Burmese Pink Sapphire Gemstone

Pink sapphires are simply a variety of corundum and a member of the sapphire clan. Burmese pink sapphires are the oldest pink sapphires that were found in this class.

Natural Burmese Pink Sapphires are best known for their unmatched beauty and strong astrological significance. These sapphires are counted amongst one of the most famous and best quality pink sapphires in the world. Because of the red tone, Pink sapphires of Burma region are often misreferred to as rubies. Nevertheless, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) acknowledges the color variation and classifies ruby as the only corundum gems with “dominant” red hue, resulting all the other corundum stones as sapphire. Earlier these stones were only found in Sri Lanka, Burma, and Vietnam. However, new deposits of pink sapphires have recently been found in the island city of Madagascar by the end of the 1990s.

Mines of Burmese Pink Sapphire Gemstones

Burma is considered one of the foremost suppliers of facet-grade pink sapphire stone in the world. According to industry experts, Burma (now Myanmar) is believed to carry sapphire’s deposits for more than 18 million years ago. Mogok City, also renowned as the valley of gems, is extended about 700 kms from Yangon (the capital city of Myanmar). Most of the gemstones, including rubies and sapphires, are produced from the city of Mogok under 10 km deep in the Earth’s crust. It is one of the biggest sources of the fine quality Burmese pink sapphire gemstones.

Astrological Meaning of Burmese Blue Sapphire

As per Indian Vedic astrology, the Blue Sapphire gemstone from Burmese or Burmese Neelam stone is believed to represent the mighty planet Saturn (Shani). The other names for this beautiful gemstone are Neelamani, Indraneel, Indraneelam stone, or Neelam Pukhraj in different religions and cultures. This amazing blue gemstone is best recommended for the individuals overcoming the problems during Shani’s Saadhe Saati, Dhaiyya, Kantakshini, or Dhasa phase. As per Indian Western Astrology Sapphires from Burma are considered the birthstone for the month of September. Hence people who are born in the month of September can wear this beautiful gemstone.

Burmese Pink Sapphire gems are highly cherished for their splendid magnificence and captivating aesthetics. Premium quality pink sapphires are exceptionally rare and hence quite expensive. However, the ultimate 4c's determine the overall value of the stone.

Cut: A perfect cut can enhance the beauty of a gemstone. Pink sapphires are usually accessible in a variety of carving styles ranging from classic to contemporary such as round, oval, and cushion shapes. Some fancy shapes such as emerald cut and heart-shaped are also available in the market. Such cuts reflect the accurate amount of light to bring brilliance to teh stone and showcase it more shimmery. A well facet cut Burmese Pink Sapphire gemstone can add beauty to any piece of jewelry.

Color: Burmese pink sapphires arise in a wide spectrum of colors ranging from pale baby pink to vivid magenta intense pink. Commonly accessible colors of Burma Pink Sapphire Stone includes Pink, Purplish Pink, Orangy Pink, Vivid Pink, Orangy Purple-Pink, and Brownish Pinkish-Orange. Where rich shade such as Vivid pink and Purplish-Pink holds the highest market value; while pale pink ranks little lower.

Clarity: Burmese Pink Sapphire Gemstones are widely popular for their beautiful pink color, remarkable transparency, amazing brilliance, and luster. These sapphires generally lie in Type II clarity scale. Despite carrying some minor flaws and inclusions, Burmese pink sapphires are extremely alluring and worth keeping. The finest quality Pink Sapphires holds minimum inclusions with extremely high clarity and excellent color saturation.

Carat: Usually, pink sapphire gemstones from Burma are found in a variety of sizes that begins from 0.5 carats and goes upto 50 carats. The price of the stone increases with an increase in the size of the gemstone (other quality factors remaining the same) Bigger sized stone with rich color and good clarity is considered highly valuable in the international gem market.

Burma Pink Sapphires that are 100% natural and unheated fetch high price in the market. In general, the per carat price of Burmese Pink Sapphire Gemstone in India starts from Rs. 50,000 and goes up to Rs. 5,00,000 and even more.


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