Kanakapushyaragam Stone

Kanakapushyaragam Stone is another name for Yellow sapphire and belongs to the corundum mineral family. Found in beautiful yellow colours, the gem is known to bring luck, success, wealth and prosperity to its wearer. It also maintains overall well-being, both physical and mental. Astrologically, it is in connection with the planet Jupiter and is recommended to be worn by zodiac signs, Sagittarius and Pisces.

It is a valuable stone that is expensive as well because of its astrological significance, durability, rarity and demand. The Kanakapushyaragam stone price starts around INR 5,000 to INR 5,00,000 per carat, based on cut, colour, clarity, weight, origin and quality.

Kanakapushyaragam stone is also known as Yellow Sapphire, Pukhraj, Pushparagam, Peela Neelam, Pushkaraj or Gurupriya. It is a gem found in shades of yellow with shine and transparency.

The name comes from Tamil origin, where "kanak" means Gold, and "pushya" means nurturing and "ragam" means melody or hue. It symbolizes calming vibes, warmth, happiness, liveliness, riches and success.

With a moh’s hardness of 9.0, this durable stone is expensive, a good investment and often worn by people on a daily basis because of its astrological significance. In Indian astrology, the gem is one of the nine most powerful gemstones. It is linked with dynamic celestial energies and believed to bring good health, protection from harm or evil energies and deep thinking and wisdom.

How to Wear Kanakapushyaragam Stone

Kanakapushyaragam or Pukhraj Stones are in association with Brahaspati, to wear it properly you have to perform the Vedic pooja and pray with your set intentions.

Here are the full details and the procedure that you need to follow to activate your Yellow sapphire stone:-

Best Day & Time - Early Morning hours of a Thursday during Shukla Paksha

Metal to Wear In? - Most recommended to wear in Gold. Panchdhatu and Ashtdhatu can also be used.

Form - You should wear the gemstone in such a way that it is always in connection with you like a ring, pendant or bracelet.

Which Finger to wear the Kanakapushyaragam ring in? -In the Index finger of the working hand

Purification - In a metal bowl, leave your gem for around 30 minutes soaked in Panchamrit or Gangajal with a few Tulsi leaves. It will remove all the negative energies from the stone.

Energization - On the auspicious day, wake up early, and sit in your temple with your Kanakapushyaragam stone jewelry. After purification, chant the mantra “Om Brim Brihaspataye Namah” 108 times, and wear it while reciting for the last time.

Who can wear the Kanakapushyaragam Stone?

As per the Vedic astrologers, the Kanakapushyaragam Stone is ruled by the planet Jupiter, also known as Guru Grah, or Brahaspati. People who have a weak Jupiter in their birth chart should wear this gemstone to remove its negative effects and get its blessings. The positive energies of the stone will counteract the bad effects of Jupiter and bring you fortune and riches.

Indeed, the gem is recommended to individuals of certain zodiac signs only, so before wearing it, consult with a Pandit and ensure its suitability with your birth chart.

Sagittarius (Dhanu Rashi) and Pisces (Meen Rashi) zodiac signs can wear an original Pukhraj or Pushyaragam stone.

Mostly, the gem is also suggested to students, researchers, or anyone in the education field as the gem increases intellect and memory and helps with career advancement.

Benefits of Kanakapushyaragam Stone

One of the Navratans, the Yellow Sapphire or Pushyaragam stone is one of the most influential gemstones which attracts Jupiter's powers of wealth, health, fortune and luck into its wearer's life.

Spiritual Enlightenment - It enhances the spiritual journey of the person who wears it. Activating the solar plexus energy centre, it develops willpower, deepens the level of truth and gives clarity.

Career Benefits - Increasing wisdom, acknowledgement and judgement skills, the stone helps the person boost their career. Due to the relation with Guru Grah, it is specially said to be beneficial for people in the education sector like teachers and students.

Ensures Success - Attracting success and fame, it will encourage you to reach your goals, be disciplined and determined

Marital Relations - The gem will help you build trust and harmony within your marriage. If you are having conflicts, it will remove confusion and misunderstandings, and provide marital bliss. If there are any problems with you getting married, it removes these unknown troubles and helps you get happily wed.

Instills Happiness - The positive and calming energies of the Kanakpushyaragam gemstone will fill your life with happiness, make you more lively and reduce tensions or worries.

Managing Finance - It helps you discipline your money, overcome any financial debts and attract social status.

Reduces Anger - It will reduce anger and increase serenity and composure in its wearer, as well as give the courage to remain calm during difficult times as well.

Healing Properties - The gem will also affect your physical health, it will cure any ailments related to the kidneys and liver. Indeed, it will help with better digestion, treat skin issues, and provide relief from cough and fever.

The Price of Kanakapushyaragam Stone ranges between INR 5,000 to INR 5,00,000 per carat. There are many determining factors which affect the cost of the gemstone such as cut, colour & transparency, clarity, weight, origin and treatment processes.

Cut: The cut of the stone will affect the look and appeal of the gemstone. A well-faceted cut needs much skill and so a precise cut increases the quality of the gem, hence, increasing the price.

Colour: The gems with yellow hues which are uniformly distributed, show intense dark tone and saturation with transparency values more than the ones with dull colours or no transparency.

Clarity: Inclusions like bubble particles or abrasives are common in gemstones, although the ones which are found with minimal inclusions or flaws are sold at higher rates.

Weight: Mostly, these are found in lighter weights so gems with high-carat weights are rare and often command higher prices.

Origin: This beautiful yellow hues gemstone is formed deep within the layers of the Earth and is mined from various regions of the world like Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Thailand, Australia, Burma, and Tanzania.
Ceylon Yellow Sapphire stones which come from Sri Lanka are the ones known for their finest quality. Sri Lanka is a renowned name for producing high-quality gemstones for centuries.

Treatment Process: After being mined, the gems are treated through various processes like Heat treatment and polishing to enhance their appeal, however, most demand is for untreated and natural Kanakapushyaragam stones, costing more.

Kanakapushyaragam or Yellow Sapphire gemstone looks amazingly beautiful because of its warming yellow hue. People all over the world wear their jewellery to enhance their looks and add elegance to their attire.

Astrologically, it is recommended to wear the gem in such a way that it remains in constant contact with its wearer, so often the Kanakapushyaragam rings, pendants and bracelets are in demand.

Well-faceted and beautiful carved stones are mounted in settings to form rings, bracelets or pendants of unique designs. You can get your jewellery customized to add a personal touch.

Navratan offers a wide range of collections of gemstones and jewellery with customization options for you. Buy an original and lab-certified gem as per your preferences at affordable prices.

Kanakapushyaragam is a precious gemstone which needs proper care to preserve its beauty. Follow these tips to maintain the beauty of your gemstone jewellery:-

  • If you are wearing it on a daily basis, clean it once every month and remove it before taking a bath.
  • Wear the gem again only after you are ready and have already applied all cosmetics. Do not let the gem come in contact with anything with chemicals like make-up products and perfumes.
  • Remove it while playing, swimming, cooking, cleaning or gardening as well.
  • Do not expose it to direct sunlight or any sudden temperature changes or the stones might crack.
  • Avoid cleaning them with any harsh chemicals or acids. Also, do not use any cleaning agents, acetone, thinner, or alcohol.
  • Store the jewellery in a soft pouch, or wrap it in velvet or cotton. Also, store them in a different storage box.

Cleaning - To clean your Pukhraj stone jewellery, use mild soap and lukewarm water. In a bowl soak your jewel for a few minutes so that any dirt will remove. Then to remove the residues, gently scrub with a soft bristled toothbrush. You can use a baby toothbrush or a make-up brush. Rinse with clean lukewarm water and ensure that you remove all soap. Pat it dry with a clean cloth, and make sure there is no moisture left before you wear it again or store it.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. What is Kanakapushyaragam Stone ?

Ans. Kanakapushyaragam is another name for the yellow sapphire stone, which is a gem of the corundum mineral family, generally found in warm yellow hues. It is one of Navratans, a very valuable, durable and astrologically important gem.

Q. Where is the Kanakapushyaragam Stone found ?

Ans. It is mined from many parts of the world including Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, Tanzania, Madagascar, etc.

Q. How do I know if a Kanakapushyaragam Stone is genuine ?

Ans. To ensure the authenticity of the stone, you should buy one with a lab certificate. And consult with an expert gemologist who can ensure the originality of the stone.

Q. How much does a Kanakapushyaragam Stone cost ?

Ans. The price usually ranges between INR 5,000 to 5,00,000 per carat based on its quality, origin, and size.

Q. Where can I buy an original Kanakapushyaragam gemstone ?

Ans. You can buy the original gemstones from the online, most-trusted source Navratan, where you will get genuine stones at the best prices.

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