Ruby Cabochon

Ruby is a natural gem mineral that is found in some fascinating colors such as red, pink, and purple-red. It is widely praised for its mesmerizing hue and stunning beauty around the world. In order to enhance the belle, this precious stone often undergoes various cuts, heat, and chemical treatments. Ruby Cabochon is one such transfixing cutting style, which is usually done in rubies to impart them a smooth and shiny surface with better color incite. The cabochon ruby is being classified among the oldest gems that have been highly admired since ancient times. From the Egyptians to the royal monarchs the simplistic ruby cabochon ruby stays a coveted cut in every jewel.

Ruby, aka Manik, comes out of the mineral family Corundum. Ruby Cabochon or cabochon cut Ruby, is a highly admired cutting style of this precious gemstone. Unlike faceted cut rubies, this cut generally arises in the round and oval shapes and provides a polished and greasy texture to the stone. Together with a dome-shaped surface and appearance, a ruby cabochon is accessible in a wide segment of colors from real red and deep red to natural pink, pinkish-red, purplish-red, vivid red, and pigeon blood-red. Where Burma is the finest quality in ruby stones, astrologically, cabochon holds the same range of advantages as that of any other ruby stone of a different cutting style or origin holds.

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Ruby, or Manik, or the king of gems, is extensively praised for its supernatural cosmic properties and remarkable healing powers. In its purest form, it wards off the evils and gives you mental strength. Owing to its association with the Sun, which is also entitled as the father figure of the universe, natural ruby gemstone effectively improves the paternal relations of its owner. Together with commanding power and authority, this beautiful red stone brings name, fame, and luxury.

Astrologers recommend wearing ruby stones to rejuvenate health conditions and also to enhance marital harmony. However, being a mystic astrological stone, it does not deliver equal results to one and all. Therefore, one should wear a Manik stone ring or any other jewelry only after consulting an expert astrologer. Check out the detailed Who Should Wear Ruby blog for better reference.

Types and Prices of Ruby Cabochon

Since there is a wide assortment of alluring cabochons available in the market, ruby cabochon stones are immensely admired in the gemstone and jewelry industry. The per-carat price of Ruby cabochon ranges anywhere from $50 to $500 per carat depending upon the color, carat, origin, and treatment. Where color, clarity, carat weight, and treatment are the main factors that add up to the value of Ruby cabochon; the origin of the gem also plays a vital role in determining its prices.

Color – Ruby cabochons carry a vivid spectrum of red hues, ranging from authentic red, deep red, vivid red, soft pink, pinkish-red, purplish-red, etc colors. Dark red or pigeon blood red colored Ruby cabochons are the most desired variants due to their mystical resemblance to a pigeon’s blood color. Where Pigeon blood Ruby cabochon draws extravagant pricing in the market, the price for other popular colors varieties decreases as we move towards lighter shades from deep red Ruby cabochon gemstones to vibrant red, pink, and purple cabochons.

Clarity – In general, all the natural gemstones are included to some of the other extent. Gems with no inclusions are extremely rare to find. Ruby cabochon stones with lesser inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye usually fetch a higher value. The per-carat price of such natural, inclusion-free gemstones will be significantly high.

Carat Weight – As per industry experts, flawless Rubies are rarer and expensive even than diamonds. However, finding a fine quality Ruby cabochon above a few carats is quite difficult. On the same note, larger cabochon Rubies will fetch a higher price, depending on the origin, in comparison to a smaller-sized ruby if the remaining quality factors are not compromised.

Treatment – In order to enhance color and clarity, an inferior quality Ruby cabochon is often colored or treated with heat or chemicals so that the stone gets higher value in the market and dealers can sustain with extensive margins. On the contrary, an originally natural Ruby cabochon gemstone with no external colors and treatments usually grabs a high price and is considered quite expensive as compared to the synthetic or glass-filled Ruby cabochon gemstones. So if you are getting an unheated and untreated Ruby cabochon stone at a very cheaper rate, it comes under suspicion and hence should be brought only after verifying the genuineness of the stone via a certificate of authenticity.

Origin – Ruby cabochons are obtained from a number of places in the world for instance Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, India, and Africa. Where Burma (now Myanmar) is not just a leading supplier of this stone but also a rich root in terms of quality; presently African Ruby cabochon stones, which primarily come from Mozambique and Madagascar, are also commanding high value in the international gemstone market. However, among all the countries, Burmese Ruby cabochons are the most desired origin owing to their exceptional color quality. Without an argument, the exceptional beauty, color, rarity, and durability of these stones perhaps make them count among one of the most valuable and expensive cabochon stones out there.

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Most of the Ruby cabochon stones are usually heated or chemically treated to enhance their color, clarity, and overall appearance. Nevertheless, such enhancement treatments not only reduce the quality but also the worth of a gemstone significantly. For a regular layman, it is rather tough to differentiate between a real and a synthetic ruby cabochon. Thus, one needs to consult an expert gemologist or visit a gemstone laboratory to get the gem verified. Always choose to buy the original ruby cabochon stone so that you are investing your hard-earned money in the right place.

There are several local and global gem testing labs that issue a certificate of authenticity to validate the claimed origin and quality of the stone. Such testing acts as a universal proof of the genuineness of the gemstone and is carried out using the latest state-of-the-art technologies and learned lapidaries. For the largest assortment of certified Ruby Cabochon gemstones online, you can also connect to Navratan, the online gem Bazar. Along with an insured shipping facility around the world, we will provide you with an authenticity certificate from the world’s most reliable gem labs such as SSEF, GRS, GIA, IGI, and Gubelin alongside every stone you buy.

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