Madagascar Color Change Sapphire

Madagascar color change sapphire is a unique gem that appears differently under different lights. When you look at it in the sunlight or bright light, it usually seems blue. But when you apply incandescent light, it turns into another color such as violet or purple. This happens because of small rutile bits in the sapphire's structure. In astrology, the Madagascar color change sapphire is linked to the planet Venus.

These sapphires are available in different shades. In the day or light from a fluorescent lamp, they can be a light blue to a deep blue like royalty. In bright light, they are purple or violet.

In some people's ideas about astrology, the Madagascar color change sapphire is linked to the planet Venus. People believe it has many good points, like making you more creative, bringing happy feelings, and assisting in emotional balance.

People use different names for the color change sapphires from Madagascar like color change sapphire, chameleon sapphire, and alexandrite sapphire. These names prove that these stones can change colors, just like alexandrite does. Alexandrite is another gem with the ability to change colors. However, their structure is very different.

Advantages of Color Change Sapphire

Color-changing sapphires from Madagascar appear to provide several advantages, both psychological and physical. The following are some of the possible benefits of this gem:

  • It has a calming and soothing effect on emotions
  • It alleviates stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Promotes emotional stability and resilience
  • Encourages self-expression, self-confidence, and emotional intelligence
  • It also stimulates mental clarity and focus
  • It enhances intuition and decision-making
  • Draws in positive energy and abundance
  • Enhances personal magnetism and charisma
  • Supports personal growth and fulfillment
  • It opens the third eye and enhances intuitive abilities
  • It promotes spiritual awareness and enlightenment
  • Improves connection to the higher self and universal energy
  • Madagascar color change sapphire prices start between INR 50 k to 5 Lakh per carat. Diverse factors impact this sapphire price. Explore our curated selection of certified color-change sapphires meticulously validated by esteemed geological authorities.

    People like color change sapphire because they can change color. They begin looking blue during the day or under certain lights, but when you change to a different light like a lamp, they change into a lovely violet or purple color.


  • Color:The bright and clean colors of blue and violet/purple in sapphires make a huge difference on the quality.
  • Clarity: The sapphire should be very clean without any scratches or dots that could make it seem less beautiful.
  • Cut:It is important to cut the sapphire just right so it shines well without any funny reflections.
  • Size:The bigger a sapphire, the more special it is and the more it costs.
  • Treatment:Some sapphires are fixed to improve their color. Normally, the ones that aren't fixed are more important, but sometimes fixed ones can still be fun.

  • Origin:

    The main source of these special sapphires is a place called the sapphire belt in Madagascar. This is part of eastern Madagascar where they find many beautiful color change sapphires. People have been discovering good ones there for a long time, making it a very special place for these unique stones.

    Quick Gemstone Guide

    Q. Who can wear Madagascar color change sapphire ?

    Ans. Anyone seeking magic! Madagascar color change sapphires adapt to your style, reflecting both daytime confidence and enchanting night-time glamor.


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