Lemon Topaz Stone

The grandeur of the gemstone world can entice anyone and create a vehement attraction that is difficult to break. In such a gargantuan, enigmatic, and glittering world, Lemon Topaz is a dominant and supreme force and a marvel of beauty in itself. Lemon Topaz is carved out of a combination of Aluminum and fluorine compounds with a complex chemical formula.

Lemon Topaz is extensively used in making avant-garde pieces of jewelry and numerous trending adornments that are loved and cherished by fashion enthusiasts. Lemon Topaz gemstone is massively popular because of the vivid and uniformly distributed lemon color that makes it eye-catching, and worth possessing. Moreover, owning a Lemon topaz doesn’t make a big dent in your pocket. Let’s talk about other aspects of Lemon Topaz like quality, price, benefits, and how should wear this revered and highly sought-after gemstone.

Lemon Topaz Price

Lemon Topaz is an affordable gemstone with visible inclusions. However, the price shots up drastically with the increase in clarity, carat weight, and decrease in inclusions.

On average, the price per carat of Lemon Topaz in India begins at 300 INR per carat ($3.5 USD) and goes as high as 2000 INR per carat($ 25 USD). The price of this revered and fabled gemstone is heavily influenced by color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

Lemon Topaz Quality

Though lemon topaz is a semi-precious gemstone, it is highly-prized like the top precious gemstones, and its implications in the realm of the jewelry world are extensive. The quality of lemon topaz is evaluated by taking into consideration prime factors like origin, color, clarity, cut, carat weight, and treatment. Let’s discuss the influence of these factors one at a time.

Origin: The mines of Yellow lemon Topaz stone are located in different corners of the world. Some of the major producers of lemon Topaz gemstones are Russia, Africa, Australia, Brazil, Ukraine, the United States of America, and a few Asian countries. Lemon Topaz from these countries are considered to be of top-notch quality, however, Brazilian lemon Topaz is of unrivaled quality and the most in-demand lemon topaz in the market. Lemon Topaz from Russia is also getting popular slowly and steadily.

Color: This factor is what separates the gemstone from the rest of the Topaz types. Lemon Topaz primarily comes in pale yellow to deep yellow hues but the Brazilian lemon Topaz displaying mild to deep yellow hues is the most coveted in the market as well as supposed to be of paramount astrological significance.

Clarity: The only way to judge the value of a gemstone by considering the quality factor is through inclusions and transparency. A lemon Topaz with minimal inclusion not visible to unaided eyes and utter transparency is considered to be of top-notch quality. Moreover, a transparent and deep yellow color Lemon Topaz is of profound Astrological significance and possesses enigmatic healing powers.

Cut: Faceted yellow lemon topaz with par excellent cut is high in value and price than the round and oval shape lemon Topaz gemstones. In a nutshell, the cut factor has a direct influence on the quality of this gemstone. Well-cut lemon Topaz stones are used extensively in accentuating the beauty of jewelry pieces.

Carat Weight: The quality and price of Lemon Topaz are directly proportional to the carat weight. The increase in carat weight increases the quality and price of a Lemon Topaz exponentially. However, hefty-size lemon Topaz gemstones with minimal inclusions are rare to find.

Benefits of Wearing Lemon Topaz

Apart from emanating brilliance and being the apple of the eyes of umpteen gemstone lovers, Lemon Topaz is renowned for having a myriad of metaphysical and astrological benefits that you would love to know about.

Enhancing creativity and self-expression - Stagnation and lackluster can hit anyone in life. It takes a lot of introspection and hustle to boost up your creativity and become eloquent in self-expression. Embracing Lemon Topaz is supposed to amplify your creative aspect and makes you more confident to express yourself freely.

Improve Communication and Decision-making: Struggling to take the right decisions in life? Don’t feel confident enough to communicate with others? Lemon Topaz can turn out to be miraculous for you by bolstering your communication and decision-making skills.

Enhancing mental clarity and concentration: Many astrologers vehemently believe that Lemon Topaz can help you achieve mental clarity and laser-focus concentration power you haven’t experienced before if you embrace this stone under the right guidance.

Helping to Overcome Feelings of Anxiety and Depression: Nothing dwindles the charming and confident personality of a person more than sheer anxiety and depression. Anxiety can drop you down to the abyss of negativity and destroys your whole life slowly and steadily. Embracing Lemon Topaz can help you topple anxiety and depression effortlessly.

Balancing Emotions and Promoting a Sense of Calm: Not even the billion dollars in your bank account can give you the utter peace of mind and happiness you crave. If you are calm within, the whole world seems no less than a paradise. Wearing Lemon Topaz is supposed to bring serenity to your life and balance the tornado of emotions.

Who Should & How to Wear Lemon Topaz?

Primarily, Lemon Topaz is worn to bolster the weakened Jupiter sitting on the wrong house in your horoscope.

According to Vedic Astrology, Lemon Topaz should be worn by people with Saggitarius and Pisces zodiac signs. And, it can also be worn by people with Aries, Scorpio, cancer, and Leo.

Let’s talk about how to wear Lemon Topaz gemstones.

Weight: Ideally, the weight of the Lemon Topaz stone should be 1/10th and 1/12th of the body weight of a wearer.

Color: Lustrous and deep yellow color Lemon Topaz are ideal to wear.

Finger: It is worn only on the index finger.

Metal: Panchdhatu is considered exemplary to wear Lemon Topaz. This gemstone can also be worn in a ring made up of gold and silver.

Day: The most suitable day to wear Lemon Topaz is Thursday, early morning.

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