Japanese Red Coral Stone

As the name denotes, Japanese Red Coral is sourced out of Japanee islands. Known for carrying the rare 'Ox Blood' color, this is the most premium variety of red coral gems, aka Laal Moonga Ratna.

About Japanese Red Coral

Japanese Red Corals are famously known by the names Japan Pagadam and Japanese Laal Moonga stone in the market. Though there arise several other red coral origins, such as Italy, Australia, India, and Algeria, Japan always ranks at the top of the list. Where Italian Red Coral is regarded as quite an elegant specimen, other secondary variants are also quite popular in the market. However, owing to the mesmerizing red hue and immense rarity, Japanese Red Coral is considered the most precious and rarest variety. It is majorly worn as a fashion jewel as well as for astrological purposes.

Chemical and Physical Properties

Natural Japanese Red Coral carries a chemical formula of CaCO3 and a Mohs scale of hardness between 3 - 4. This sought-after variety of red coral usually occurs in a bright to deep red color. It has a specific gravity of 2.65 and a refractive index ranging between 1.486 - 1.658.

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The islands of Nagasaki, Kagoshima, Kōchi, Okinawa, and Ogasawara, are the key sources of Red Coral gems in Japan. This marine wood (coral is technically a wood, not stone) is found 100-300 m under the sea bed surface level. Corals that are primarily obtained from the Ogasawara Islands, make one of the most fascinating jewelry gems. Although they are also actively used as talismans in the astrological arena.

Besides the rare ‘Ox Blood’ red color and eye-catchy beauty, the limited availability of this red gem makes it counted among the most expensive of all the red corals on the market. No other place in, or outside Japan, produces such premium quality of red corals in the world. Red Corals of this particular region are an absolute favorite of both lapidaries and commercial jewelers.

Benefits of Japanese Laal Moonga Gemstone

Alike all other red coral gemstones, the Japanese Red Coral also brings immense luck and good health to its owner. According to expert astrologers, it not only shields wearers from ill eye effects but also aids them to emerge out of the very tough phase of Mangal Dasha. Other than this, below we have listed some of the notable benefits that Japanese Red Coral serves you.

Triumph in Administrative Roles - As per Vedic astrology, red coral is believed to be associated with the most dynamic planet Mars. Owing to its affiliation, the Japanese Red Coral stone improves your team management abilities and conveys success in administrative and leadership roles. It is beneficial for politicians and other public speakers.

Bestow Focus - Japanese Red Corals are said to perceive ambition, dedication, and determination. Thus they are highly recommended for individuals who are pursuing their careers in areas where an exceptional amalgamation of both mental and physical stamina is required such as athletics, the Army, and sports.

Improves Health - One of the many known benefits of Japanese Red Corals is good health. It is believed to carry miraculous reviving abilities for your mental as well as physical health. Natural Red Corals enhance the digestive well-being and circulatory health of its wearer. Besides enhancing the immunity power, it bestows you with better psychological and improved mental strength.

Success in Real Estate Trading - According to ancient Vedic science, Mars is regarded as ‘Bhoomi Karaka’. In simple words, it is the planet that rules land and property and its associated stone, the Japanese Moonga gem, benefits from the same assets. So if you are also dealing in such industries or businesses of real estate, oil exploration, construction, mining, interior designing, or asset management, then sporting Japanese Coral will be a beneficial call for you.

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Weight - At least 1/10th of your total body weight. For instance, if you are weighing 70 kgs, you should wear a minimum of 7 carats of red coral.

Color - For desired benefits, a bright red-colored coral is considered the best. You can also pick a spotless orangey-red color Japanese coral.

Metal - Gold and Silver are ideal metals to be paired with red coral. Alternatively, platinum, white gold, and brass (panchdhatu) work fine too.

Finger - Wear red coral ring on the ring finger of your right or working hand.

Day and Time - Tuesday morning is ideal. You should prefer wearing Moonga jewelry in the Shukla Paksha i.e., Waxing Moon.

Chanting Mantra - Recit Aum Ang Angarkay Namah (ॐ अं अंगारकाय नमः) for 108 times while wearing this gem.

Japanese Red Coral Price

Just like most of the other gems, the actual per-carat price of the Japanese Red Coral Stone is determined by the 4 C’s factors (Cut, color, clarity, and carat weight). In general, it begins from $40 and goes as high as $300 in the international market. While the Japanese Coral stone price per carat in India ranges between ₹3000 to ₹30,000.

Color: Japanese Red Corals arise from orangey-red color to bright deep red color shades. Vividly saturated Ox Blood red corals are the most sought-after ones in this clan. Although they are extremely rare. Bright red colored Japanese corals are also excessively demanded and fetch a high price in the market. On the other hand, pale and faded colored corals are less preferred and grab comparatively lesser prices in the market.

Cut: Being an organic gem, the Japanese Red Coral is quite soft and brittle. Even with a little pressure, they are prone to fracture or breakage. Hence they are not very likely to be experimented with cuts and shapes. They are usually accessible in cabochons oval, round, and capsule shapes. A round-shaped Japanese Red Coral brings more value in comparison to other shapes if its weight and other qualities remain the same.

Note:- Triangular-shaped Japanese Corals with a deep Ox Blood Red color are overly rare but are most preferred in astrology.

Clarity: The clarity of Corals refers to how bright and smooth their surface’s texture is. Due to its flawless and lustrous clarity, the price of Japanese Red Coral is reasonably high than other corals in red color. However, when unrooted from their source sea plant, Japanese red corals, aka Japan Pagadam stones, generally have a small spot in them which tends to decrease the price of this gem. On the contrary, white-colored waves like linings increase the gem value. The presence of small spots, pits, and blemishes makes the gem stand on the lower end.

Carat Weight: Red Corals of Japan are accessible in all desired sizes from 1 carat to 50 carats. Though in huge sizes, they are a rare happening. Henceforth, premium quality Japanese red corals gems higher than a certain carat weight are considered luxuriously and valued as highly expensive.

Treatments in Japanese Corals

Although they are natural, at times, Japanese Red Corals are also treated to enhance color. Nowadays, there are various ill practices involved in the trade of Japanese Red Coral. Heat and chemically treated varieties of Artificial Japanese Red Coral are widely prevailing in the market such as Imitated Japanese Red Coral, Reconstituted Japanese Red Coral, and Dyed Japanese Red Coral. They are artificially synthesized in labs and are commonly made of plastic, polymers, or colored wood. An original untreated Japanese Red Coral is way more priced than that of a fake one.

Japanese Red Coral Certifications

Authentic Japanese Red Corals are extensively rare and thus invaluably priceless. For being so rare and pricey, these red marine gems are highly prone to duplicity.

Since both natural and synthetic corals look identical, for a layman, it is really hard to differentiate between the two. Therefore, one should be very prudent while making the purchase. In order to avoid getting duped by fraudsters, it is firmly suggested to only buy a certified Japanese Red Coral from a trusted gemstone store like Navratan, the online gem Bazar. Navrartan provides you with the finest quality Japanese Red Coral stones online at the best price segment along with a certificate of authenticity from renowned gemstone testing laboratories such as IGI, AGR, ITLGR, IGI-GTL, GJEPC, and JBN.

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