardness 5.0 on the Mohs scale. A well cut Apatite stone with multiple facets, round and pearl shapes are comparatively higher in price than less faceted and unskillfully cut gemstones.

Carat Weight: Apatite Cat’s eye usually comes in medium to larger sizes. As they are less brittle in terms of physicality, the price and quality increase to a profound extent with the increase in carat weight.

Origin: To a some extent, origin of the stone also plays a role in evaluating the quality of an Apatite cat’s eye gemstone. Brazilian, Sri lankan, and Tanzanian apatite stones are considered to be of top-notch quality.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Which Stone Should not Wear with Cats Eye ?

Ans. If we go by the advice of prominent astrologers, one should not wear Apatite Cat’s eye stone with Ruby, pearl, or Topaz. Moreover, people with Ketu at second, seventh, eight, and twelfth houses in Horoscope shouldn’t wear Apatite cat’s eye.

Q. What is cat's eye stone Good For ?

Ans. This gemstone is widely recognized and hailed as well for its healing, metaphysical, and spirtiual benefits. Many astrologers claim that wearing Apatite cat’s eye stone infuse good luck and prosperity in life.

Q. Is cats eye Stone rare ?

Ans. Yes, Apatite cat’s eye stones are rare in existence. They are found only at limited depositories in the world.

Q. Is blue cats eye a real stone ?

Ans. You would be amazed to know that blue cat’s eye stone can easily be synthezied in an avant-garde laboratory. However, if we talk about the natural sources, Apatite cat’s eye stone primarily comes in honey and dark yellowish color.

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The hard-wearing, shimmering Cat's Eye is noted to be the gemstone offering Moksha and bringing good Karma.

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