Sunstone (Sun-sitara)

Sunstone is a popular semi-precious gemstone that hails out of the plagioclase feldspar mineral group. It is available in numerous colors such as Yellow, Red, Green, and Blue, and is sometimes in colorless form. Sunstone, aka Surya Ratna, is not only counted among the best healing gemstones but is also widely used for different types of jewelry purposes.

According to Indian Vedic Astrology, a Sunstone can be worn by people who are governed by Planet Sun.

Sunstones are widely used to make beautiful and quite unusual birthstone jewelry for the people who are born under the Pisces, Leo, and Libra Zodiac signs.

Wearing a Sunstone gem can be useful for individuals who are suffering from stress as the vibrations from the gemstone have a healing anti-depressant sound.

Sunstones own strong solar energy, so they exemplify within them the zeal, strength, and exposure of the planet's sun. This stunning gemstone can release stress and aid mental clarity to the wearer.

These are powerful gemstones for delivering joy and other positive emotions into your life. These are great gemstones to aid metabolism and digestion and enhance the vital energy of your body.

Natural Sunstone gemstones are known best to enhance leadership qualities although this supervision is from a unique mode of thinking.

This stone will effectively assist you to relieve stress and is also helpful if you suffer from seasonal affective ailment during the shorter days of the year like a chronic sore throat.

Sunstones can be used as a truth detector especially if you are owning a business. Using this gem can assist you when you are doing business transactions to be sure that the other party is telling the truth.

Sunstone is modeled on the ring finger of the working hand (Left Hand for left-handed people and Right Hand for right-handed people). The best time to wear the stone is at sunrise on Monday during the Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon).


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