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Cats Eye Stone 5 Ratti

Cat's Eye Stone (Lehsunia or Vaidurya), also renowned as Lehsunia or Vaidurya, is an exquisite gemstone occupying an essential space within astrology and gemstone enthusiast communities. The term cat's eye emanates from its enchanting visual effect compared to a feline eye, lending this gem an almost otherworldly differential that gives off enigma and attraction. guidance. Astrologically, it corresponds with Ketu (south node of the moon), which many interpret as spiritual awakening through connections, karmic exchange, and intuition, giving cat lovers another way of looking at this magical stone.

"Ratti" is the weight measurement system for Cat's Eye Stones; one Ratti equals 0.91 carats. A 5-Ratti cat's eye stone perfectly blends visual appeal and astrological potency.

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How to Wear Cat's Eye Stone 5 Ratti

Wearing a cat's eye stone weighing 5 ratti can be both a rewarding and memorable experience. Here are some procedures on how to wear one:

  • Once chosen, determine how the stone should be worn: as a ring, pendant, bracelet, or piece of jewelry.
  • Wear it as an actual ring on one finger of your dominant hand for optimal effect.
  • For optimal wear when donning real rings as rings themselves.
  • It is usually worn on the middle finger for maximum impact and success.
  • Cat's Eye gemstones are often set in silver or white gold to reflect their connection to the Moon, their ruling planet, as a symbolic way of honoring this gemstone's unique historical place.
  • Wear one after sunrise, during the lunar hour (which typically falls after sunset).
  • Wearing a cat's-eye stone ring requires that its cat's eye point towards you for best results

Staying energetic and beautiful by regularly cleaning it with mild soap and a soft-bristled brush, mild chemicals, or at temperatures under 55 can keep a stone at peak performance and extend its longevity and beauty while protecting it from harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.

Benefits of Cats Eye Stone

Cat's Eye Stone can bring significant benefits during 'Dasha, or the adverse phase of Ketu' (the headless body of Rahu).

Cat's eye stone can enormously positively influence its wearer's health conditions. This stone is widely regarded as having the effect that sudden traumas that require necessary surgeries often stem from Ketu in one's horoscope; thus, wearing cat eye stones helps counteract Ketu's negative influence.

Wearing cat's eyeglasses can increase one's wealth and enhance their financial status.

The cat's eye gem is known to help improve its wearers' professional and financial lives by revitalizing declining Businesses or financial ventures.

Ketu is regarded as a spiritual and religious planet. Wearing a cat's eye gemstone can bring immense satisfaction by distancing oneself from materialistic desires while engaging more fully with spiritual practices.

Quality of Cats Eye Stone

Cat's-eye quality depends upon its effect, color, and clarity; an ideal cat's-eye stone should feature an undisturbed surface free from spots or natural inclusions with uniform color distribution across its entire surface area.

Astrologically speaking, the quality of cat's eye stones largely depends on whether there are spots and blemishes present compared to color alone.

Cat's eyes hold no special or astrological relevance; their form should only ever be designed purely as ornamental features; for optimal results, they should always be polished neatly.

Vaiduryam stones must have an eye-catching cat's eye effect that stands out, providing them with their quality mark. If you achieve this through sharpened cat's eye edges that move smoothly when turning their axis, the quality will largely depend on these striking cat's-eye effect stones.

Price of Cats Eye Stone

Cat's eye stone prices can vary significantly. When pricing cat's eye stones, their costs depend on several variables, including quality, size, color clarity, and origin, as well as market demand and market conditions that impact pricing decisions. In addition, gemstone prices fluctuate often and should always be treated as commodities that change with time and demand.

To obtain an accurate cost for cat's eye stones, it is advisable to seek guidance from trusted gemstone dealers or online marketplaces that specialize in gemstones. They will offer current pricing information as well as help identify which characteristics should be sought when searching for one.

Weight can play an influential role when viewing stone pricing; however, overall quality and desirability also play a part.

Remember, it's essential to buy from reliable sources in order to guarantee the quality and value of a cat's eye stone

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