Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye

Cat's eye gemstone  called Chrysoberyl cat's eye stone is a highly sought-after gemstone member of the Chrysoberyl mineral family. This beautiful gemstone displays a strong Cats Eye effect with insubstantial detail that makes the term Cat’s eye alike for Chrysoberyl gemstone. In terms of color and purity, this gemstone can rival other cat's eye stones. In Vedic astrology, this gemstone is best regarded as a Ketu stone due to its association with the planet Ketu. People can wear this gem to achieve lost wealth, social reputation, self-control, and spiritual understanding.

Who Should Wear Chrysoberyl Cat’s Eye?

The Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye gemstone is also known as Lehsunia Ratna in Hindi and it is considered a fast-acting gem due to its relationship with the most influential planet ‘Ketu’. Vedic Astrologers suggest this amazing gemstone for individuals who are undergoing the challenging phase of ‘Ketu Dhaasa’ and ‘Maha Dasha’ in their lives.

When it comes to wearing them mainly cat's eye gemstone is best recommended to the individuals of Vrishchika (Scorpio) Rashi. If you belong to Aries, Leo Sagittarius and Pisces then wearing the Lehsunia gem can be beneficial for you.

Wearing an ideal carat weight of a cat's eye gemstone can help you to attain success and prosperity in your life. The weight of the stone should be 1/12th of the total body weight of the native. For instance, if a person is weighing 50 kgs then he or she should wear a 4-carat Lehusunia stone.

To attain the best astrological results, you can wear deep honey or yellow-green cat's eye gemstone.

The best-preferred metal for a natural cat's eye gemstone is Silver or Panchdhaatu. Alternatively, you can also use white gold.

For best astrological benefits, it should be worn on the Middle finger of the right hand on Tuesday, Morning between 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. during Shukla Paksha.

While wearing the stone, recite ‘Om Kem Ketave Namah’, ॐ कें केतवे नमः| 108 Times.

Note: If you are buying a cat's eye gemstone for astrological purposes then a ‘Kanak Khet Lehsunia’ (Golden honey or yellow-green cat’s eye) is best considered. You can also use ‘Dhoom Khet Lehsunia’ or the smoky grey cat’s eye as a good alternative.

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Benefits of Chrysoberyl Cats Eye stone

The association of the planet Ketu with Cat's eye gemstone is considered the most significant aspect. This stunning gemstone is strongly advised by a gemologist as the stone has the ability to nullify the harmful impact of weaker placed planet Ketu and can deliver higher wisdom and more promising spiritual knowledge to the life of the wearer. Chrysoberyl cat's eye gemstone is one of the finest varieties of cat's eye gemstone and it is best prescribed for astrological benefits.

Note - This beautiful Vedic gemstone is also famous by other terms like ‘Lehsuniya Stone in Hindi ‘Vaidurya Mani’ in Sanskrit, ‘Vaidoorya or Vaidurya’ in Tamil, ‘Ketu Stone’ or ‘Cymophane Gem’ in English.

According to Indian astrologers, Wearing a Natural Cat's eye gemstone can benefit by delivering spirituality and happiness to individuals who are dealing with fierce temperaments and restlessness. It owns the amazing metaphysical powers that can protect the native from tentative approaches and evil lifestyles.

Cat's eye gemstone is considered a fast-acting gemstone. A real Lehsunia Ratna can bring great results for individuals involved in speculative purposes like gambling, sports betting, etc. Most Astrologers think that it holds the ability to revitalize the lost wealth in businesses and can give protection against deficits, poverty, and other financial distress.

Cat's eye gemstone is ruled by the mysterious planet Ketu. Hence, the Lehsunia Ratna can help the native of the gemstone to achieve success in discovering hidden facts. Thus, it is highly useful for individuals who are dealing in science, detective jobs, and secret agencies.

In Alternative healing therapies, A real piece of Vaidurya or Lehsunia stone is best known for curing brain, limb, or eye-related diseases. Against sudden health emergencies and accidents, this can be a highly effective gemstone.

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Quality & Price of Chrysoberyl Cat's Eye Gemstone

Cat's eye gemstone from the Chrysoberyl mineral family is a highly valuable stone in terms of astrologically as well as physically. Thus, It is necessary to assure that the stone you are going to buy should be worthy. An individual can check for the following factors carefully before buying the best quality cat’s eye gemstone online.

The price of Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye gemstone depends on the overall strength of its cat’s eye effect and its body hue. 4 C's of the stone such as Clarity, Cut, Shape, and Carat weight are a few other factors that can affect the price of a Lehsunia gemstone. It is always advisable to shop for Chrysoberyl cats’ eyes from a trusted gemstone store for the assurance of the quality of the gemstone.

Origin – There are several significant sources of natural Cat's eye gemstone such as Sri Lanka (Ceylon), India, Brazil, and Africa. Sri Lanka provides the finest quality cat's eye gemstone due to its fine hue and minimum eye-visible flaws. Cat’s eye chrysoberyl gemstone originated from India and is considered the most preferred variety of cat's eye gem.

Color – A real piece of Cat’s eye gemstone arrives in numerous hues including grey, green-yellow, and deep honey-brown. The popular variety of Chrysoberyl Cat's eye gemstones is While Yellow or Green chrysoberyl. Honey color cat’s eye gemstone is quite rare to find. Honey color cat’s eye gemstone is the most sought-after variety of gemstones due to its rarity and high quality.

The price of Chrysoberyl cat’s eye gemstone relies primarily on its body hue and color texture. The rare variety of cat's eye gemstones, Honey-colored chrysoberyl cat’s eye gemstones, bring a more increased significance due to their rarity and higher demand in the market. Due to its popularity and finest quality, Yellow-green chrysoberyl cat’s eye gemstones are more affordable gemstones. Inconsistent hue distribution reduces the magnificence and the price of a cat's eye gemstone.

Clarity – Chrysoberyl cat's eye gemstone or Lehsunia stone is the only gemstone in which surface crevasses and flaws are acceptable up to an extent. Mostly, these gemstones are opaque to translucent because of the existence of minute needle-like rutile inclusions that sparkle parallelly to the curvature of the gem and make a perfect eye effect. Cat's eye with great transparency and fierce cat eye result are rare to find and hence priced exorbitantly.

Due to the bright vitreous luster in semi-translucent Chrysoberyl cat’s eyepieces, the value of the gemstone grows exponentially. Nevertheless, you can find a few minor cracks and visible inclusions in the gemstone and the nature of the gemstone. It doesn’t make any major changes in the price of the gemstone.

The Chatoyancy Effect– The phenomenon which is known as Cat’s eye effect seems like a beam of light or band (preferably slight bluish white) is crossing the gemstone from the middle of the chrysoberyl cat's eye gemstone. This effect seems like the beginning and end of a feline (cat) eye. The most sensual effect is when a bright, straight, and distinctly visible light band passes through the stone.

Quality of Cat’s eye Effect – When it comes to the price of Chrysoberyl cat's eye gemstone then the strength of the stone is the primary determinant. The quality of the stone is judged as per the chatoyancy effect if the stones with distinctly visible, narrow light bands reach completely to the end of the dome then that stone command a great market value.

Note:: The price of Lehsunia stone in India begins from Rs 2,000 per carat ($30 approx.) and highly it can reach up to Rs 65,000 per carat ($1000 approx.) and above. Explore our website, to get a thought of how Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl price per carat is determined on the basis of the quality of the stone.

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The hard-wearing, shimmering Cat's Eye is noted to be the gemstone offering Moksha and bringing good Karma.

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