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Australian Opals are the most premium variety of opal gemstones which are widely acknowledged for their enduring play of color and rich body tone. As explained by the name itself, these opals are sourced from the famous opal mines of Australia.

New South Wales is mainly known for producing the very rare Australian Black Opals. Where Lightning Right Opal mine is regarded as the most significant producer of finest quality Black Opals in the world; the region of White Cliffs primarily supplies crystal and white Opals in abundance.

Popular Opal mining locations in Queensland, such as Opalton, Quilpie, Winton, and Yowah, are recognized for offering the unique Boulder Opals (The most durable variety of opal).

South Australia, on the other hand, is noted for resourcing the finest quality Australian White Opal Gemstones. Coober Pedy, Lambina, Andamooka, and Mintabie are the four main provinces where milky white opals are mined in South Australia. These opals are highly preferred for astrological healing purposes.

As per reports, more than 95% of the total Australian Opals are mined out of the towns of Andamooka, Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, and White Cliffs.

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On the astrological ground, Australian Opal gemstones are regarded as the best substitute for precious Diamonds (Heera). Besides the mesmerizing aesthetic appeal, this October birthstone bestows several healing benefits to its wearer. Some of them are listed underneath.

Boosts Creativity - According to astrological belief, Opals are entitled as the stones of creativity & imagination. They not only nourish your creative ability but also stimulate innovative thoughts and ideas. So if you are also into artistic and creative pursuits, an authentic White Australian Opal can turn out to be excessively beneficial for you.

Promotes Financial Status - Being associated with the planet of wealth and opulence, Venus, Opal Gems act as a harbinger of luxury and prosperity. Thus, besides improving your economic stature and bringing financial stability, wearing or carrying a Natural Australian White Opal tend to raise your standard of living

Improve Health - As per astrologers, the White Opal gemstone carries remarkable curative powers. It is immensely serviceable for people suffering from hormonal imbalance, urinary disorders, or any sort of endocrine issue. Together with healing the liver and improving reproductive health, its metaphysical properties also help the wearer deal with psychological problems.

Conveys Marital Bliss - Since Vedic astrology assigns opal to the planet Venus, which is regarded as the ruler of love & courtship in a person’s life. Henceforth, real Opal is believed to delight Venus, aka Shukra, and boosts matrimonial harmony. It is measured as highly advantageous for couples who are going through a tough phase in their married or love life.

If you are wondering whether Australian Opal will suit you or not, you can consult a learned astrologer or can avail of our Gem Suggestions Tool regarding the same.

The worth of an Australian Opal gemstone counts upon numerous quality factors including the type of opal, mining location, body-color, quality of play of color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Typically, the per-carat price of an Australian Opal stone in the international gem market begins from $10 approx. and reach as high as $120 approx. While, in India, the price of an Australian Opal gem starts from Rs 600 per carat and goes up to Rs 9,000 per carat.

Variety – Australia produces a large species of opals such as white opal, black opal, pink opal, blue opal, white rainbow opal, boulder opal, and fire opal. According to industry expert gemologists, Original Australian Black Opals and Natural White Australian Opals are among the most popular and highly valuable varieties. Though their price is primarily concerned with the quality of tone and pattern. In the case of Boulder Opals, the price largely depends upon the surface ratio with the play of color versus the ‘brown’ matrix. An Australian Boulder opal that has more shades is considered more valuable.

Color – Australian Opals are found in a broad spectrum of body tones including black, white, red, yellow, orange, brown, grey, and even colorless. The tone and brilliance of the body color make a huge impact on the gem value. A well saturated and more intense Australian opal is priced better in the market. In general, an Opal in a darker body tone (almost black) is considered more valuable because it portrays the rainbow color more stunningly. That is why Australian Black Opals are valued so expensive. However, on the astrological ground, White Australian Opals hold more significance and desirability.

Play of Color – The price of Opal stones largely depends upon the quality and ratio of their play-of-color factor. The range, pattern, intensity, and dominance of certain hues in the overall distribution of color combination collectively determine the quality of the play of color. The more vivid, intense, and evenly distributed play-of-color is, the higher will be the value of an Australian opal gem.

Clarity – The clarity in opals refers to the number of inclusions and the level of transparency present in it. Commonly, the smoother and inclusion-free is the opal, the higher will be the price of opal in the market. The existence of pits, cracks, spots, scratches, and groves on the surface of an opal stone can significantly reduce its overall quality and price. Similarly, the presence of internal flaws in form of natural inclusions like ironstone patches, color zoning, and windows (blank areas) also reduces the worth of an Australian opal gemstone. Clean and smooth pieces are always measured as superior and an ideal choice for astrological purposes.

Cut – The cut and shape of an opal gem mainly depend upon its rough. These raw opals are further cut and polished. In order to bring out the best hue and brilliance, most of the Australian Opals are shaped as oval and round cabochons. Cabochon not just displays the best characteristics of colors in an opal but is also less vulnerable to breakage and hence makes an ideal selection for jewelry pieces. Australian Opals with perfect domes and good symmetry emerge absolutely exquisite and fetch premium value in the international gem market.

Carat weight – Since it is quite tough to locate large-sized Opals with intense play-of-color effects and consistent body color. Therefore, the value of an Australian Opal may drastically accelerate with an increase in its carat weight, providing all the other quality factors remain the same.

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