Tanzania Ruby Stone

The sumptuous world of Rubies is packed with umpteen marvels, and Tanzania Ruby stone is one shining and eye-pleasing marvel in this world. Tanzania ruby is by leaps and bounds one of the most beloved gemstones and indirectly exemplifies love and romance because of its deep red hues.

The eye-pleasing and deep red hues of Tanzania Ruby can make any gemstone lover go gaga for it. Let’s learn more about the history, benefits, quality evaluation guidelines, and price of Tanzania Ruby in the later sections.

About Tanzania Ruby

A major chunk of Tanzania's Ruby deposits is located in the mountains of Mozambique and Zambia regions in Eastern Africa. However, the first deposits were discovered in the Southern region of Tanzania in the early 1990s. Many consider Tanazanian Rubies rarer than diamonds and the perfect alternative for Burmese rubies as they don’t make a dent in the pocket as deep as Burmese Rubies do.

Tanzania Ruby is one of the hardest gemstones in existence as it has a hardness of 9.0 on the Mohs scale. It is resistant to scratch and chipping.

Apart from Tanzania, Zambia, and Mozambique, other major Original Ruby stone  producing countries are Burma, China, India, Afghanistan, Kenya, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Pakistan. If we go by the numerous sources, the Zambian and Tanzanian Ruby mines are depleting at an expeditious rate. However, there are still a few mines left where extraction is going in full swing.

Tanzania Ruby Quality

Tanzania Rubies fall under the distinguished category of gemstones as they are rare in existence. Undeniably, the Tanzania Ruby gemstone is quite valuable because as it lies at the upper Strata of Rubies, but, there are certain parameters that need to be followed to find the true value and quality of a Tanzania Ruby. Let’s discuss all the influential factors one at a time.

1.Color: Without a bit of a doubt, the color of Tanzanian Rubies plays a vital role in evaluating the quality as well as determining the price of these gemstones. Highest-quality Tanzanian rubies usually have vivid red color and uniform saturation. However, with the emergence of light pink color in the gemstone, the quality decreases greatly. Tanzanian Rubies with vibrant deep red color are always the numero uno choice for gemstone lovers.

2.Carat Weight: It’s rare to find a Tanzania Ruby beyond a 2-carat weight. The price increases exponentially with the increase in carat weight.

3. Clarity: Most Tanzanian Rubies come with needle-like inclusions that are sometimes visible with unaided eyes and sometimes, not visible at all. A Tanzanian Ruby with minimal inclusions visible to unaided eyes is considered to be of unparalleled quality. It’s rare to find a Tanzania Ruby with no inclusions or inclusions invisible to unaided eyes. The noteworthy point here is that inclusions are signs of the originality of a Tanzania Ruby.

4. Cut: Gemstone cutters ensure to minimize stone wastage while cutting the stone as they have to maintain quality standards. A well-cut and faceted Tanzania gemstone is highly revered as well as of supreme quality compared to the one with no facets.

5. Treatment: To bring more saturation, clarity, and enhancement, Tanzania Rubies are treated with heat. Untreated rubies are more expensive than the treated ones. One should always ask for a certification that encloses all the information like color, treatment, and origin before you buy a Tanzania ruby.

Tanzania Ruby Price

Tanzanian Ruby gemstone is not only know for their exalted quality but also for their jaw-dropping price. As discussed earlier, the price of a Tanzania Ruby is influenced by factors like color, clarity, cut, carat weight, and the level of treatment.

The price of Tanzania Ruby in India beings at 1000INR per carat ($123 USD) and goes as high as 2 lakh per carat ($2460 USD).

Tanzania Ruby Benefits

You will be stunned to know the wide array of dazzling benefits of Tanzania Ruby stone as this gemstone is acknowledged for its immense astrological, physical, and metaphysical benefits. Let’s know all the major benefits of embracing Tanzania Ruby at once.

Rehaul Relationships: if you share a terrible relationship with your better half or with your parents, embracing Tanzania Ruby will help you to eliminate all personal differences and bring your cherished relationship on the right track once again. This gemstone is strongly related to the planet Sun and Zodiac sign Leo.

Recuperate Health: As the saying goes, “If health is gone, everything is gone in life”. Your health should be your top most priority. Wearing Tanzania Ruby under the guidance of an eminent astrologer can restore your health by exterminating all health-related issues that bother you. This revered gemstone is also exemplary for people who lack will power and confidence.

Career Growth: Who doesn’t want an illustrious career full of accolades and acknowledgment? Sometimes, despite all the talent in the world, you don’t get deserving recognition because of unfavorable circumstances. If you are really eager to take your career to the greater heights, you should embrace Tanzania Ruby as it develops, authority, confidence, and help to achieve the coveted growth.

Solidify Finanical Condition: Many astrologers firmly believe that embracing Tanzania ruby can give a big boost to your financial condition by cutting down all debts and also brings you closer to luxurious and garish lifestyle. If you want to improve your wealth, this stone is way too exemplary for you.

Quick Gemstone Guide

Q. Is Tanzanian Ruby Valuable ?

Ans. Undeniably, Tanzanian Rubies are rarer than diamond in existence, and this alone fact makes them valuable. However, in terms of monetary value these gemstones are exorbitant.

Q. Are rubies found in Tanzania ?

Ans. Tanzania is one of the major hubs of different types of Rubies, and Tanzania ruby is one of the most fabled one out of them. However, Rubies are also found in different countries like Aghanistan, German, Russia, Indian, Kenya, etc.

Q. Which Country Ruby is Best ?

Ans. Burma is known to be the major hub of top-notch quality Rubies as Burmese Rubies are the most valuable and expensive ones. Apart from Burma, Tanzanian, Kenyan, and Zambian Rubies are also know for their exceptional quality.

Q. Is African ruby good ?

Ans. African Rubies, especially Tanzanian and Gambian Rubies are known for their supreme quality and usually remain high in demand in the international market. Apart from African Ruby, Burmese Rubies are of unmatched quality.


A bold representative of the Sun, Ruby gems offer a rich red color known to bring Success adding Romance in any relationship.

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