8 Carat Hessonite (Gomed)

An 8 carat hessonite stone weighs around 1.6 grams (count 1.44 grams to know the gomed stone price 8 ratti) and provides the strongest possible protection during Rahu Dasha. The gomed stone 8 carat price ranges between INR 10000-150000 depending on color, cut, clarity, and origin, apart from the weight. So the ceylon gomed stone 8 ratti price is higher than the ones brought from Africa, Brazil, Canada, etc. This is the best part of going for 8 carat hessonite stone online shopping as you get the quality from around the globe at the comfort of your home. Pick trusted sites like ours where we provide certified and original gemstones in 4A quality so that the amount of gomed stone price 8 ratti is a worthy investment to you.

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