Indian Ruby (Manik)

Natural Ruby is one of the most admired jewelry stones in the world. The deep red-colored Indian Rubies entice lapidaries and gem lovers globally. As the name signifies, this class of ruby stone is mined out of the Asian country, India. With the mesmerizing pinkish-red hue, Indian Ruby or Indian Manik is an imperial yet trendy choice in crafting statement jewelries.

India is the land of gems and jewelry lovers. In the whole wide gemstone industry, India is known for offering the most affordable varieties of Ruby gems. These rubies hold a charming carmine color with remarkably fine silk particles dispersed throughout the stone. This disbursement contains showers a velvety softness to these amazing rubies and is profoundly liked by the masses. Owing to the mesmerizing luster dispersing across a significant portion of the gemstone, it is extensively used in fashion jewelry. Indian Ruby rings, Indian Ruby earrings, Indian Ruby pendants, and Indian Ruby bracelets have always been in great demand.

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Ruby (Manik) is one of the strongest gemstones in Vedic astrology. Being the stone of the Sun, it is entitled as the king of all gemstones. On the account of its association with this powerful planet, the Natural Indian Manik stone carries some amazing astrological advantages for its wearer. Besides rejuvenating health conditions and conferring mental strength, certified ruby commands authority and brings fame to the social life of the owner. Improved paternal bond and increased matrimonial bliss are among the widely praised benefits of carrying this beautiful stone alongside. Meanwhile, a ruby gem is also considered beneficial for eyes, bones, and heart. Together with enhancing blood circulation and restoring vitality, it boosts the confidence and self-esteem of the wearer. Indian Manik is also effectively serviceable to the emotional intelligence of a person. Readout some of the incredible benefits of having this regal red stone in Astrological Benefits of Ruby (Manik) Gemstone.

Astrologers recommend wearing ruby stones to rejuvenate health conditions and also to enhance marital harmony. However, being a mystic astrological stone, it does not deliver equal results to one and all. Therefore, one should wear a Manik stone ring or any other jewelry only after consulting an expert astrologer. Check out the detailed Who Should Wear Ruby blog for better reference.

Owing to the exceptional rareness and high global demand, Real Rubies are more valuable than any other Navratan stone including diamonds. While discussing the price factor, it is assessed largely on the basis of its quality. The prices get exponentially high for an eye-clean ruby with deep red color and minimum inclusions. Color and clarity are the key traits that minutely decide the quality of this Manik Ratna. Indian rubies easily range between ₹ 1,00,000 to ₹ 6,00,000 per carat ($1,400 approx. to $7,800 approx.) in the market, even more.

Rs. 100-500


Color – Color tone and saturation make the most vital impact on the price of any gemstone. Where vivid red-colored natural rubies manage to derive a good price in the market; pale pinkish red shades comparatively derive lesser value. Be it a major or minor change in the color, it has a direct and immediate switch on the value of the ruby stone.

To be regarded as a high-worth best-in-class Indian Ruby, it must exhibit a pure, vivid red color with good consistency in saturation. Such stones are generally referred to as ‘pigeon blood color rubies’ and their price can be really high with no bar on the upper range. Vigorous red and deep pink are also two popular shades that are highly desired in the industry.

Clarity – Loop clean Manik stones always reflect better clarity and are more valuable. However, being a purely natural stone, most of the Real Rubies tend to have inclusions in them. Eye-clean pieces of ruby are exceptionally rare to find hence some amount of inclusions is acceptable in this stone. Even an Indian ruby stone with inclusions assures of its originality to a certain extent because this is one of its natural features.

Cut – People who cut down gemstones always hammer away to shape and refine rubies while maintaining minimum wastage of the stone. Since there is more wastage in a faceted cut than a round or a cabochon ruby, they will certainly cost you more.

Carat Weight – You will hardly ever find rubies in very large carat sizes. On the same note, the per carat worth of an old Indian ruby grows greatly with a raise in its carat weight. For those looking for two or more carat weights, it will be quite hard to find one. So, if you are planning to buy a real Indian ruby, put your reliance only on an authorized gemstone store that sells certified genuine gemstones.

Treatment – In order to enhance the color and clarity, rubies often go under various heat and chemical treatments. Thus, an unheated natural Indian ruby is always more expensive than that of a heated one.

On the astrologically ground, a natural Indian ruby is undoubtedly, more beneficial than a treated one. In order to enhance color and make more profit, nowadays, rubies are treated with lead, glass, heat, and chemicals. There are many heat-treated and artificial rubies i.e, synthetic red stones created in the laboratories and are sold in the market in lieu of authentic ones. Now if you are also planning to buy Real Indian Ruby Online, beware of the malpractices that prevail in the market and opt to buy from a reliable gemstone store. An ordinary layman cannot differentiate between the two with naked eyes. So there come gemstone testing labs in the picture. They issue a certificate of authenticity after thoroughly verifying the quality of the gem.

Thus, when you are buying ruby for yourself or for your loved ones, make sure to check the authenticity certificate of the stone to ensure quality. At Navratan, we only present authentic gemstones. All our stones are certified by the world’s renowned gemstone testing agencies such as SSEF, GRS, GIA, IGI, and Gubelin. To make the best purchase, you may explore the vast range of unheated and untreated original Indian Rubies available on our digital platform. You can also avail of an insured free shipping facility and an easy return option. However, if you are simply looking to buy ruby stone solely for fashion jewelry purposes, then you can opt for heated and lab-treated rubies too. They carry an extraordinary aesthetic appeal and look even more enchanting.

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A bold representative of the Sun, Ruby gems offer a rich red color known to bring Success adding Romance in any relationship.

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