Burmese Blue Sapphire Gemstone

Burmese Sapphire, also known as Burma sapphire in Hindi, is a captivated gem due to its violet-blue hue with excellent quality. Sapphires from Burma are considered to be one of the highly precious varieties of Sapphire gemstones that gives an exquisite look to any piece of jewelry and is cherished due to their strong healing powers.

Sapphire gemstones especially blue sapphires from Burma are one of the most famous and best quality gems cherished due to their remarkable magnificence and wonder. This blue-colored beautiful gemstone exhibits an intense violetish blue shade which has created this an outstanding colored gemstone. Sapphires from Burma are considered to be highly expensive due to their splendid colors, rarity, and amazing transparency. With the exception of red, practically all the colors of the rainbow can be found in this gemstone, which places it in a superior position for captivating aesthetics.

When we talk about the gemological reports published by Gubelin, the Blue Sapphire gemstone found in Burma was formed around 18 million years back, as deep as 10 km in the Earth’s crust. The beautiful variety of Burmese Blue Sapphire gemstones is best known due to their unmatched dignity and decisive astrological efficiency.

As per reports, more than 95% of the total Australian Opals are mined out of the towns of Andamooka, Coober Pedy, Lightning Ridge, and White Cliffs.

Properties of Burmese Blue Sapphire

The chemical formula of a Burmese Sapphire is Al2O3. The hardness of the stone ranks at 9 on the Mohs Scale of hardness. The Burmese Blue Sapphire gemstone has the refractive Index which ranges between 1.768 – 1.772 and the density ranks at 3.98. The clarity of the stone can be transparent to opaque.

Astrological Meaning of Burmese Blue Sapphire

As per Indian Vedic astrology, the Blue Sapphire gemstone from Burmese or Burmese Neelam stone is believed to represent the mighty planet Saturn (Shani). The other names for this beautiful gemstone are Neelamani, Indraneel, Indraneelam stone, or Neelam Pukhraj in different religions and cultures. This amazing blue gemstone is best recommended for the individuals overcoming the problems during Shani’s Saadhe Saati, Dhaiyya, Kantakshini, or Dhasa phase. As per Indian Western Astrology Sapphires from Burma are considered the birthstone for the month of September. Hence people who are born in the month of September can wear this beautiful gemstone.

Note: Mogok Valley, also known as the valley of gemstones, is expanded around 700 km from the capital of Myanmar (Yangon). All of these high-quality sapphire gemstones from Burma are produced in Mogok Valley.

As per Indian Vedic astrology, Burmese Sapphire also known as Burma Neelam stone is associated with the powerful astrological planet Saturn(Sani). The beautiful Burma blue sapphire is highly effective for the individual's overwhelming problems during Shani Saadhe Saati, Dhaiyya, Kantakshini, or Dhasa phase. The native of Burmese Neelam is best recognized to gain economic and professional strength. Due to its excellent color and transparency, Vedic astrologers usually advise Burmese blue Sapphires. However, it has numerous astrological benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

Enhance Financial Stature: As the sapphires from Burma are associated with the astrological planet Saturn, hence wearing a Burma Neelam gemstone can benefit the people in order to achieve the fair and deserved outcomes of hard work. Burmese sapphire reflects the favorable planetary energies, assisting the wearer in achieving goals and so fostering both professional and financial growth. The magical Burmese blue sapphire gemstone is considered highly useful for trades related to oil, paint, fuel, as well as machinery.

Better Decision-Making Power: According to Vedic astrology, the planet Saturn is believed to govern intelligence. Hence, the Blue Sapphire gemstone from Burma is considered great for natives because this can enhance your intelligence and reasoning ability. These beautiful colored gemstones are favorably profitable for professional individuals that require a good intellectual power making them an ideal gemstone for lawyers, writers, researchers, and students.

Improves Health: One of the best use of this precious Myanmar blue Sapphire gemstone is for haling joints, teeth, and hair-related diseases. Also, the wearer can use this gem to recover from depression, tension, stress, and fear.

Burmese Sapphire gemstone is extremely popular in the world of astrology due to its amazing healing and astrological benefits. It is also cherished because of its deep blue-violet color, clarity, luster, brilliance, and grace. The finest quality Burmese Sapphire gemstone has an extremely good shade with excellent saturation and appropriate clarity. However, there are certain factors that performs a huge role in order to determine the quality of a Burmese Sapphire. Besides the origin, the 4c's of a gemstone include, Color, Clarity, Cut, and Carat weight determine the quality of a Burmese blue sapphire gemstone.

Origin: The city of Mogok is one of the biggest sources of the finest and best quality Burmese blue sapphire gemstones. Burma (Myanmar) is considered one of the foremost suppliers of facet-grade Burmese Sapphire gemstone. The sapphire gemstones which are produced from the Mogok own some rutile flaws that make them highly alluring and worth keeping.

Clarity: Burmese blue sapphire gemstones are considered Type II clarity gemstones and it is bound to hold some rutile flaws the gemstone exhibits such amazing transparency. A gemstone's inclusions are characteristics that can reach the gemstone's surface. Inclusions are elements within a gemstone and may extend to the surface of the gemstone. When it comes to the clarity of Burmese sapphire gemstone then usually it holds folded fluid flaws and fingerprints. Burmese sapphires with minimum inclusions are quite rare to find and considered to be highly valuable in the international market.

Color: Burmese blue Sapphire gemstone with the finest quality generally found rich in hue saturation and tone. The best quality Burmese Sapphire displays a rich, intense, slightly violetish blue color. The natural Burmese Sapphire exhibits a robust pleochroism from blue to violet hue. The inky blue hue keeps the stone rich in class and popular. The darker flank of the royal blue hue depicts the bold and sleek share at the same time. However, the stones are seen in almost all shades of the rainbow except red.

Cut: A perfectly cut Burmese Sapphire gemstone can improve the overall beauty of the gemstone. This colored gemstone is generally found in a surfeit of constitutions and carving styles. Some familiar, most-loved and classic forms are oval, round, and cushion cut. These popular cuts reflect the right quantity of light that makes it shimmery and glimmery in dramatic ways. Burmese Sapphires gemstones in such forms are common as these gemstones can bring brilliance and keeps weight as well. There are some fancy shapes available in the market such as including emerald cut and heart-shaped Burmese Sapphire gemstones.

Carat: Usually, blue sapphire gemstones from Burma are found in huge sizes. Regardless, as the size of the gemstone increases, the price of the stone increases. Top-quality Burmese Sapphire gemstone with a small distinction in size can make a huge divergence in the value of Burmese Sapphire.

Blue sapphire gemstone from Burma is found in enormous sizes. The price of the stone increases as the size of the stone increases. However, the price per carat of the gemstone can range relying on the origin, rarity, geopolitical situations, clarity, cut, shape, size, luster, flaws, and certificate it has. The per-carat price of a Burmese blue sapphire gemstone ranges from Rs. 1,000 and goes as high as Rs. 2,00,000. Before buying a gemstone, an individual buyer has to understand the importance of gemstones in India, and the size of the stone is usually defined in Ratti and not in Carat. The difference between Ratti and Carat is 1 Ratti = 0.91 carat.

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