Black Opal Stone

Natural Black Opal is an extremely unique gem variety of the Mineraloid family. This beautiful gem holds a dark body hue, often black, dark grey, dark blue, or dark green, and is exclusively used for astrological, and healing purposes, and creates stunning jewelry.

About Black Opal Gemstone

Black Opal gemstones are one of the rare gemstones variety of Opal gems with a personality completely their own. It is one of the most stunning assortments of black gem that shows a brilliant and impressive play of hues, also recognized as the fire effect. With its rainbow array of hues, blooming in fire-like ways, they are in their class of magnificence and make rich jewelry elements that improve the look of any attire. Black Opal gems contain carbon and iron oxide trace elements that cause the dark shades of the gemstone. Due to their dark body hue, the rainbow colors in a Black Opal stand out much more nicely than in more delicate opal gemstones.

Chemical Properties of Black Opal

The chemical formula of Black Opal is SiO2 · nH2O and the density is 2.09. Black Opal holds a hardness of 5.5 - 6.5 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. On the refractive index, it ranges between 1.37 - 1.47. This precious black gem has a diaphaneity of transparent to opaque.

Black Opal Meaning

The Black Opal gemstone is regarded as the birthstone for October and the gemstone for the couples who are celebrating their fourteenth wedding anniversary. it is associated with the planets Venus and Mars. Black Opal gemstone mainly benefits people who are born under the zodiac sign of Libra. Black Opal gemstone negates the Root Chakra and the Crown Chakra. For best astrological and positive outcomes, Black opal gemstone should be set in silver metal. However, you can wear the stone with gold, Panchdhatu, and platinum metal.

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Black Opal Benefits

Black Opal is regarded as extremely unique, and rare, and is majorly recognized for its strong astrological, spiritual, and healing miracles. This popular variety of opal gemstones is regarded as a gem of cosmic energies and strength. Black Opal gem is a powerful black gemstone that can bring optimistic energy into the body and covers the native from any harmful power.

Emotional Healing Benefits: Black Opal gemstone is a gem of balance and if the native is facing numerous mental health issues or hormonal issues, then this gem can intensify emotions and moods. The Black Opal gem is intensely linked with love, passion, desire, and eroticism.

Stone of Protection: Black Opal gemstone is the most powerful gemstone that shields the wearer from fear. If the person who is wearing the stone is scared of heights, water, or horror movies, then this gem has the power to push through things that threaten the native the most. It also gives the wearer the faith to get through these barriers making the wearer more emphatic.

Physical healing Benefits: Black Opal gemstones can help the wearer by healing illness and relieving pain. This healing gem tends to soothe the natives and create harmony in their life of the native.

Brings Prosperity and Wealth: Black Opal gemstone offers the power to predict the future and brings in great fortune in the life of the wearer. This powerful gem exudes dignity and great willpower and is adequate for individuals who are a part of the knowledge and services sector.

Love and Relationships: Black Opal Gemstone, the black gemstone that is linked with the planet Venus, is symbolized as the stone of love, compassion, understanding, marital bliss, and trust. This stunning gemstone makes relationships stronger and improves desire and eroticism in the relationship.

Black Opal Quality

Black Opal gemstones are amazing in the way they are created. There are many factors that an individual must consider while buying authentic and original Black Opal gemstone. 4 c's of the stone plays a huge role in order to determine the quality of the gemstone. Origin, color, body tone, luster, shape, and fire effect design are the notable elements that define the quality of this beautiful gem, and based on these factors, the worth, quality, and authenticity of the Black Opal gemstone can be assessed.

Origin: Black Opal gemstone is excavated in Lightning Ridge, in northern New South Wales. Lightning Ridge is renowned for Black Opal gemstone and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of Black Opal gems have been discovered there. However, White Cliff is Australia’s oldest retail Opal pasture. The finest quality Black Opals from Ethiopia is not only attractive but cost less than comparable quality Black Opal gemstone from Australia.

Body Color: Opal’s black hue is excessively deep and shows vibrant hue features including dark green, dark blue, dark grey, or dark black. Black Opal gemstones own a dark body hue with fire look spectacularly luminous against a dark background. Also, the term, Black Opal directs to the black potch (inferior Opal material) coated with a thin layer of gem Opal, which allows the black to show through later.

Shape & Cut: When Rough Black Opal gemstone is found then usually cut into an oval shape. However, this beautiful gemstone can also be cut into a teardrop shape to maximize the size and carat weight of the gem. It is usually trimmed with a low cabochon due to the Opal hue bar which is much lighter in Black Opal gemstones as compared to White Opal gems.

Black Opal Price

The price of Black Opal gemstone relies on its shape, body colors, size, luster, surface, the vigor of the fire effect, and the type of certifications it owns. Based on the quality aspects discussed above the price of Black Opal per carat can start from INR 1,000 ($ 14) per carat and heads up to INR 10,000 ($ 140) per carat or even more. The unique and scintillating impression of this stunning gem is an excellent option to make all types of jewelry for both men and women.

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