Smoky Topaz

Smoky Quartz aka Smoky topaz is a supercharged mineral of the Quartz group of crystals attracted due to its unmatched magnificence and healing features. This beautiful gemstone is a popular semi-precious gemstone in the world of Vedic astrology and is popularly known because it is the most loved jewelry gemstone open at the most affordable price segment.

Smoky Quartz gemstone is found in light brown to deep smoky grey colors and this stunning gemstone is best recognized due to its mesmerizing appearance and healing features. This brown-colored semi-precious gemstone is regarded as the national gemstone of Scotland. It is believed that this gemstone works to link one with the supportive power of Earth. This pleasing gem also has a detailed and fascinating history behind it, it is stated that Smoky Quartz or Smoky topaz was also understood as the ‘Gem of Power’ and was blessed and symbolized the strength of Earth gods and goddesses. This decisive gem was supposed to help connect with the more inferior worlds and also absorb and transmute the harmful energy. This attractive gem is valued for its wispy hints of brown creating it particularly appropriate for your most treasured jewelry details as it is seen abundantly in large gemstones with few inclusions.

Smoky Topaz Properties:

  • Smoky Quartz Chemical Formula: SiO2+
  • Smoky Quartz Hardness: 7 (Mohs Scale)
  • Smoky Quartz Refractive Index: 1.54 - 1.55
  • Smoky Quartz Density: 5.4
  • Diaphaneity: Translucent - Transparent

Smoky Quartz is also known as the birthstone of Scorpions arrives from its link to the Root Chakra and the Solar Plexus Chakra. This gemstone has the ability to offset energy and also shows a feeling of calm and security. The stone has the ability to join the native with the supportive power of the Earth and also let go of any undesirable vibes that can put you down. It also has vibrational and grounding powers that help the wearer to encourage physical and emotional healing. Most Healers also recommend this gem to an individual who is suffering from depression, anxiety, any anxious disorders, or chronic body pain.

Smoky Quartz Benefits

Natural Smoky Quartz gemstone is regarded as a perfect gem to use to guard against harmful radiations, pain, and mental tension. Different ancient civilizations including Egyptians, Chinese, Sumerians, and Romans have relied on the Smoky Quartz gem for its powerful metaphysical features and healing abilities. Even today, many therapists advise Smoky Quartz healing gemstones to individuals who are seeking mental peace, body detoxification, and positivity in life. The best method to inherit the advantages of a Natural Smoky Quartz Gemstone is to use it with a piece of jewelry that saves the gem in touch with the wearer’s skin. Some of the Smoky Quartz healing properties are mentioned here:

Health Benefits: Wearing Smoky Topaz gemstone helps the person by improving the health of body organs and healing diverse fertility problems. Experts Gem therapists advise the use of Smoky Quartz gem to get relief from chronic aches, headaches, muscle twitches, the tension of the back and shoulder. According to the gem therapist, Smoky Quartz mineral healing advantages hugely to individuals dealing with diseases of the feet and hands.

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits: Smoky Quartz aka Smoky Topaz is used to balance the various body chakras such as Root & Solar Plexus and also helps the wearer to stay calm, concentrated, and grounded. This beautiful gemstone is considerably worn as an aid for meditation. This gemstone helps the native to be calm from the tensed nerves, promotes positive thinking, and has the power to cure depression, pressure, and emotional strain.

Promotes Detoxification & Cleansing: According to the expert gemologist, Smoky Quartz gemstones hold gentle soothing powers that promote detoxification at all levels. Since the ancient age, this gem has been widely used as a treatment for people who are ready to quit unhealthy obsessions such as smoking, drinking, or drug abuse. Its calming powers also aid in getting relief from stress and anger linked with the withdrawal procedure.

Protects from Harmful Radiation: Smoky Topaz gemstone is stated to hold protective powers that counteract the harmful results of radiation, including sunburns, medical radiation treatments, chemotherapy or different radiation from electronic devices, etc. As per the sentiment, Smoky Quartz mineral grounding energy allows the wearer to transform toxic vibrations into positive powers.

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Smoky Quartz Quality

Smoky Quartz gemstone is available in abundance and therefore an individual does not require to compromise on the quality of the gemstone. A person who are wishing to buy the gemstones then he/she does have to examine some of the aspects before buying any type of gemstone. In order to discover the best quality smoky topaz, an individual should examine the origin, color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of the stone carefully.

Origin- Rough Smoky Quartz gemstone is located throughout the globe including Brazil, Madagascar, Mozambique, Switzerland, Australia, Scotland, and the United States (New Hampshire and Colorado). As per the expert gemmologist, Brazilian Smoky Quartz gemstone is usually greyish and translucent whereas Colorado Smoky Quartz gemstones are recognized for their great quality gemmy arrival. Smoky Quartz gemstones from Switzerland (Swiss Smoky Quartz) and Australia have also been recognized as the best gemstone in terms of color and clarity. The dark-colored smoky quartz gemstone from Arkansas, nicely-known as ‘Arkansas Smoky Quartz’, is mostly illuminated to a specific degree to get the intense brown hue.

Color- Smoky Quartz gemstone essence is closely linked with its body hue. Its shade varies from light smoky grey to deep chocolate brown and smoky black. The choice of Smoky Quartz hue also relies primarily upon the objectives and individual preferences of the wearer. Usually, the deep brown Smoky Quartz or Grey Smoky Quartz are thought more valuable than the light Smoky Quartz gemstones.

Clarity- In accordance with the gem experts, Smoky Quartz mineral is a Type II clarity gem that may have few eye-visible natural flaws. There are some common inclusions such as adverse crystals, two-phase inclusions, partially-healed fractures, tiger stripes or zebra stripes, and rutile inclusions (often called Rutilated Smoky Quartz). When it comes to transparency, Smoky Quartz gemstone can be transparent to nearly opaque relying upon the quality grade. Typically, the precise Smoky Quartz with no or very faintly visible inclusion is thought to be of excellent quality.

Cut- Being a famous ornamental gem, the raw Smoky Quartz gemstone is often cut and glossed into fancy shapes (pear shape, heart, oval and round) and customized cuts (cushion cut, brilliant cut, emerald-cut, etc.). Due to the plenty of large size Smoky Quartz minerals in nature, they are often cut into ornate statues and figurines. An individual can also find Smoky Quartz spheres, pendulums, and wands in the global market which are specially used for healing.

Clarity- The ideal carat weight of Smoky Quartz mineral doesn’t hold a massive influence on its prices. In the trade, Smoky Quartz gemstone price per carat rises linearly with the rise in size. This is due to the abundance and leisurely availability of Smoky Quartz's enormous gemstones in the market. Therefore, it is an excellent gem for individuals who desire to shop for a big size gem without paying a big budget.

Smoky Quartz Price

The overall price of Smoky Quartz per carat ranges relying on the 4c's of the stone with the addition of origin. The 4c's of the stone include color, clarity, cut, shape, size, luster, inclusions, and certificate it carries play a huge role in order to define the quality of the stone. Based on the said quality combination the cost of Smoky Quartz can begin from INR 500 ($8) per carat to INR 1,500 ($65) per carat. Its exquisite magnificence, unmatched appearance, loupe-clean transparency, and exceptional healing features makes this beautiful and charming gem a perfect option for all.

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