Vietnam Ruby Stone

Vietnam rubies arise from the country's abundant mineral deposits and come in a fantastic selection of red colors, from vibrant scarlet to deep bright red. These gems' values vary according to their size, color, and transparency. Those with fewer flaws and better stains typically command more significant costs.

All of these rubies are about power and desire. Wearing one gives you more bravery, love, and excitement. Individuals who enjoy its upbeat sentiments frequently wear it as jewelry, particularly on their left hand for an added touch of romance. Vietnam Ruby is more than a beautiful stone; it increases your bravery, vigor, and emotional fortitude. It connects with the root chakra, which promotes creativity and steadiness.

About Vietnam Ruby

Vietnam Ruby, also known as Vietnamese Ruby, is a splendid gemstone found in Vietnam, displaying stunning red hues. This Ruby got its name because it's found on the grounds of this origin place famous for its precious Vietnam Rubies. These gems take a very long time to form inside rocks, becoming strong and dazzling. In its origin, skilled artisans craft beautiful jewelry like rings using these Rubies, showcasing symbols of love and resilience. The prices may vary depending on their size, color intensity, and clarity. They're highly valued not just in Vietnam but also in other places like India, where they have different Vietnam Ruby prices.

This stone isn't just about being pretty; it represents love, bravery, and vitality. When people wear it, they feel happier and stronger. These rubies are like treasures from nature, fascinating people worldwide with their beauty and remarkable stories.

How to Wear Vietnam Ruby

Color: Rich Red

Finger: Rings, Bracelets

Wear: Necklace, Earring

Metal: Various metals such as gold, silver, platinum

Birthstone: July Birthstone

Day and Time: Sunday sunrise - Wear Vietnam Ruby for astro benefits.

Purification: Cleanse ritual - Soak in a mix of Panchamrit (milk, honey, water) overnight.

Sun's Blessing: Chant Sun God mantra while holding.

Mantra: "Om Hram Hreem Hroum Sah Suryaya Namah

Placement: Ring finger charm - Wear on right hand for astro effects.

Who Should Wear Vietnam Ruby

This ruby is often suggested to those looking for bravery, ardor, and vigor. This stone promotes strength and positivism. Thus, wearing it as jewelry may help those who want to become more resilient mentally and have more inner confidence. Vietnam ruby jewelry is a popular choice for those who want to connect with the energy of the Sun, increase their inner bravery, and feel more vibrant. This stone is especially suited for those who wish to strengthen their zest for life while overcoming obstacles with tenacity, as it has been known to arouse passion, develop excitement, and increase a sense of fearlessness.

Wearing this stone may be helpful for those who want to bolster their assertiveness, inner power, and leadership abilities. The diamond upholds one's inner strength and sense of groundedness while fostering self-confidence. It is frequently selected by those who want to increase their vitality, energy, and self-assurance so they may face life's path with a fresh sense of excitement and optimism.

Benefits of Vietnam Ruby

Ruby is one of the most beautiful gemstones cherished by kings and royalty worldwide, revered as an amulet for its many magical properties that enhance an individual's power, status, wealth and monetary well-being. Furthermore, rubies are known to protect wearers against negative energies that might harm them - protecting from negative energies such as negative thoughts. Moreover, wearing rubies helps people gain strength and confidence and amplifies internal power!.

Ruby is a red-colored stone that resembles the sun planet and is believed to possess similar qualities. Therefore, its association with royal and powerful energy helps individuals boost their career prospects and strengthen relationships-- primarily marriages.Rubies can be found all over the world, with Burmese (Mogok, Mong Hsu and Namya) and African varieties being especially prominent for their exceptional color, clarity and inclusions.

Cambodia, Mozambique and Thailand also produce rubies; those from Thailand are known as Bangkok rubies and typically feature darker tones than Myanmar-origin ones. Mined from marble deposits with low iron content, Bangkok rubies can often be carved into decorative shapes like trees or animals for an added decorative element. They are sometimes combined with other stones to offer additional benefits; Sapphire works exceptionally well when coupled with rubies regarding luck in finance and romance. Diopside shows green, pink and white crystals on a light matrix that aid fertility and conception.

Price of Vietnam Ruby

Vietnam rubies have a charm all their own, due to their inherent beauty and the complex web of factors determining their market value. Vietnam ruby pricing fluctuates based on several key considerations that include formal grading criteria as well as external influences.

Factors Affecting Vietnam Ruby Prices

Quality Parameters: Vietnam rubies are evaluated using the 4Cs: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. High-quality rubies that exhibit vibrant red hues with outstanding clarity, precise cuts and substantial carat weights often fetch higher prices on the market.

Geopolitical and Economic Dynamics: External factors also come into play in influencing ruby pricing, including geopolitical changes, mining regulations, trade policies and economic conditions within Vietnam. Modifications to these aspects often have significant ramifications on market rates.

Supply and Demand Dynamics:Vietnam rubies have varying availability due to supply and demand patterns that create price fluctuations, often driven by scarcity of top-quality stones with limited supply. Rarity can sometimes force prices higher as demand outpaces supply, leading to price spikes for highly prominent stones with scarcer availability.

Vietnam Ruby Price Spectrum

Assessing the cost of Vietnam rubies can vary dramatically. Large-sized, higher-quality rubies with exceptional color saturation and clarity may command premium prices; alternatively, rubies with lower-quality attributes might be more easily affordable, costing only a fraction of their superior counterparts.

Vietnam's gemstone market offers an expansive variety of gemstone prices ranging from lower-grade rubies with modest valuations ranging from several thousand Vietnamese Dong per carat for lesser quality specimens to premium gems reaching hundreds of thousands or millions of Vietnamese Dong.


A bold representative of the Sun, Ruby gems offer a rich red color known to bring Success adding Romance in any relationship.

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