South Sea Pearls

South Sea pearl gems are one of the most popular and praised forms of pearls in the world. These beautiful gems can be recognized chiefly thanks to their large size and are ordinarily the largest cultured pearl gems.The price of a natural South sea pearl gems per carat can range from Rs 200 to Rs 5,000 per carat plus.

About South Sea Pearl

Primarily South Sea pearls originated from the Pinctada Maxima oysters and are 13.0 mm in diameter. The golden-lipped oyster creates golden pearl gems (yellow to yellowish-orange) whereas the silver-lipped oyster delivers white pearl gems (white to creamy). South Sea pearls tend to shine from within instead of ricocheting from the surface, the reason being that the more viscous coats of nacre in South Sea pearl gems deliver more of a silky radiance.

South Sea Pearls Quality

The quality of South Sea Pearls is determined on the basis of their Shape, Clarity, and Luster. Based on all these factors, they are provided a specific grading. The grading for pearls are AAA, AA, and A, and AAA is the highest quality grading.

Shape: Authentic South sea Pearl with the AAA grading usually seems round or owns a spherical contour when glanced at with the naked eye. South sea pearls with AA-grade generally exhibit cover defects that distort the roundness of the shape slightly. A grade south sea pearl gems are quite visibly off-round, having unique baroque forms.

Clarity: Natural south sea pearl gems with AAA grade shows superior transparency due to zero to minimum visual surface scratches or cracks. South sea pearls with AA-grade hold small surface imperfections that can influence the clarity whereas A grade south sea pearl gems show high amounts of surface imperfections in the form of cracks or scratches.

Luster: AAA grade genuine south sea pearls showcase brilliant luster and shine while AA grade pearls possess medium luster and A grade pearls have very little to no luster at all.

South Sea Pearl Colors

The overtone of the South Sea pearl gems is ordinarily less visual than the tone of the body. White and golden south sea pearl gems are the two main hue variants. However, there are some other popular varieties available such as the black south sea pearl, pink south sea pearls, yellow south sea pearls, blue south sea pearls, and grey south sea pearls. South Sea Pearls are the most prominent variety of pearl gem which has their unique hue and they are served as the most valuable variety of pearl gems in the business.

South Sea Pearl Price

The price of a natural South sea pearl gems per carat can range from Rs 200 to Rs 5,000 per carat plus. Plenty of determining factors are trustworthy for determining the value of an authentic south sea pearl. These factors include hue, shape, luster, carat weight, and treatment. The price of Australian South Sea Pearls in India is more than the price of South China Sea Pearls due to the higher quality of Australian South Sea Pearls.

Color: South sea pearl gems are exhibiting superior hue (golden or white) and these natural gems are sold at a higher price range. Generally, the golden south sea pearls price, as well as the white sea pearls price stays higher than the black south sea pearl gems.

Shape: It is quite difficult to find entirely round south sea pearl gems. Therefore, the rounder the pearl gems, the more valuable it evolves. The deformed, pear or baroque-shaped Pearl gems are more easily obtainable and moderately cheaper.

Luster: Generally, the rarer and smaller is the number of flaws, the more value is the south sea pearl gems. Due to its organic shape, minor defects don’t make a substantial price difference. South sea pearl gems with glowing luster make a higher value whereas dull and milky shades earn a more inferior south sea pearl price.

Carat Weight: When it comes to the price of a natural south sea pearl per carat then Size takes a huge impact. Pearls with larger sizes are more expensive than a similar smaller pearl gem because it carries a longer period in their formation. Hence, the larger the pearl gem, the higher the cost of south sea pearls goes.

Treatment: The chemically treated, bleached, or coated south sea pearl gems are quite inexpensive and bear no worth. These are usually used for making imitation jewelry and fashion accessories.

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South Sea pearl gems are found mostly in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Burma (Myanmar), and Thailand, with the Australian South Sea Pearl gems being the majority of the pearl gems is approx 60%.

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