African Ruby

Ruby falls under the big 4 category of gemstones (the other three are Diamonds, Sapphires, and emeralds) and this alone fact makes ruby  one of the most revered, valued, and sought-after gemstones. When we talk about the different types of rubies, African Ruby definitely holds an exalted position.

Earlier, Sri-lanka and Myanmar rubies used to dominate the market. The advent of African rubies in the market has given something novice, valuable, and ravishing to people. African Ruby's usage in making stunning and highly-priced jewelry pieces has become quite extensive in the last two decades kudos to the emergence of new ruby stone mines in different parts of Africa. The lush deep red hues of African ruby can mesmerize or flabbergast anyone instantly.

African Ruby History

The eureka moment happened in the year 2009 when a colossal chunk of chuni stone deposit was found in the Montepuez region of Mozambique. Since the discovery of these mines, the global market got conversant with one of the most special gemstones of all time and there is no looking back.

Moreover, African Ruby will continue to dominate the market as the Burmese ruby mines are depleting at an expeditious rate and only African Ruby comes on par with Burmese Ruby. Let’s have a look at the chemical composition of African Ruby and its other physical properties.

Physical Properties of African Ruby: African Ruby displays deep red color and belongs to the corundum mineral group. African rubies are valued highly because of their hefty size, gorgeous and lush red hues, and clarity.

Chemical Composition: All ruby stones have a fixed chemical composition Al2O3 and this is the most stable form. The intensity of the red color changes with the increase or decrease in Chromium and Titanium.

Hardness:  African ruby is quite durable in nature. It has a hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale.

Refractive Index Divergence:  African Ruby’s refractive index divergence lies between 1.768–1.772 and 1.760–1.763.

Refractive Index:  It usually lies between 3.97–4.05.

Origin:  The majority of African Ruby mines lie in the Montepuez region of Mozambique, Africa. Moreover, Tanzania is also one of the key sources of unparalleled quality African Rubies.

Tenacity:  Brittle

Impurities: Chromium, Iron, and Titanium

African Ruby Price

The price of African ruby is directly proportional to a number of factors like origin, color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. African Rubies with vivid color and minimal impurities are always high in demand.

On average, the per-carat price of African Ruby in India begins at 1000 INR ($12 USD) per carat and goes as high as 15000 INR per carat ($184 USD). The price varies massively with the increase in carat weight and improvement in color clarity.

African Ruby Quality

The quality of any gemstone, including African Ruby, revolves around 4C’s: clarity, color, carat weight, and cut. Apart from these factors, the origin and treatment of the stones also play a vital role in deciding the quality. Let’s discuss all the prime factors.

Clarity: We all know quite well that almost all rubies come with some inclusions, and so do African rubies. However, African Ruby with minimal impurities and hefty size is considered to be of supreme quality. As long as inclusions are not visible with unaided eyes, African ruby maintains its value.

Carat Weight: Though African Ruby usually comes in noteworthy sizes, the value of this gemstone increases massively with the increase in carat weight.

Color: Very few gemstones hold power to charm or stun anyone with their color, and African ruby excels in this category. The deep red color of African ruby is one of the principal reasons behind its ever-increasing value in the market.

Cut: A brilliantly and dexterously cut African ruby has numerous facets and exudes brilliance in oodles. Generally, African Ruby is multi-faceted by nature, and giving it a brilliant cut augments its quality and price exponentially.

Benefits of Wearing African Ruby

It is a natural human tendency to look out for benefits first before laying hands on something. Unquestionably, African Ruby comes with umpteen innate benefits that make it a highly prized gemstone. Let’s peek into all the benefits of African ruby.

1. African Ruby has always been one of the most revered possessions of kings.

2. Wearing African can improve your wealth and financial conditions drastically.

3. If you crave for immense happiness and peace, African Ruby is an exemplary stone for you.

4. According to Vedic astrology, If you lack self-confidence, and power, and want to boost your status in society, you must wear African Ruby.

5. Wearing African Ruby can also fix your blood circulation related problems and eyesight-related issues.

6. If you are scared of something, African Ruby can induce the much-needed boost to ramp up the courage.

Who Should Wear African Ruby

Numerology tells that anyone who desires to wear African ruby stones should actually:

  • For Go-Getters and Achievers
  • For Inspirational Souls
  • For Courageous and Fearless
  • For Visionary Minds
  • For Love-Seekers
  • For Balanced Souls
  • For Idealists

How to Wear African Ruby

As per the astrology, some suggest wearing a ruby ring on the right hand's ring finger; its stone should come into direct contact with the skin. Others recommend donning one on Sunday mornings.

Here are a few pointers for wearing a ruby:

Consult an astrologer, buy from reliable sources, make donations and consider wearing a ruby for good luck. Some experts say wearing it may bring benefits:

  • Stimulate circulation
  • Increase vitality
  • Boost energy levels
  • Promote feelings of courage
  • Confidence and self-esteem while simultaneously decreasing depression and anxiety levels.

  • According to some, those born under these sun signs should wear rubies: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Scorpio

    Some experts advise people with the following sun signs not to wear rubies: Capricorn, Pisces and Virgo.

    Quick Gemstone Guide

    Q. Is African Ruby Valuable ?

    Ans. Indeed, African Ruby is valuable as the price per carat can go as high as ($1000 USD) but Burmese Ruby eclipses the value of this revered gemstone.

    Q. What is African ruby ?

    Ans. African Ruby is one of the most valued types of Ruby comes in pale purple to deep red color and is found majorly in African countries.

    Q. What is African ruby good for ?

    Ans. African Rubies are widely acknowledged for their astonishing metaphysical and Astrological benefits. Wearing this stone is supposed to bolster your financial condition, amplify courage, and treat deadly skin diseases.

    Q. Do rubies come from Africa ?

    Ans. Africa is one of the leading producers of supreme-quality rubies in the world. However, Burmese Ruby is considered to be of unrivaled quality when compared to Rubies from other countries.

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