Insignificant Oil Emerald Stone

The term ‘insignificant’ in insignificant oil emeralds has everything to do with the quality of the gemstones. You will be dazzled to know that insignificant oil emeralds are actually exceptional quality emerald gemstones that undergo minimal treatment to amplify clarity and quality.

There is no denying that almost 99% of emeralds sold in the markets have undergone some degree of treatment to accentuate their appearance and make them more coveted for customers. The term ‘insignificant’ embodies that the stone encloses very minuscule foreign substances or oil and that’s what makes these stones exalted in quality and quite exceptional.

Not many people know that insignificant oil emeralds are of paramount Astrological significance and gemstone connoisseurs often collect this type of rare quality stones.

About Insignificant Oil Emerald

Emeralds are durable gemstones and hard by nature as they have a hardness of 7.5-8.0 on the Mohs scale. However, they are less durable in comparison to sapphires, diamonds, and rubies. Moreover, almost all natural emeralds have some inclusions and fractures on them.

All mined emeralds have a shabby and rough appearance. They are marinated in an oil barrel and cut later while keeping oil that acts as a lubricant. With these types of treatments, the appearance of Emerald is augmented and sellers demand a higher price.

It’s seamless to identify natural emeralds as they don’t have fractures on their surface, hence, no foreign substance can go inside. If the stone doesn’t have any fractures, it is unquestionably untreated and natural.

Insignificant Oil Emerald Quality

The quality of insignificant oil emeralds is evaluated on the basis of different pivotal factors that we are going to discuss in brief one at a time.

Treatment: All extracted emeralds are natural, untreated, and quite exceptional in quality except for appearance. On the contrary, insignificant oil emeralds undergo minimal treatment so they enclose very low oil content as well as limited fractures on the surface. If the emeralds are treated multiple times with filler substances, they will have more inclusions and lose value significantly.

Color: Insignificant oil emeralds come in an array of brilliant and drool-worthy hues ranging from mild green to mid-green and deep bluish-green. The top-notch quality insignificant oil emeralds generally display a uniformly distributed deep bluish-green and are quite exemplary as well. However, even a smidgen of the presence of yellow and violet colors in insignificant oil emeralds depreciates their quality to a great extent.

Clarity: All emerald lovers have to embrace one brutal truth that emeralds do come with inclusions. There is a misconception floating for a long time that untreated and insignificant oil emeralds don’t encapsulate inclusions. That’s utterly wrong. Insignificant oil emeralds do have inclusions but they rest usually below the surface level. However, the increase in the number of inclusions certainly dwindles the value as well as the quality of insignificant oil emeralds.

Cut: Insignificant oil emeralds with well cut and numerous facets are astounding in quality and always remain high in demand. Natural. When an emerald is cut in a dexterous manner, it doesn’t lose its brilliance, hues, as well as glitter. A meticulously cut insignificant oil emerald with color and clarity maintained is unquestionably more valuable than unfaceted and untreated emerald gemstones.

Origin: Emeralds are extracted from a myriad of locations across the world. Some of the prime locations that produce exceptional quality emeralds are Colombia, Russia, Brazil, Australia, India, and other Asian countries. By many gemstone enthusiasts, Colombian insignificant oil emeralds are considered to be of unmatched quality followed by Brazilian and Gambian emeralds.

Insignificant Oil Emerald Price

A lot of people are eager to know about insignificant oil emerald prices. However, there are numerous quintessential pointers that buyers must keep in mind when planning to buy an insignificant oil emerald.

Always make sure to buy from only certified and the most trusted gemstone dealers as a lot of scammers are prevailing in the market who sell fake substitutes in the name of original insignificant oil emerald price.

No matter where you make a purchase, always ask the gemstone dealer to provide a certificate authenticated by the government that encloses key details like treatment, inclusions, etc. Moreover, buyers should painstakingly check the carat weight, color, cut, clarity, and origin of the stone before roping in.

The price of insignificant oil emerald in India begins from 3 lakh per carat ($3680 USD) and goes as high as 12 lakh per carat ($14000 USD). The price will vary vastly with the increase in carat weight, clarity, and color hues.

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