9 Carat Hessonite (Gomed)

A 9 carat hessonite stone weighs around 1.8 grams ( gomed 9 ratti price is calculated at 1.62 grams) and protects the wearer from any evil during challenging times. The gomed stone price 9 ratti ranges between INR 10000-150000 and above depending on the color, cut, clarity, and origin besides the weight. So the gomed stone 9 ratti price will be higher for ones with orange to reddish-brown hues than ones with yellowish tones. Similarly, minimal inclusions are costlier than the ones with flaws because of their higher value. A well-cut 9 ratti gomed price is higher because it has better brilliance and a maximized light play. At Navratan, we bring you all types to make your decisions wisely.

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