Thailand Blue Sapphire

This blue sapphire is a variant of sapphire sourced primarily from Thailand. The name signifies its origin in Thailand. Thai neelam is known for its quality. It showcases a vibrant deep blue color. This stone is linked with the planet Saturn in astrology, which brings to referred many benefits to its wearer.

Sourced primarily from Thailand, thai blue sapphire is famous for its high quality and bright colors. It comes in different shades of blue, from dark and rich royal blue to lighter colors like cornflower blue.

Great-looking blue sapphires often have bright and strong blue colors. Its clear and bright sapphires are prized because they have very few marks or mistakes. This makes them even more shiny and sparkly.

Thailand's blue sapphires are often used in jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. This stone is loved for its beauty and toughness. People think that wearing a Thailand blue sapphire brings insight, success, and good luck, specifically to those born under signs like Capricorn and Aquarius.

Wearing Thai Blue Sapphire, also known as Thai Neelam, following astrological guidance is believed to bring several advantages:

  • This gem might be something you can use to help with health problems for a long time and make yourself stronger.
  • It might make your thoughts and views better, helping to make choices easier.
  • Thai Blue Sapphire may make your body's defense work better and help you feel healthy overall.
  • Putting it on might help your soul get better by clearing up problems in life.
  • When you wear it in the right size, it might help you feel more relaxed and less worried.
  • Some think it may give treasure, good fortune, and important friendships.
  • Wearing Thai Blue Sapphire may help to balance feelings and bring a steady state.
  • Some tales suggest it could help sleep and lessen having trouble sleeping.
  • Note:These beliefs come from tradition and astrology. If you're considering wearing Thai Blue Sapphire for its benefits, consulting an astrologer or gem expert could be helpful.

    The thailand blue sapphire price starts from INR 5000 per carat and can soar up to INR 50 k plus per carat. Thailand's blue sapphires, especially those with outstanding color, clarity, and larger sizes, command higher market values because they are rare and of superior quality.

    The quality and origin of Thailand Blue Sapphire hold significance in the gemstone market due to several factors:

    Quality of Thailand Blue Sapphire:

  • Color: Thailand Blue Sapphires are liked for their strong and bright blue colors. The best ones have a strong, dark color with great brightness. This makes them even more valuable.
  • Clarity: They usually have really good cleanliness, with a few or no obvious flaws. This understanding adds to their brightness and appeal, making them very prominent.
  • Cut and Carat Weight: A good cut makes the gem look more beautiful. This stone often has different sizes. They can be small or large. This makes them perfect for use in jewelry.
  • Luster and Transparency: These blue gemstones have a good shine and can be seen clearly, which makes them even more beautiful and expensive.

  • Origin:

    Renowned Source: Thailand has been well-known for making very good blue sapphires for a long time. Gemstones like rubies and sapphires have been found in areas like Kanchanaburi and Chanthaburi.

    Traditional Mining Techniques: Thai sapphires are often taken out in old-fashioned ways that need you to dig very carefully to keep the gemstone high-quality.

    Quick Gemstone Guide

    Q. Who should wear thailand blue sapphire ?

    Ans. Capricorns & Aquarians seeking Saturn's blessings, plus fans of vibrant blue, choose wisely! (Consult an astrologer for specifics.)

    Q. How to wear thailand blue sapphire stone ?

    Ans. It depends on astrology: silver on the middle finger, right hand, consult an expert for specifics.

    Q. Is Thailand blue sapphire good ?

    Ans. It depends on what you're looking for! Thailand's blue sapphires can be stunning and affordable, but some might be treated or lower quality. Do your research and prioritize reputable jewelers.


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