Spinel Stone

Spinel  stone is a crystal-like gemstone mineral, which is extraordinarily radiant. This member of the corundum family arises in almost all the colors ranging from intense blue, green, orange, purples, pink, black, and brick red to even complete colorless shade. Among all the popular colors, the rare red Ruby-like Spinel is the most desired one. It is highly sought-after and most coveted amid all the other varieties. Red spinel is usually worn as a rational substitute for the precious ruby stone.

With a remarkable hardness of 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, Spinel is a sturdy stone. In the cubic crystal system, it belongs to the magnesium and aluminum clan. Spinel has derived its name from a Latin word ‘Spinella’ that denotes a spine in reference to its pointed crystals. Besides making an extraordinary jewelry piece, the different shades of Spinels are regarded as wonderful healing gemstones. Across the world, it is also considered as the birthstone of August month.

Who Should Wear Spinel Stone?

Spinel is recognized as the gemstone of revitalization. It helps its wearers to de-stress and re-energize themselves in all the aspects of their lives. According to western astrology, Spinel is recommended as the gemstone of the Virgo zodiac sign. Where red is a substitute for Ruby; Blue Spinel  gem is taken as the best replacement of precious Blue Sapphire.

People who are looking out for a protective charm or lucky amulet with stable beauty can opt for a Spinel gemstone. Counted among the finest soothing stones, natural Spinel is an excellent option for those who are involved in long and exhausting working hours. Owing to the extraordinary healing properties, it delivers a huge positive impact on the soul and body of an individual.

Types of Spinel Gemstone

Spinel gemstones resemble some of the most precious gemstones like ruby and sapphire. However, it is a magnificent gemstone in its own right way, it is found in various distant fascinating colors that arise as an affordable alternative to their precious equivalent. As it is an extremely beautiful and durable gemstone, Spinel is widely used to craft appealing jewelry sets and items for both men and women. You can also customize Spinel rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets according to your choice.

While, as it lacks any impurities, the colorless Spinel is the most rare and purest form of spinel, on the other hand, colored spinel get their tint from the impure minerals they contain in them. The rarest color varieties of Spinel are highly desired among the gem collectors for collection purposes. Let us explore some of the popular categories of Spinel on the basis of their colors.

Black Spinel

Opaque, dark blue, or greenish-black to black-colored Spinel obtain its color from the components of iron impurities. The fine quality Black Spinel is highly lustrous to the extent that it can rival even the top-quality Black diamonds. It is worn as a powerful healing stone that delivers the power of intuition and farsightedness to its possessor. With Navratan, explore the most exciting collection of Black spinels at the most competitive price.

Blue Spinel

Ranging from light to dark blue shade, this variety of Spinel is one of the most valued and uncommon. The impurity of Cobalt lends this crystal an exceptional violetish hue and therefore it is also called as the ‘Cobalt Blue Spinel’. This beautiful substitute of Blue Sapphire is majorly originated from the mines of Sri Lanka and Myanmar. Owing to this rich blue shade, it is often misunderstood with Sapphires.

Purple Spinel

Purple spinel is a popular Chakra gemstone that is available in vivid purple to violet shades. Lavender Spinel is slightly light in color and is more affordable as a substitute. Regarded as a calming stone, it helps the wearer to overcome stress, anxiety, and depression. Another variety in the spinel category is traded by the name of ‘Almandine Spinel gemstone’, which has a beautiful violet to violet-blue color within.

Red Spinel

Being a substitute for precious ruby in jewelry, Red Spinel is quite rare and most valuable among all its varieties. Also known by the name ‘Ruby Spinel gemstone’, it emanates in a beautiful deep red hue. Rich in metaphysical properties, Red spinel gemstone is worn to gain stability and balance in life. At Navratan, we provide 100% natural and lab-certified Red Spinel at the most reasonable price

Pink Spinel

Often termed as Salmon Spinel, these Pink colored Spinel gemstones are widely adored for their striking pink tones that range from soft pink to violetish and deep pink color. On the astrological ground, Pink Spinel is considered as the gemstone for love and compassion. It is worn popularly to balance the Heart Chakra of any individual. There also arises another renowned category as the Balas Ruby Spinel in a pink to pale red shade./span>

Green Spinel

The natural Green Spinel resembles the shades of a gorgeous green olive. This healing gemstone is mainly worn to overcome professional and financial stagnancy in one’s life. Gahno spinel is highly rich in zinc and is another form of Spinel that carries a darker green to greenish-black shade with it. From Navratan, you can buy natural and certified Green Spinel online within your budget. For any gemstone-related requirement, call us.

Fancy Spinel

There come various other varieties in spinal such as - Pleonast in Opaque, dark blue to green and black color, Flame Spinel is a reddish-orange shade spinel, Rubicelle comes in bright yellow to orange form whereas the Brown form of Spinel is called Picotit. Brown, White, Yellow, Gray, Orange, and Color change are some fancy color varieties of Spinel that have managed to captivate the attention of those looking out for a unique and spectacular gemstone for their jewelry.

Navratan brings to you a comprehensive range of all colors natural Spinel gemstones at the most reasonable price per carat. In order to maintain the trust and quality, we provide a certificate of authenticity along with every piece of gem you purchase. Avail live chat option with our experts who will be more than happy to assist you to buy Spinel online in your desired shape, size, and considered budget. Connect now..!

Meaning & Benefits of Spinel Stone

Being a popular healer gemstone, Spinel is known to encourage renewal, restorative power, soothing energies, and protection in the life of its wearer. This August birthstone is quite popular amongst astrologers and healers around the globe.

Spinel gemstones are attributed with different soothing power, on the basis of their colors. For instance, Violet colored Spinel is thought to promote spiritual growth while Red Spinel signifies vitality. On the other hand, Yellow Spinel gemstone favors the intellectual development of an individual whereas green and pink colors are known to fetch love, nobility, and care in the wearer’s nature.

Improves Physical Strength & Stamina – It is widely believed that a red-colored ruby Spinel gemstone brings vitality. It miraculously benefits its wearer by multiplying their physical strength and stamina. By channelizing the energy in the right direction, it enhances the workout efforts of an individual.

Attracts Luck and Prosperity – Since ancient times, Spinel is treasured by the kings, emperors, and royal families as an abundance gemstone. It is universally said that the benevolent energies of this supernatural healing gemstone work in an extremely unique way to fetch luck, wealth, prosperity, and opportunities that every individual is seeking.

Strengthens Emotional Health – If you are looking for an affordable crystal to enhance your mental and emotional strength, then Spinel is something that you should try. It is specifically recommended for those who are undergoing a broken relationship. Spinel is an absolute bliss that not just soothes weak sentiment and tensed mind but also cures lethargy and boosts inner strength.

Cures Skin & Spine-related Disorders – Healing properties of Spinel works for the betterment of wearer’s health in certain ways. It’s extraordinarily optimistic vibes activate the ‘Root Chakra’ and cure the issues related to gums, teeth, spine, and skin. It is also considered as an effective remedy in cancer ailments and helps in improving overall physical conditions by aiding in weight reduction.

Origin of Spinel Stone

Origin: Though the rough of natural Spinel gems come from various locations, the best quality Spinel is sourced from Mogok mines of Burma (Myanmar). Arise in fine red, pink, and gorgeous orange shades, this specimen is known as Burmese (Burma) Spinel or Mogok Spinel. Mahenge Spinel that belongs to the Pamir Mountains of Russia is a highly coveted variety of this gemstone. The most superlative assortment of blue and violet Spinel comes from the Ceylon mine of Sri Lanka. When it comes to the black color, there is nothing that can beat the stunning beauty of Thai black spinel gemstones.

Among all the popular origins, red and pink color Spinel from Burma and Mahenge (Tanzania) fetches a high price in the global gemstone market because of their extravagant beauty and immense rarity. The Ceylon (Sri Lankan) origin ‘cobalt Spinel’ in blue color also manages to draw a good value among gemologists and gem collectors.

Quality of Spinel Stone

Color: Spinel gemstones occur in numerous shades, with each having its own value, beauty, and significance. Regardless of the shade, an intense rich-colored natural Spinel is more preferred in comparison to the light or dark ones. As far as the color is concerned, the price of a red Spinel often beats the price of an orange and pink-colored Spinel.

A blood-red colored spinel is more popular and rarer and thus it is highly desirable, which is subsequently followed by a clean cobalt blue spinel that commands a strong market value. In contrast, Black Spinel is comparatively less expensive due to its easy availability. When it comes to Fancy color Spinel, the price per carat is quite low. In general, the prices of these gemstones largely depend on their color tone, intensity, and saturation.

Cut: The way a gemstone is cut; it decides its market value. In general, a spinel gemstone is available in various commercial cuts such as round, oval, and cushion cut (polished but without facets) at an affordable price range. There occur highly customized shapes like emerald, square, and rectangular that are comparatively more expensive than cabochon Spinel, which lacks facets and makes minimum wastage of rough. While buying, you should look for a Spinel in good symmetry and shape.

Owing to the scarcity of fine quality rough, Spinel is mostly cut in regular size and shape to ensure minimum wastage by maintaining authentic beauty. Besides round and emerald cut, Spinel in oval and cushion cut is widely popular among jewelers and gemstone lovers. In case, you are not interested in the usual faceted spinel, you can go for high domes, oval, and round-shaped Spinel for a distinct choice.

Clarity: Although clarity is vital, besides the origin, it is the type and amount of inclusions that determine the price of a Spinel gemstone. Being a Type II clarity gemstone, a flawless spinel is rarely found. If there is a Spinel with no detectable inclusions on the surface or internally, it makes the stone extremely rare and valuable. Spinel with sensational hue and little inclusions positioned in a precise center of this gem often achieve a good value in the market.

However, in the case of Spinel gems, they are likely to have a minor amount of inclusions in the form of iron oxide staining, fingerprints, needles, and negative crystals. In certain cases, inclusions also increase the worth of a Spinel, for example, the presence of a well-illustrated needle-like inclusion makes an ordinary spinel, an exclusive ‘Star Spinel’. This stunning star effect makes a spinel highly rare and desirable. The highly transparent red and blue hue of a spinel with minimum visible inclusions exponentially increases its per-carat price.

Carat weight: For the rare red and blue color, the rate of per carat Spinel increases dramatically with an increase in their sizes and carat weight. While on the other hand, when it comes to Black, there is no exponential increase is noticed in Spinel Stone per carat price  even for a bigger size as a result of its easy availability. There are numerous quality factors to be taken into consideration while selecting a fine Spinel gem.

Be it a buyer or a Gemstone dealer, you should understand how these parameters control and construct a smart buying decision. With the relevant knowledge, it will be easier for anyone to find their perfect spinel. A spinel’s worth and quality vary depending upon its origin and size. In the last few years, the prices of Spinel gemstone has steadily increased because of the growing popularity and demand in the jewelry industry.

Spinel Stone Price

Spinel Gemstone Price: Spinel gemstone prices in India range from Rs 1,000 per carat ($15 approx.) to 60,000 per carat ($850 approx.) and sometimes above. In some international auctions, fine-quality pieces of spinel gem have grabbed a whopping price of $900. The price of natural Spinel gemstone in other countries like the UK, USA, or UAE may vary depending upon the variation in the demand and supply equation.

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