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In the heart of Myanmar lies Mogok, known as the "Valley of Rubies." Here, you'll find the world-famous Mogok rubies. These rubies are prized for their pure red hue, often likened to "pigeon's blood," and exceptional clarity. Mined in the challenging conditions of Mogok ruby mines, they've adorned royalty and made headlines at auctions.However, the industry has faced ethical concerns. Efforts are underway to ensure responsible mining practices. Nevertheless, ruby stone remain a symbol of timeless beauty, drawing gemstone enthusiasts worldwide to this hidden treasure trove.

About Mogok Ruby

Nestled in the northern reaches of Myanmar, the Mogok Valley is an enchanting realm where nature's finest rubies are born. Renowned as the "Valley of Rubies," it holds a special place in the world of gemstones. Here, the rich alluvial deposits, weathered out of crystalline limestone and marble, have yielded treasures beyond imagination. Mogok proudly claims nearly 90 to 95% of the world's ruby production, making it a true gemological paradise.

What about the color of fabled pigeon blood?

Mogok rubies are renowned for their bewitching "Pigeon Blood" hue. This term is reserved for rubies with a color akin to freshly spilled pigeon blood, a vivid, intense red that captures the imagination. The charm of this unique color is undeniable, and it commands a premium price in the world of gemstones. Mogok's Pigeon Blood Rubies are celebrated for their exceptional quality and breathtaking beauty.

The demand for Burmese ruby jewelry has endured through the ages. These exceptional gemstones grace a variety of exquisite jewelry items, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and pendants. Each piece is a testament to the enduring elegance and timeless charm of Mogok rubies. The elite and discerning collectors cherish these creations not only for their stunning beauty but also for their connection to Mogok's rich gemological heritage.

Quality Of Mogak Ruby

Mogok rubies, often referred to as "Burmese Rubies," are renowned across the globe for their exceptional quality and remarkable characteristics.

Velvet Touch: When it comes to Mogok rubies, one cannot help but be entranced by their remarkable velvety softness. This unique characteristic is owed to the presence of tiny silk particles within the gemstone.

Purity Standard: Among Mogok rubies, the most coveted are those adorned with an extraordinarily fine scattering of silk throughout their structure. These gems, often referred to as "Pigeon Blood Rubies," are celebrated for their exceptional quality.

Rarity Factor: Pigeon Blood rubies sourced from Mogok are amongst the rarest and most valuable gemstones globally. These gemstones have an allure that transcends generations.

Historic Impact: Mogok rubies have etched their mark on history. The Nga Mauk ruby, discovered in the Mogok region and presented to King Pindal, was believed to be the largest ruby adorning the British Royal crown. Its mysterious disappearance following Burma's capture by the British in 1885 only adds to the mystique surrounding this legendary gem.

Exponential Value: Pigeon Blood rubies from Mogok command significantly higher prices per carat compared to rubies of other colors. Their exquisite quality and striking coloration make them a true treasure for those fortunate enough to possess them.

90% Dominance: Mogok's significance in the world of rubies is staggering; it is estimated that nearly 90% of the world's rubies originate from this legendary valley. This dominance in the global ruby market underscores the region's importance in the gemstone industry.

Nature's Masterpiece: Their exceptional quality, tempting color, and enduring charm continue to delight the world, making them a treasure cherished by those who appreciate the finest gems nature has to offer.

Astrological Benefits Of Mogok Ruby Gemstone

Mogok rubies, famous for their stunning beauty, are also believed to have astrological significance, offering various benefits to those who wear them. Whether you wear them for their potential benefits or as symbols of elegance and luxury, these gemstones continue to charm hearts worldwide, carrying with them a rich history of belief in their mystical properties. Here's a simple breakdown of the potential benefits of Mogok ruby stones:

Boosting Confidence: Wearing a Mogok ruby is thought to enhance confidence and self-esteem, making you feel more empowered and self-assured.

Leadership Skills: These rubies are linked to leadership qualities, helping you make better decisions and succeed in leadership roles.

Protection and Prosperity: Many cultures see Mogok rubies as protective charms, bringing good fortune and safeguarding against negativity.

Love and Passion: Mogok rubies are associated with love and passion, kindling the flames of romance and strengthening relationships.

Health Boost:Some believe that wearing a Mogok ruby can improve physical health by boosting vitality and the immune system.

Spiritual Connection:Mogok rubies can open up spiritual growth, fostering a deeper connection to your inner self and higher consciousness.

Creative Inspiration:They may stimulate creativity and artistic expression, encouraging you to pursue your passions.

Prices of Mogok Ruby

Burma rubies surpass diamonds in rarity. Due to their exquisite scarcity and burgeoning global demand, each high-grade burma ruby stands individually appraised to align with its intrinsic value. The price of burma rubies exhibits significant variance, even within the same carat weight range, primarily contingent upon the gemstone's hue and transparency.

Color– Profound, resplendent crimson rubies command exorbitant valuations. The price of a "pigeon blood ruby" remains unbounded, often reaching into the realm of millions. A minor shift in hue, transitioning from deep red to pink or reddish-brown, can substantially diminish the value of a burma ruby.

Clarity– Inclusions are an inherent characteristic of burma rubies, irrespective of their origin. In the present market, virtually flawless burma rubies, which are perceptibly clean to the naked eye, are exceedingly scarce. Consequently, the mogok ruby price per carat for top-tier burma rubies ascends to extraordinary heights.

Cut– Gem artisans diligently endeavor to minimize the wastage of stone during the shaping and refinement of rubies. Provided that quality and size remain consistent, a faceted, antique burma ruby commands a loftier price compared to a round or cabochon-cut ruby.

Carat Weight– Rubies exceeding a few carats are exceedingly uncommon. Consequently, the per-carat worth of vintage burma rubies surges exponentially for those exceeding two carats or more.

Treatment– Rubies often undergo treatment to intensify their color saturation. Unheated burma rubies command a substantially higher price than their treated counterparts. To ensure authenticity and ascertain value, it is strongly recommended to seek certification, which provides insights into the origin, color, and clarity of the burma ruby.Mogok Ruby Price in India for rubies characterized by minimal inclusions and a profound crimson hue can readily span between ₹80,000 to ₹1,20,000 per carat (approximately $1,000 to $1,500) or even more.

Who Should Wear Mogok Ruby?

Unmatched Beauty: Natural Burma rubies from Mogok are celebrated for their unparalleled beauty. Their vivid red color, exceptional clarity, and remarkable brilliance make them a symbol of love, passion, and timeless elegance.

Rarity: Mogok rubies are considered some of the rarest gemstones in the world. Their scarcity adds to their charm, making them highly prominent among investors.

Cultural Significance: In Burmese culture, rubies hold deep cultural significance, symbolizing power, protection, and love. Owning a natural Burma ruby is not just a possession; it's a connection to a rich heritage.

Buying Certified Burma Ruby Stones?

  • Select a Reputable Dealer: Opt for a reputable and certified gemstone dealer known for selling high-quality gemstones. Check for certifications and read customer reviews to confirm authenticity.
  • Ask for Certification: Always request certification when purchasing a Mogok ruby. Trustworthy dealers will provide certificates from recognized gemological laboratories, affirming the stone's authenticity and quality.
  • Examine the Ruby: If possible, physically inspect the ruby or request detailed photographs and videos. Look for the characteristic "pigeon's blood" color and evaluate its clarity, cut, and overall appearance.
  • Check for Treatments: Ensure that the ruby hasn't undergone any heat treatment or other enhancements. Natural Burma rubies are highly valued for their untreated state.
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A bold representative of the Sun, Ruby gems offer a rich red color known to bring Success adding Romance in any relationship.

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