5 Carat Hessonite (Gomed)

A 5 carat hessonite stone weighs around 1gms (0.9 grams approx for gomed stone 5.25 ratti) and is worn during Rahu Dasha to stay protected and pass the difficult time in minimal hurdles. Belonging to the garnet family, the gomed stone 5 carat price ranges between INR 3000-50000 and above because it depends on color, clarity, cut, and origin, along with the weight of 5 carat hessonite stone. Like the best quality gomed stone ceylon 5 carat is more valuable than once from Africa. At Navratan, we believe in keeping our customers informed and helping them in making the right decision. Hence, we have every minute detail mentioned, for you to buy 5 carat hessonite stone effortlessly.

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