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Mozambique is a highly precious and premium variety of ruby or Manik stones. As the name denotes, this beautiful ruby gemstone is sourced from the Mozambique region of Africa. The stone is popular due to its brilliant red color and high level of transparency. There are several other mines of ruby stone in Africa but Mozambique is considered to be the best one for producing high-quality rubies.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, this stunning gemstone ranks at 9 which makes it a highly durable gemstone. Henceforth, it is so popular all over the world. According to Indian Vedic astrology, this gemstone is best recommended to individuals who are willing to get success in academics and professional sectors of their life. It can also benefit the wearer for their financial growth and better health. The stone is regarded as the birthstone for the people who are born in July (Birthstone of July month).

Popular Mines of Mozambique Ruby Gemstone

The mining of Ruby gemstone in the Mozambique region is a moderately new industry. This popular mine of ruby was firstly located in 2009 and now, it has become one of the biggest mines of ruby on the globe.

Interestingly, most geologists state that nearly 40% of the unmined Manik stone in the world comes from the Mozambique region of Africa. The geographical conditions of this place also affect the physical properties of Mozambique ruby, especially its hue.

The rubies of Mozambique are locked inside deeply hidden pebbles that are extracted, cleansed, sorted, and graded for export by the big mining firms, according to gem specialists. Below we have mentioned some of the important mines of Mozambique ruby gemstone:

Montepuez Ruby Mine: The popular mine of Mozambique ruby gemstone is placed in the Cabo Delgado Province. Rubies from this mine are comparatively more transparent than usual and also contain lesser inclusion. Hence, rubies that come from this source are highly valuable as compared to other primary deposits of Kempu Stone.

Niassa Ruby Mine: There are mainly four major ruby mines are there in the Mozambique region. Out of 4 ruby mines, three mines are located in the Niassa Province which is named M’sawize, Ruombeze, and Ngauma. Rubies that come from this particular region are remembered as Niassa Ruby. Niassa Ruby gemstones are distinguished by their dark color tone and low transparency which is because of the presence of silk inclusions. Regardless, rubies from Niassa which look bright red and clean are highly valuable gemstones.

Other Small Mines - There are some other small abundances of ruby gemstones in the Tete Province region. It encompasses the Chimessolo and Changara mining resources.

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This highly valuable variety of ruby gemstones, Mozambique ruby, has offered a huge contribution to the gem industry. Due to several reasons including its hue, size, brilliance, and lack of thermal enhancement (mostly untreated), This beautiful gemstone has dominated the gemstone market. On the basis of hue, Clarity, and Cut, an expert gem trader can define the quality of a Mozambique ruby.

In a shorter time period, ruby gemstones from the Mozambique region of Africa have got immense popularity. Apart from its quality, Mozambique ruby's high astrological worth and considerable demand in the jewelry business have made a significant impact on its costs. Commonly, the price of Mozambique ruby stone depends on the 4c's which include Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight.

Color – Mozambique ruby gemstones are found in medium to dark red color. It contains an iron element that gets the hue slightly towards purplish red with soft to a medium florescence. According to the color of ruby gemstone, the Vivid Red or Pigeon blood red Mozambique ruby is considered the finest quality ruby gemstone.

Due to its beautiful hue, a brilliant red or Pigeon Blood Red Mozambique ruby always commands the greatest price. On the other hand, the value of the stone reduces if the color of the gemstone begins moving far from the red hue.

Clarity – The rough form of Mozambique ruby includes silk inclusions. These inclusions are only visible microscopes and these inclusions are not visible to the naked eyes. These inclusions impact the transparency or crystal-like impression of the gemstone. Eye-clear Mozambique rubies are highly valuable gemstones and these are rare to find.

As per the market demand, a highly transparent Mozambique ruby gemstone with no eye-visible inclusion requires a good premium. Nevertheless, the prices of Niassa ruby are far from this trend. With silk inclusions(rutile needle inclusions), the value of Niassa ruby gemstone stays substantially increased. This is due to its unusual and bright reddish-pink color, which compensates for its low clarity.

Cut – The cut of the gemstone has a smaller but still significant impact on its quality. A skilfully faceted Mozambique ruby looks brighter, more transparent, and more lustrous. On the other aspect, a badly faceted gem not just seems dull but the stone also loses its hue.

The price of a rough Mozambique ruby gemstone is extensively high because the tax liability on the stone is approx 10% and that is too high. Thus, gem cutters have to work with more attention to weight retention while cutting the Mozambique rubies. Generally, several cuts or shapes such as oval cuts, cushion cuts, etc. retaining maximum weight are more affordable than a highly faceted gem in fancy cuts.

Carat weight – In colored gemstones, the quality of the gemstone depends on the carat weight of the stone. Hence, a small change in the size of Mozambique can affect the price of the stone. A Natural Mozambique Ruby stone with good color and clarity attracts a great value.

Notes - In India, the price of Mozambique ruby gemstone per carat can vary from Rs 20,000 per carat ($315 approx.) to Rs 1 lakh per carat ($1400 approx.) and above.

Due to its amazing healing power, Mozambique Ruby gemstone is best recommended for astrological meanings. Since this beautiful gemstone is rarely treated or enhanced, this gem can be used to boost the placement of the planet Sun in the birth chart of the wearer. One can gain maximum benefits from this gemstone if it is placed at the favored position in the horoscope. Shop for the best quality Mozambique Ruby gemstone to get maximum astrological benefits.

  • As per Indian Vedic astrology, if you wear the finest quality Mozambique ruby gemstone then it can benefit you to stay alert and thereby help you to achieve your goals in a timely manner. Students who are preparing for competitive exams are recommended to wear a Natural Mozambique ruby gemstone.
  • People who are suffering from serious economic problems can get benefit from this stunning red gemstone. To maintain a luxurious lifestyle, it can be a great gem.
  • Wearing a fine quality ruby from Mozambique or otherwise, carries some amazing curative powers and is regarded as valuable for the heart, eyes, and bones of the wearer.
  • Planet Sun is believed to symbolize the father figure in the horoscope of the wearer. Therefore, gemologists deeply believe that wearing a natural Mozambique ruby can directly benefit the health of the native’s father and can also be used to enhance his weakened circumstances as well.
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