Padparadscha gem derived its unique name from an ancient Indian language Sanskrit that denotes the fascinating color of a blooming tropical lotus flower. Grabbing an exclusive blend of orange and pink color tone, Padparadscha is considered as an immensely rare gemstone variety of the Corundum family.

Padparadscha is primarily mined from various locations in Tanzania, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka. The best quality Padparadscha Sapphires are originated from the Sri Lankan mines whereas Madagascar’s Padparadschas are slightly pinker than the orange shade and hence they are the second most desired.

Though Padparadschas are loved all around the world, people, in Japan, are fond of this gemstone. Natural Padparadscha holds a special religious importance among the Japanese. According to Indian astrology, Padparadscha is best suited to the Libra Zodiac sign whereas western astrology prescribes it as the birthstone for September month.

As per astrologers Padparadscha is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, therefore, it makes one-of-its-kind jewelry pieces. Besides the striking beauty, Padparadscha is best known for its aesthetic properties, which aid in promoting spirituality, improving mental health, and curing reproductive & urinary ailments.

The color and price of a gemstone are directly proportional to each other. As much as a gem is clear, the more it is prized. Without any doubt, Padparadscha is one of the most desired gemstones around the world. However, the same rule applies to the color and clarity of Padparadscha sapphire also.

Due to its extraordinary hue that ranges from deep orange to vivid-reddish or pale pinkish-brown overtones, Padparadscha Sapphire always holds high demand and continues to bring top prices in the international gemstone market. In general, a perfect balance of medium-toned pinkish-orange Padparadscha sapphire is more preferred in comparison to any other mix. Sometimes, people get confused between a peach Padparadscha sapphire and an orange sapphire, as both closely resemble each other. For an accurate decision, one must rely on a lab certificate in order to ensure the authenticity of such gemstones.

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