Star Ruby

Star Ruby

Star Ruby

Arrest your attention with this multilayered variety from the Ruby family, the glorious red Star Ruby. Referred to as the Surya Kant Manik in Hindi, these cabochon-cut gems boast a natural 6 rayed star that shimmers under the sun. Formed by the reflection of light on natural tubes present within, the star seems to glide effortlessly just under the surface of a well-crafted gem, creating the most magnificent fractal radiating star.

Color: Pinkish Red, Purplish Red, Red
Finger: Worn as a ring with the gemstone touching the body
Neck: Worn as a pendant with the gemstone touching the body
Metal: Yellow golds, rose gold, and white golds
Zodiac Sign: Aries and Saggitarius

Believed to be a gemstone that guides, the star ruby, was often worn as a talisman to offer guidance on a journey. Today these gems with their rich reds, beautiful stars, and unmatched sizes are symbolic of trust and hope and are often worn to celebrate the 15th and 40th  anniversary.

A powerful gem, the star ruby has a striking phenomenon that gives it its aura. A rare occurrence, this accurate optical appearance naturally occurs only in a few gems mined worldwide. 

  • Offers health protection 

  • Believed to continue to protect even if the gem is passed on to someone else

  • Improves one’s confidence and mental determination

These gems with their distinctive stars grab attention as light touches their surface. 6 radiating spokes that create the most beautiful star, the star ruby is one that will have admirers starring. 

Cut: In cabochon-cut star rubies, the cut is extremely important in determining the position and appearance of the iconic star. Gems cut with higher domes tend to have better and sharper stars. Master cutters also leave the base of these gems unpolished as it allows the star to have a more magnified and precious appearance.

Color: Star rubies although occasionally seen in crimson reds with incredibly high values attached to them, more often come in pinkish reds or purplish reds and even sometimes purplish browns. With a natural distribution of color that takes on the gemstone's formation pattern, color in the star ruby is seen in stripes or spots. When selecting a star ruby, always choose a saturated color. Rich reds, rich reddish purples, or rich pinkish reds tend to fetch top values.

ClarityLike the Ruby, the Star ruby from the corundum family has excellent luster. With a glassy appearance, natural star rubies can be distinguished from synthetic counterparts thanks to their internal features.


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