6 Carat Hessonite (Gomed)

A 6 carat hessonite stone weighs around 1.2 grams (calculate the gomed stone price 6 ratti for only 1.08 gms) and brings power, protection, and prosperity to the wearer. It has a significant size, making it perfect to be worn as a single pendant while gathering all the attention and admiration because of its beauty. The vivid hue goes with every style, making it easy for the wearer to pair it on an everyday basis while keeping all the negative energy away. The gomed stone price 6 ratti ranges from 7000-90000 above depending also on the cut, clarity, color, and origin. If you are looking to buy 6 carat hessonite stone online, Navratan brings you original and certified natural gemstones in 4A quality for you to benefit from the best.

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