Emerald Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are the perfect expression of commitment and love. Adding a pop of color to these rings enhances the look, stealing the spotlight while holding the same significance. Emerald Engagement Rings for men and women are certainly the best choice to make when it comes to embracing a unique style.

Emeralds have been known for their lush green hue and irresistible appeal. At Navratan, these beautiful and natural emeralds are positioned artfully on the ring frame, making the piece perfect for the special day. Our collection of Emerald Engagement Rings symbolizes the true meaning of love and compassion. Discover the exquisite collection of these rings, inspired by almost everything that is unique and captivating. Whether it's the best imitation of nature, designs from different jewelry eras, or just the most lovable minimalistic design, we have them all.

Meaning and Significance of Emeralds

The green color of emerald stone is its most fascinating aspect. This amazing color is associated with spring, rebirth, renewal, and growth. When talking about emeralds, the stone also holds significance for enhancing love lives. It has been known for a long time that the gemstone symbolizes fidelity and true love. In Vedic astrology, emeralds are powerful stones associated with Mercury and have healing properties for the skin, ears, and eyes. One of the historical figures to be mentioned is Cleopthera, the royal from Egypt. It was believed that she used to decorate her palace with emeralds as an epitome of wealth and power.


Emeralds are one of the most well-known gemstones, along with rubies, diamonds, and sapphires. These beautiful stones from the Beryl family are the birthstone of May. Along with this, these are also considered the traditional gifts for the 20th, 35th, and 55th wedding anniversary in the U.S. These gemstones measure 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. Though emeralds are found worldwide, the finest quality and quantity are found in Colombia.

Enchanting Designs

Emeralds have been known for their medicinal benefits and metaphysical properties. Adding emeralds to engagement rings, in fact to all forms of jewelry, has now been on the charts. The concept of embracing jewelry with emeralds is not new. When talking about Ancient Egyptian or Roman jewelry, European, Victorian, vintage, or retro jewelry designs, emeralds have always been the popular stones to be featured.

At Navratan, Emerald Engagement Rings are something one definitely needs to browse for. The designs are contemporary and chic. Natural emerald stones are chosen for the ring because of the legacy they own and are further appreciated by the customers. Top-quality gemstones and metals, along with precision and fine artwork, collaborate to feature a wide collection of engagement rings. From single-stone minimalistic design rings to three-stone art deco collections, one gets the best of both worlds.

We also offer customized emerald engagement rings. So, the customers can get the designs as per their tastes and preferences.

Benefits Of Emerald Ring

Emeralds are associated with the planet Mercury, which symbolizes hope, wisdom, knowledge, and expectations. This powerful stone is also the epitome of love. Gifting an Emerald Engagement Ring to your partner imbibes faithfulness and friendship for a lifetime.

Emeralds are birthstones for individuals born in the month of May, and thus an emerald ring is a thoughtful gift. The panna stone, or emerald, benefits the wearer with good health, wealth, wisdom, and a blissful married life.

Apart from the stones, the metal also adds meaning to the entire jewelry. Gold symbolizes positivity and wealth, and when it comes to the emerald engagement ring in gold, the meanings are extended.

At Navratan, emerald engagement rings are not only beautiful but also hold a significant meaning of love.

Caring and Cleaning Of Emerald Ring

Cleaning and caring for emerald engagement rings to maintain their beauty is a must. Steps to consider for this are as follows:

  • Clean your emerald ring with soapy water. Avoid harsh detergents and solvents such as alcohol, paint thinner, and acetone.
  • Do not expose the gemstone to excessive solar radiation or other heat sources.
  • Store the jewelry in separate pouches to avoid abrasions with other pieces of jewelry.


Before investing, it is important that the buyer be aware of the factors that govern the price of any product. When buying a gemstone engagement ring, other than cut, clarity, color, and origin, certification is an important factor that must be considered by the buyer. Certified gemstones should always be considered, and one should always go for them. Apart from this, while looking for engagement rings, other factors such as metal quality and a precise setting also matter.

At Navratan, all these factors are taken as priorities. The certified, original emerald stone is chosen for crafting the ring. The top-quality metal used in making it, along with the stones, are a testament that it's always better to start with the best.

Price of Emerald Ring

Factors such as the origin, color, carat weight, and clarity of the stone impact the price of the emerald engagement ring.

  • Color: The bright and lustrous colors of the emeralds are preferred, and the prices vary accordingly.
  • Clarity: The bright and smooth surface of emeralds determines their clarity. Emerald stone prices are higher when it comes to being spotless, lustrous, and flawless.
  • Origin: Depending on the origin, pacha or natural emerald stone prices differ. For instance, those from Zambia and Colombia differ as they are of the finest quality.
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