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Thailand Ruby stones are expensive and valuable gems, popular for their intense hue and high clarity. With a hardness of 9 on Moh’s scale, these gems are durable and can be worn daily. Stunningly beautiful, mostly Thailand rubies, sometimes also known as Bangkok rubies, are used for making jewellery. Also, when astrologically recommended to wear a ruby or Manik stone, people look for a good-quality gem and Thai ruby becomes an excellent choice.

Thailand is one of the major producers of ruby, is known as the Capital of Ruby and akin to its celebrated counterpart, embodies the intriguing essence of rubies. The price of Thai rubies ranges between INR 40,000 to 90,000 per carat, depending on the clarity, weight and cut.

The gem of love, it is known to bring confidence, affection, boldness and protection.

Belonging to the mineral corundum family, Thailand ruby stones are famous for their stunning quality and vibrant colour. Internationally acclaimed, Thai rubies grace the most opulent jewellery collections globally. Their allure is irresistible to connoisseurs for their unmatched beauty and artistic values. As symbols of legacy and culture, they confirm Thailand's status as a premier source of these coveted gemstones.

Rooted in Thai culture, these ruby gems are more than ornate—they symbolize a promise of prosperity, and fortune and a shield against negativity, fostering a deep admiration and demand. They are seen as symbols of good luck, wealth and protection.

As per Vedic astrology, they are stones of the Sun and will bring warmth, hope and leadership to the wearer. Leo zodiac sign will benefit the most by wearing it as well as July borns, since as per Western astrology, it is a July birthstone.

Follow the proper Vedic pooja process mentioned below to energize your ruby stone of Thailand:-

Best Day & Time to Wear - An early morning on a Sunday during Shukla Paksha

Metal - Gold or Platinum

Form - You should wear it in such a form that it keeps in touch with you at all times like a Thailand Ruby ring, pendant or bracelet.

Which Finger to Wear it in? - Men are advised to wear it in the Ring finger of the right hand while women should wear in the ring finger of the left hand.

Purification - To purify your gemstone, dip it in raw cow’s milk / Gangajal / Panchamrit with Tulsi leaves and leave for a few minutes, then rinse with water and pat dry.

Activation - On an auspicious day, sit with your gemstone jewellery in your temple, purify it, then set your intentions and with devotion pray to God. Chant the Sun’s Mantra 'Om Hrim Sum Suryay Namah' 108 times, and while reciting for the last time, wear it.

To add elegance to your look, you can wear Thailand ruby stone directly without any consultation, however, if you believe in astrology, you should wear the gem as per their norms.

Vedic astrology specifies the red ruby from Thailand as a stone of the Sun or Lord Surya. The connection between the two suggests that wearing a natural ruby gemstone will bring blessings of the Sun to you. So, if you have a weak Sun as per your birth chart or horoscope, wear it with the proper vedic pooja process.

As per expert astrologers, people born under the Leo (Sinh Rashi) zodiac sign can wear it. Aries, Sagittarius, and Scorpio sunsigns can also wear this gem.

July borns can also wear the ruby as, as per Western astrology, ruby is a July birthstone.

Note - Consult with a Pandit or expert astrologer to ensure the suitability of the gemstone as per your birth chart.

Thai ruby gemstones are known for their beauty and vivid red hue. The gem because of its striking appearance adds elegance to anyone’s attire. Indeed, it is a fine choice for investment, since a premium quality Thailand ruby can gain value over time because of its scarcity and uniqueness, making it a worthwhile addition to any collection.

Other than this, the ruby of Thai is known for its many metaphysical and healing properties which will benefit you and can alter your life:-

Power & Success - The gem has the blessings of the Sun, which is seen as a symbol of power. It is believed that the Thai ruby brings power or authority to anyone who wears it. It brings them to a position of supremacy and control, attracting success into their lives.

Self-Confidence & Leadership Skills - Increasing self-confidence and eliminating self-doubt, it will enhance leadership skills and encourage you to reach your goals.

Emblem of Success: In Thailand culture, rubies are seen as a representation of luck and wealth, and are considered a good omen of fate that brings happiness and warmth to its owner

Increases Vitality - It increases the energy levels in the wearer, maintains their vitality and restores activeness and liveliness.

Remove Negativity - It is known to clear your mind and remove any obsessive thoughts or confusion. The gem will also protect you from evil spirits or black magic.

Emotional Wellness- It appears to possess restorative qualities that foster emotional equilibrium. It purportedly helps to elevate spirits, energize the body, and inspire love while strengthening one's inner fortitude and self-assurance.

Promotes Creativity - Opening your mind to newer ideas, it will enhance creative thinking as well as enhance your imagination powers.

Healing Properties - It will regulate blood circulation, improve poor eyesight, provide relief from backaches, support your digestion system, cure depression and aid with better sleeping patterns.

Strengthens Relationship - The gem is believed to deepen the bonds by eliminating the confusions and conflicts, especially the father-son duo.

Price of Thailand Ruby

Thailand ruby stone price ranges between INR 40,000 to 90,000 per carat, based on its quality. The aspects which affect the quality and cost are the 4Cs - Cut, Colot, Clarity, and Carat (weight).

Cut - A faceted cut with precision takes skill as well as enhances the appeal of the gem, hence it can increase the value.

Colour - Rubies of superior grade have a bright red colour with intense tones and uniform distributed shade, costing more than the ones with dull colours or uneven tones.

Clarity - Generally, the gems have inclusions or abrasives like needle-like structures or bubble-like particles in them, hence the ones with minimum flaws which are barely visible command a higher sum.

Carat - Stones of higher carat weights are often expensive because they are rarely found in large sizes.

Some other aspects that can increase or decrease Thailand's Ruby prices are mining regulations, economic conditions, trade policies, documentaries and demand & supply chains.

Thailand or Bangkok Rubies prices in Thailand are low as compared to other parts of the world since it is known as the ruby capital, worldwide. The cost is around a few thousand Thai Baht (THB) per carat for lower-quality Rubies while for top-quality gems, the amount can go higher to many hundred thousands Thai baht. (1 Thai Baht = 2.29 Indian Rupee)

How to Clean and Care Thailand Ruby

Thailand Rubies are valuable gems which are known for their beauty and aesthetic appeal, and to maintain their charm, it is essential that you care for them and clean them regularly.

Follow these tips to preserve the beauty of your Thailand rubies:

  • To prevent them from scratching, store them in a different storage box. Even if you have multiple Thailand ruby jewellery, store them all in different pouches. You can keep them wrapped in velvet or cotton.
  • Do not expose it to direct sunlight or sudden changes in temperature.
  • Remove the stone jewellery before bathing, or swimming.
  • Also avoid wearing it while cooking, gardening or playing.
  • Do not let it get in contact with any chemicals or acids.
  • Never clean your gemstone jewellery with alcohol, acetone, thinner, vinegar, etc.

Cleaning Process - You should clean your ruby gem from Thailand every once in a while to remove any dirt from it. For that, keep your jewel in a bowl, use mildly soapy lukewarm water along with a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub it clean. Be very gentle while removing residues and cleaning the setting, do not apply any force or it might damage the gem. Use clean water to rinse the soap. To clean the metal of your ruby jewellery, you can use alcohol or any cleaning agent but ensure that it doesn't touch the gemstone.

Pat it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth and let it dry completely before storing or wearing it again.

A bold representative of the Sun, Ruby gems offer a rich red color known to bring Success adding Romance in any relationship.

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