Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian Opal, a precious variety of Opal gemstones, is the most recent sort of opal gemstone which is primarily resourced from the Wollo Province of the northern Ethiopia region. This variety is getting hugely popular in the market.

Opal gemstones from Ethiopia consist of a number of internal kaleidoscopic plays of color and amazing body shades that have taken a notable position in the world of astrology as well as in the heart of every gem lover. These stunning pieces of opal gemstones from Ethiopia exhibit the excellent play of color in a range of hues and patterns. The stone holds some striking patterns and compelling expenses and that makes this beautiful gem a favorably alluring colored crystal for jewelry. Due to their attractive magnificence and affordable prices, Ethiopian opals are getting popularity in the gemstone market from all over the world. Ethiopian opals have quickly established themselves as a brand in the international gemstone industry.

Mines of Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian opal gemstones were firstly located in the early days of the ’90s. This well-known variety of opal gemstone was discovered in the mining area of Yita Ridge and Mezezo (Stayish mine) of the Shewa region in Africa. Despite the fact that the material discovered was not of good color or grade, it was recognized as a possible alternative to the well-known variety of opal gemstones from Australia.

After a decade, the Ethiopian opal gemstones were later discovered in the Wollo Province region. Later, Ethiopian opal gemstones from Wollo or Welo province regions were recognized as Ethiopian Welo Opal gemstones enduring an extreme internal shine.

When it comes to the international gemstone market then currently, Opal gemstones from Welo Ethiopia are considered quite abundant and this special variety can be bought at highly reasonable prices. Loose Ethiopian opals are mainly used for making stunning jewelry pieces as they are popular for astrological, healing, and birthstone jewelry purposes.

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An individual can discover numerous varieties of Ethiopian Opal gemstones in considerable quantities and also in various quality grades in the global gemstone market. Thus, it is essential to consider a few quality-determining aspects such as the range of play of hue, pattern, style, body shade, transparency, and cut. In order to get the finest quality Ethiopian Opal gemstone, these important factors should be taken into concern. Commonly, natural Opal gemstone from Ethiopia with transparent hue and evenly spread rainbow shade flashes are considered the most satisfactory quality, Ethiopian Opal gemstones.

Type – There are some stunning types of Ethiopian Opal gemstones are there in the gemstone market. As gemstone can bring positive changes in your life, hence it is essential to have a basic understanding of their types and their major objective in order to pick a real piece of gemstone. White Ethiopian opal gems are best considered for astrological purposes and also for various jewelry reasons. There are some unique gemstone options for healing and ornamentation such as Ethiopian Jelly Opal, Blue Ethiopian Opal, Ethiopian Black opal, Ethiopian fire opal, and Pink Ethiopian Opal.

Color – Opal gemstones from Ethiopia are discovered in a wide range of colors that ranges from white to black, chocolate brown (Ethiopian Chocolate Opal), pink, orange, colorless, blue, and even more. Besides the body hue, the quality of the tone is the most significant factor in the quality of the gemstone. Hence, it is always recommended to pick a gemstone with the most amazing, evenly saturated, and uniformly dispersed body color.

Play of Color – This refers to the rainbow-like fire present in the opal gemstone. The internal glow inside the Ethiopian Opal stones is judged based on their intensity, pattern, and overall distribution. The brighter and more intense is the color play, the finer is the quality. Stones with intense red, broad ribbon-like flashes or honeycomb patterns (Ethiopian Honeycomb Opal) are rarer than the other shades while the blue and green flashes are comparatively more common.

Clarity – When it comes to the clarity of Ethiopian Opal then it is transparent to opaque in appearance. The pale variety of opal gem is desired to hold good clarity whereas natural Ethiopian Black Opal gemstones are opaque. Hence, the estimate of the clarity in Ethiopian opal gemstone is quite subjective. Ideally, an individual can shop for a clean Ethiopian opal gemstone with smaller inclusions and the lowest visible marks and scratches at the best affordable price here at Navratan.

Cut – The rough Ethiopian opal gemstone is cut and polished in order to form attractive cabochons (flat back and smooth domed surface) mainly for jewelry-making purposes. In the gemstone market, loose Ethiopian opal gemstones are mainly discovered in the round and oval shapes, nevertheless, these gemstones can also be seen in some fancy shapes such as pear, marquise, square, rectangular, cushion, heart, etc. Ethiopian Opals with intense hue flashes and great transparency are faceted and are considered a highly valuable gemstone.

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Natural Opal gemstones from Ethiopia are surprisingly affordable as compared to other varieties of opal stones. However, it will not be reasonable or eternal. There are some other mines of opal gemstones such as Australia Opal mines are exhausting now and that causes a surprising boost in the price of opal over the year. Presently, The availability of raw Ethiopian Opal gemstone is reducing day by day that causing a hike in its overall value. Hence, if you are planning to invest then this can be a preferred moment to invest in a real piece of top-grade Ethiopian Opal gemstone. The worth of an Opal gemstone is usually defined by its body hue, play-of-color effect, cut, clarity, and carat weight.

Note – In general, the per-price of Ethiopian Opals in India starts from Rs 300 per carat and goes up to Rs 5000. While depending on the demand and supply factor of the stone, the prices of opal gemstone may vary in international markets such as the US, UAE, and UK. It begins at $4 and reaches up to $65.

Color – The prices of Ethiopian White Opal and Ethiopian Black Opal gemstone are usually higher compared to other varieties due to their popularity and high demand in the gemstone market. Due to their essence, there are some gemstones such as the naturally tanned Ethiopian Chocolate Opal gemstone and Ethiopian Fire Opal gemstone with vivid hue tones that bring a fair gratuity.

Play of Color – A good Ethiopian Opal stone has a varied play of color that is evenly distributed in a unique pattern. In the gem market, the prices of Ethiopian Opal stones greatly rely on the following factors:

Color of flashes– The dye spectrum of fire provides an effective impact on the price of Ethiopian Opal gemstone. Gemstones with a rainbow-like hue, such as play, are highly sought after and considered valuable. For their rarity and beauty, Ethiopian Opals with vivid red flashes command a greater price. Blue and green flashed stones are more frequent and cheaper.

Pattern – A natural piece of Ethiopian Opal can have play-of-color in various practices such as large honeycomb patterns, ribbon-like flashes, multiple small flashes, tiny pinpoints, etc. Opals from Ethiopia with ribbon-like color patterns (Harlequin) and honeycomb patterns are typically difficult to find. They hold a beautiful appearance and often entice a higher price.

Distribution – The magnificence and value of Ethiopian Opal per carat can be affected by the distribution of the play-of-color effect. There are some pieces with consistent fire visual from all flanks and angles that are relatively irregular and highly precious. However, Opal stones from Ethiopia with lesser or no hue flashes are relatively easy to find and are open at more affordable prices.

Clarity – When it comes to the appearance of opals the newly found Ethiopian Opal gemstones are transparent to opaque. Before determining the price of Ethiopian Opal Welo, the level of clarity and inclusions in the gemstones are checked. Nevertheless, the determination of prices of Ethiopian Black Opal is different. The quality of Ethiopian Black Opal gemstone relies mainly on the level of smoothness and quality of the external surface. In gemstones, A cleanser, softer and blemish-free piece is considered a smarter choice.

Cut – The hardness of Ethiopian Opal gemstone ranges between 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. Most gem cutters try to avoid accomplishing many experiments with the shape and cut of the Ethiopian opals. A finely-polished Opal cabochon of Ethiopia that arise with remarkable symmetric dimensions not only amplifies the fire in it but also fits into a customized set of jewelry easily. Such gemstone pieces are often traded at reasonable prices. Faceted Ethiopian Opals gemstones are less popular compared to other cuts of opals. Maybe because these gemstones are more costly.

Carat Weight – Ethiopian Opal gemstones large in size are seen rarely in nature due to their delicate nature. Thus, the price of Ethiopian Opal gemstone per carat rises dramatically for gemstones above a few sizes. The smaller sizes of Ethiopian Opals of the finest quality can be bought at the most reasonable price range.

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Benefits of Ethiopian Opal Stone

Anyone who has issues with uncertainty, interactions, or negativity gains from using Ethiopian opal. The stone's vivid color flashes serve as a reminder to build on your positive traits let rid of discord and engage in creative activities. Here are some benefits of Ethiopian Opal stone:

Emotional Heals

You may get over emotional injuries, worries, and worries with the help of Ethiopian opals which are thought to have potent healing abilities. They are renowned for producing a sense of inner quiet and serenity by calming the mind and soothing emotions. You may overcome anxiety, let go of emotional tension and have a good attitude on life by wearing an Ethiopian opal.

Spiritual Awaken

These opals are believed to possess profound spiritual qualities that can facilitate communication with your higher self and enable you to reach your full spiritual potential. They are a popular option for individuals who practice meditation, yoga, or other spiritual disciplines since they improve sensitivity and intuitive abilities. You can access higher realms of awareness, communicate with your inner knowledge, and develop your spirituality by wearing an Ethiopian opal.

Physical Heals

Ethiopian opals offer therapeutic abilities as well as emotional and psychological benefits. They are supposed to help the body's internal healing operations, increase circulation, and strengthen the body's defenses. They are an increasingly common choice for individuals who experience these disorders since it is thought that they can assist with the signs of these illnesses.

Creativity and Inspiration

These opals are well-liked among painters, authors, and other creatives because they stimulate originality and creativity. They increase inspiration and originality by stimulating the mind and enhancing thinking. You can unlock your artistic possibility get beyond creative obstacles, and realize your ideas by wearing an Ethiopian opal.

Who Can Wear Ethiopian Opal Stone?

Anyone who enjoys the distinctive beauty of Ethiopian opal can wear it as a gemstone. Opal stone wearers may be influenced by specific customs and convictions that accompany the stone, though.

Opal has always been connected to purity, youth, and optimism. It has also been viewed as a dependable and protective emblem. Opal has so frequently been presented as a gift to commemorate important events like marriages, birthdays, or engagements.

Ethiopian Opal is thought to be connected to the astrological sign of Libra. It is believed that those born beneath this zodiac sign are drawn to the gemstone and can get benefits from wearing it.

There aren't any limits on who can wear Ethiopian Opal generally. However, some individuals think that various stones have distinct energies and might have various impacts on certain persons. It's important to pick a stone that speaks to you individually as well as one that makes you feel at ease wearing it.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Does wearing an Ethiopian Opal have any special benefits ?

Ans. Yes, Ethiopian Opal is said to offer several mystical and therapeutic benefits, albeit the claims are not supported by science. Wearing Ethiopian opal according to some can facilitate interpersonal improvement, spiritual development, bodily health, and mental wellness. It's essential to pick a stone that speaks to you individually because the impact of wearing this gemstone might differ from person to person.

Q. Where is Ethiopian Opal primarily sourced from ?

Ans. Ethiopia's Wollo Region is where most Ethiopian opal comes from. The Wollo Province is renowned for creating some of the world's best Ethiopian Opals. Typically, the volcanic ash and basalt deposits in the area are mined for these opals. The opals are often cut and polished in the local markets or exported to other nations for additional processing after the extraction process, which is frequently done by hand.

Q. Is the demand increasing for Ethiopian Opal in the market ?

Ans. Yes, the market has seen a rise in the demand for Ethiopian Opal in the recent past. Ethiopian opals are valued for their distinctive color variation and a similar caliber to Australian opals. The expanding interest in unusual gemstones and the popularity of opal jewelry have both contributed to the demand for Ethiopian opal. As a result, Ethiopian opals are more and more in demand on the global market, and their cost has been growing.

Q. How can you identify genuine Ethiopian Opals from fake ones ?

Ans. Although it might be difficult to identify genuine Ethiopian Opals from imitations, there are many techniques to do so. The juxtaposition of hues, which is exclusive to Ethiopian Opals, is one of the most significant aspects to take into account. Natural hues that are uniformly spread throughout the stone should be used. The surface of genuine Ethiopian opals generally has natural pits and imperfections but imitation opals may have been polished intentionally and exhibit a flawless surface. Since genuine Ethiopian opals fall within a specified range on the Mohs scale, the stone's hardness is another important aspect to take into account. Genuine Ethiopian Opals may be further distinguished by consulting a professional gemologist or jeweler.


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