Madagascar Pink Sapphire

The Madagascar Pink Sapphire is a beautiful and well-known stone. It's famous for its gentle pink shades and wonderful shine. It's a kind of corundum mineral, the same group as rubies and blue sapphires. But with tiny amounts of chromium and iron, it has its unique pink color. The word "pink sapphire" is all about the gem's color and its mineral content. Madagascar gives the best pink sapphire stones. The place with most of them is Ilakaka, found in the southwest.

Pink sapphires, especially those from Madagascar, are often related to love, caring and inner peace. Their faint pink color makes us think of love, caring feelings, and emotional health. In some cultures, pink sapphires are thought to get love and make already-done connections stronger.

In ancient star study, pink sapphires connect to Venus, the star of love, beauty, and fun. Using a pink sapphire is thought to improve one's beauty, attract love, and promote peace in relationships. It's also connected to the star sign Libra, which is famous for its fairness and wish for balance.

Advantages of Madagascar pink sapphire

  • Thought to make you feel calmer and less worried, and bring more love and kindness in life.
  • Thought to make your thinking more creative, helps bring new ideas and art.
  • Seen as a way to link within, discovering spiritual parts of life.
  • Thought to make understanding, love, and faith in relationships stronger.
  • Some think it helps inside strength and helps heart and blood health.
  • Seen as a way to boost self-confidence, helping people express themselves better.
  • Thought to give good feeling, making people happy and positive.
  • The Madagascar pink sapphire price typically varies between INR 8000 to 2,50000 per carat. This price range is influenced by several factors, including the gem's size, clarity, color intensity, and any treatments it has undergone. Larger stones exhibiting exceptional clarity and vivid color are often at the higher end of this pricing spectrum.

    Madagascar pink sapphires are very famous for their beautiful colors and range of bright colors, making them real gems among other gemstones. Here is a breakdown to help navigate their stunning world:


  • Color: For the perfect Madagascar pink sapphire experience, anyone looking for one should choose those that have a clear, saturated pink color, which is often referred to as “hot pink” or “raspberry pink”. Those sapphires with brownish or orangish tones are less favored.
  • Clarity: Flawless stones command premium prices. Even slight inclusions, however, make them beautiful and valuable.
  • Cut: An expertly cut sapphire can be made brighter and more fiery, thereby showing its inner beauty. Stones that look good have symmetrical facets and proportions balanced across their facet areas.
  • Carat Weight: Larger Madagascar pink sapphires usually fetch higher prices, but even small stones have the capabilities of commanding attention as impressive statement pieces that would not hurt the bank balance.

  • Origin:

    Madagascar is renowned for producing some of the best quality pink sapphires in the world especially from areas like ‘Andranondambo’ and ‘Ilakaka’.

    Quick Gemstone Guide

    Q. Who can wear Madagascar pink sapphire ?

    Ans. Anyone with a heart for love and a love for pink! Or Born to Sparkle, Madagascar pink's your match!

    Q. How to wear Madagascar pink sapphire ?

    Ans. Select pink sapphire jewelry that is your style; like rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. These can be worn with any outfit – casual or elegant. Mix and match them or wear them alone to reveal your look. Its pretty color makes pink sapphire a special touch to your style. Have fun using it your way!


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