Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby Engagement Rings are the perfect symbol of love and are known to increase understanding and passion within partners. The appeal of dark red ruby stones has become ideal as people need a symbol of their commitment that is unique as well as beautiful. With the limitless options in cuts, the rarity of rubies and their gorgeous shade, make excellent options as an engagement ring.

Being a precious gemstone, it is pretty durable and expensive, hence is a good investment as well. The price of ruby engagement rings ranges between INR 20,000 to 50,000 and can go higher based on the cut, colour, clarity and carat weight.

Ruby Engagement Rings Meaning

Ruby is a July birthstone, so selecting one for a July-born partner will be an exceptional way to show your love, commitment and consideration. The fierceness of the gem will compliment their bold and compassionate nature.

This red gem is known by many other names all over the world - Manik, Manikya, Chuni Stone, Kempu, etc. In Sanskrit, it is called Ratnaraj, which means " translating to "king of precious stones". They are highly recommended to wear when someone wants confidence, power and strength in their life.

It is believed that astrologically, the gem is in association with the Sun and brings warmth, liveliness, individuality, and boldness to the person who wears it. The mythological and cultural significance of the stone adds to its value. Many influencers and celebrities are seen wearing it for its astrological benefits.

Since the ruby is traditionally associated with desire, eternal beauty, passion, romance and intense emotions, it is seen as a luxury. Some notable figures throughout history have chosen rubies as tokens of love, such as Queen Elizabeth II with her iconic "Burmese Ruby Tiara." This exquisite jewel featured hand-cut rubies presented as gifts by Burma (now Myanmar).

You can play around with the design of the ring as per your taste to make it unique and more personal. The choice of ring design depends on a few styling traits like the metal, setting, cut, side stones, and modifications. The concept of a ruby engagement ring is that it specifies your love for your partner, so you can customize a design or select a ring that will showcase the bond between the two.

For designing it as per your classic choice and adding your touch to this beauty, consider the following things:-

Metal Choice - The metal you want to set the tone in will highly impact the appearance of the overall ring. Whether you choose Platinum, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or silver, make sure it compliments the design and placement of the gem.

Shape Or Cut - The cut will display the lustre, shine and brightness of it, hence choose a cut that compliments the setting. The variety of facets you can choose from is Oval, Spheres, Emerald-Cut, Pears, Cushion Cut, etc.

Setting Style - Choose a setting that goes well with the cut and completes the layout with a specific frame without disturbing the stone’s facets. The most popular designs are prongs, halos and frame settings or pave designs.

Side Stones - Adding side stones to your ruby ring is an optional choice you can go with to add more elegance to your ring. You can go for an intricate pattern with a variety of gems as well to improve the look. Generally, diamonds go well with rubies.

Modifications - Some modifications will allow you to add elements to the ring like engraving initials or symbols that are specifically designed for you to make your ruby engagement ring unique and distinctive.

Benefits of Ruby Engagement Rings

Ruby is a symbolic gemstone with a rich history, cultural significance and ancient heritage. Throughout the decades, this beautiful red stone has been an attractive force. The cosmic energies of the gem, metaphysical properties and healing benefits make it very valuable. Since it represents love, passion and harmony, people have increasingly started to use the stone as engagement rings, to showcase their affection to their partners.

Though, ruby rings can be much more beneficial, know here how:-

Visual Appeal - The bright red shade of this gem with transparency is very appealing and eye-catching. It will add elegance to your personality.

Good for Investment - Gems can be a very good investment as they are very durable, scarce, and always in demand. Ruby stones are rare, especially the ones of premium quality, so their price range is quite uncommon.

Unique - The red ruby engagement ring can be customized as per your preference. You can also pair them with other gemstones. This makes the rings more unique than conventional diamond engagement rings which have become very common over the past centuries.

Suitability with Metals - The gem is suitable with almost all metals like platinum, white gold, yellow gold, etc.

Shows Refined Taste - The scarcity of the gems adds to their exclusivity and choice one shows refined taste as an expression of desire for something remarkable.

Healing Properties - Ruby stones are believed to have many health benefits like regulating blood circulation, removing toxic substances from the body and increasing vitality. It can increase fertility and provide relief from headaches, nausea or fever. In some cultures, there is also a belief that it can increase fertility and sexual prowess.

Astrological Significance - The importance of ruby in astrology is due to its soothing energies which help the person be more mentally clear and confident. It encourages individuals to be more bold, creative and open-minded.

Cleaning & Caring Tips

Even though a ruby is a durable gemstone it is essential to care for it and maintain its beauty. Its value can decrease if it gets scratched or cracks. To properly care for your gemstone or jewellery, you have to protect it and clean it every once in a while.

Here are some of the points that you should keep in mind while wearing or storing a ruby engagement ring to keep it as stunning and vibrant as ever: -

  • While wearing it, make sure you are not coming into contact with any harsh chemicals. While doing gardening or washing clothes or dishes you should remove the ruby ring.
  • Do not let it be exposed to extreme temperatures for a long time of frame otherwise, its colours might fade.
  • Always store it in a different storage box than your other jewellery. Also, make sure you are covering it up in velvet.
  • Remove the ruby engagement ring while bathing as well as keep it away from makeup products as they might have chemicals that can affect the tone.
  • You have to keep the stone away from extreme heat, so avoid wearing it while cooking.
  • Clean the gem at home every once in a while like every 2 months and get it cleaned professionally from experts in a lab every year or two.

Process of Cleaning Ruby at Home:

Use a mild soap lukewarm water and a soft bristled brush to clean your ruby engagement ring.

Take lightly warm water in a bowl and add a few drops of soap (very mild). Keep your ring in it so that it fully emerges in it, then leave it for a few minutes.

Now with a soft brush - it can be a toothbrush, painting brush, or makeup brush - gently scrub the ring. Keep your hold soft and try to remove any residue, patch or dirt particles. Keep in mind to clean the metal or body as well. Now gently rinse the stone with fresh water.

Pat dry with a clean cotton cloth and allow it to dry completely before you wear it or store it.

Avoid using any chemicals for cleaning like chlorine, bleach, acetone, baking soda, any cleaning agent, etc. These might not show effect in one wash but can show damage after various washes. Also, please do not take advice from anyone or follow blindly the steps you get from the internet and contact an expert if you want clearer guidelines on how to care for ruby rings.

You can send it to a laboratory where they can clean and care for it professionally through their verified, tried and tested methods like UV and steam cleaning. It is essential for the longevity and structural integrity of your ruby jewellery.

Schedule Regular Professional Inspections:

A clear inspection of the ring will give you a clear idea of its conditions. A jeweller will inspect your ruby thoroughly and guide you on how to care for it well without damaging it. He will also look for prongs or scratches and will use specialized techniques to scrub it and preserve its natural beauty.

Price of Ruby Engagement Rings

The ruby engagement ring price per carat ranges between INR 20,000 and INR 50,000. The Cost of a Ruby ring depends on various factors as per market trends. These aspects include cut, colour, clarity, quality, carat (weight), treatment process and origin of the gem. You need to consider all these amount determining factors while looking for an engagement ring of ruby for your love.

Gain a brief insight into how all these characteristics influence the amount:-

Cut - The Cut highly affects the sum since a skilful craftsman’s work will be more precise and beautiful. The stone can be cut skillfully into oval, round, heart or emerald-cut facets, and they all are very desirable and hence costly.

Colour - The shade of ruby stone which is the most estimated is one with a deep red hue. They are also found in pinkish-red tones, orangish-reds or bluish-reds, but their value is not much.

Clarity - If there is any flaw in the stone like an inclusion such as bubble particles, it affects the quality and the amount. Stones with fewer abrasives which are not visible to the naked eye have top valuations.

Origin - Some sources of ruby gemstone have always produced fine quality stones as per history, so these gemstones consequently charge more. Like Burma rubies are rare, have fewer flaws or inclusions and are known for their premium status, having higher selling prices.

Weight - Gems are often found naturally in smaller quantities, therefore larger pieces of ruby stones are a bit expensive.

Quality - Rubies of the finest quality are very rare and hence they often cost very high, above lakhs. The better the standards of the ruby, the more beauty, value and benefits.

Metal Type & Setting - The metal in which the stone is mounted will also affect the cost. Platinum, due to its durability will ask for more money than any gold (Rose gold or white gold). Indeed, the design of the jewellery will also have an impact on the price. The more intricate work will demand a higher figure.

Q. What is a ruby engagement ring ?

Ans. A Ruby engagement ring is a designer jewellery piece with ruby gemstone as a centrepiece. The ring becomes a personal and different gift as a wedding ring.

Q. How does the quality of a ruby affect its price ?

Ans. The quality is determined by the number of inclusions, tone and uniform distribution of colour. The better the quality, the higher the cost. Mostly, Burma rubies are the finest and are sold at very high prices.

Q. How do I care for my ruby engagement ring ?

Ans. To care well for your ring, keep it away from harsh chemicals and clean it regularly with mild soapy lukewarm water and a soft brush. Indeed, store it in a soft pouch or velvet in a separate box. Also, have a regular expert inspection and maintenance to keep it well preserved.

Q. Can I customize my ruby engagement ring ?

Ans. Yes, of course, you can customize your engagement ring to personalize it. There are limitless options from which you can design your ring and choose the setting metal, layout, cut, side stones, etc.

Q. Are ruby engagement rings suitable for everyday wear ?

Ans. Yes. Rubies have a hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale, meaning it is a pretty durable gemstone and can be worn daily. However, just ensure to remove your ring while engaging in any activities that might expose it to harsh chemicals or strain, like washing dishes, swimming, etc.


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